CIS – UKRAINE, THE NETHERLANDS, MALAYSIA , USA, AUSTRALIA, and ENGLAND knew about this False Flag MH17 downed by UKRAINE Navy plane.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you can see the Bullets which were shot on the Plane Cockpit to get it down, but the nice thing about out

this was carefully planned bu these group, and now the Truth is coming out they are blaming each other,

for what they have done together.

The Plane who was brought down by them is not the same plane who left Amsterdam, this was prepared by them with Cadavers, and was flown remotely to that area and routed that specific flied plan.

Its nice to see the TRUTH come out all over the WORLD, and all of these Countries their leaders have to face also the consequences of their actions.

Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) 

Ronald Wederfoort  (President)

5999 5156118

Tweeter :@usacuracao

YouTube – FACEBOOK – Linkedin

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