Ancient Saskatchewan Cree Prophecy Recently Revealed, Tolbrin Hidden Bible Storytelling

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Ancient Saskatchewan Cree Prophecy Recently Revealed, Tolbrin Hidden Bible Storytelling

This is was told to me about 20 yrs ago by my friend, Don Caisse, a respected ceremony elder from my community. They were told by a grandfather in a shaking tent, a Cree conjuring ceremony about 30 yrs ago. He said, there will come a time when the four day darkness will befall mother earth, and that there will be signs that we should be aware of before its arrival. One of the first signs before the event will be Mother earth will have erratic weather patterns, summers would become hotter or sometimes snow the following day, just the same as Winter’s will become extremely cold and snow melting the next day, storms and flooding would become common all over the world. This second sign will be is that our Sun will start changing its color. Once we see this sign…

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