Satanic Cult of Hampstead, London – Update #10

Satanic Cult of Hampstead, London – Update #10

Satanic Child Abuse Hampstead ‘Fact Finding’. Royal Courts of (In)Justice. Day I 17th Feb 2015

If you have been affected by this video, please contact main speaker of this Belinda McHenzie and


Published on Feb 20, 2015

Following the publication last week of the video’s that have shocked the world and which exposed a satanic child abuse network operating inside a London school and local church it was now the Establishments turn to do what they do best. COVER-UP. This is Day I of an expected three week “Fact Finding” cover-up

Belinda Mckenzie & Sabine McNeill deserve medals as do the children.…

Mirrored from…

legal docs…

police interviews of the children (download them while you still can)

Youtube. the police interviews of the children are now uploaded to youtube…

Stay Updated at this YouTube Channel here……


Letter to cannibal Dearman Dearman

How many more tears the world have to shed because of you? I feel too pity for you, how much you are going to have to fear for your life and hide, when more and more mothers and fathers will find out about you? And while reaching the old age and waiting for your death, you’ll be fearing that the God will put you in hell. Or karma will catch you up, and make you to pay (with interest) what you have done to all the kids and babies. How many lives you yourself will have to be abused and even killed before you have learnt your lesson? Anyhow I don’t know what your faith promises to you, but surely there is no way to escape, even common sense says that. You are already suffering about the hell, by being the target of disgust, threat and hatred of the whole world, but still the consequences will increase as the videos are spreading more and more, and more exposures are pouring out.

I think you have lost the understanding what the human life is question about. You have become worse than animal. What happen to you in your childhood that made you to become so nuts? You got molested, humiliated or neglected so severely, that you feel it is the way what others should experience also? You became numb for others feelings? You don’t know how to enjoy life, except by causing others pain? You was abused perhaps already in your previous life? You have revert, or time travelled from the stone age of cannibals? It is in your “blood” and you can’t stop it? Just guessing the reasons, but usually pedos come that short of way.

What to do? People are becoming more and more conscious, awareness is increasing, you folks will be taken down, don’t you see that paedophilia and cannibalism has no future. You should try to change totally the direction of your life, it is never too late. Take 1 M homoeopathic medicines for some months, those that are for abusers, paedophiles, such as Anac, Syphil, Staph and so on. Stop eating meat, any kind of meat, it causes crudeness more or less. Watch the videos of those suffering because of you, ten times, hundreds of times. If you have any guts or courage left try to help the millions of abuse and ritual victims by exposing the nasty paedophiles, and fight against the unjust legal authorities. Rather try to become hero in exposing than abusing. You might even loose your life in that battle, but at least you have done something to gain back your humanity and helped to stop the madness. Or go to prison involuntarily. It is good place for cannibals and evils in human form, you may study there a new way of life.

The life of one baby is as significant as yours. And the death of one baby has impact on entire universe. We are one, although I hesitate to count you on it. Anyhow we would try to forgive to you eventually, but first we have to see you in action.

Continue Reading at ……..


Published on Feb 28, 2015

In this report, we cover the current status of the story, the children & the adults involved. We share some possible leads, provide unique analysis and suggest actions that might lead to a resolution.


Veteran’s Today Online News Agency Releases Mothers Report About The Satanic Child Abuse Happening In Hamstead, London

The story at VT already is listed as the #1 story with over 50,000 views.


The mother of the abused children, Alisa and Gabriel, has stated that their father is one of the leaders of the Hampstead, London Satanic Sex Abuse Cult.

“The [Human Baby] meat is eaten by the leader Mr Dearman” “The leader, Ricky Dearman “~ Mother of Alisa & Gabriel

Ricky Dearman is an aspiring actor and loves to give advice………

More info here……


The Global Elite & Their Satanic Pedophile Ring of Power


Police Interviews Children of Satanic Cult

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