Activity is Part of Enlightenment

The Annac Blog


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Contrary to popular belief, the pursuit of enlightenment doesn’t have to lead us to give up activity. Finding a degree of enlightenment can actually inspire us to become more active than ever and use our knowledge to uplift as many people who can open up to what we’re saying as possible.

Even finding a small degree of enlightenment can make us want to pursue our developing spiritual connection and stay active in the name of uplifting ourselves and everyone else who’s becoming spiritually aware, and activity is an important part of spiritually evolving.

It’d be unfortunate to become useless in the name of enlightenment, and as we’re learning, we can stay active and retain our calm, patient center. Centered activity is a lot more potent and effective than mind-driven activity that we use to avoid silence, and no matter how…

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