Mother Source Tells the Story, Never Before Revealed, of Our Great Fall and Present Ascension

Mother Source Tells the Story, Never Before Revealed, of Our Great Fall and Present Ascension

My Beloved Earth Children, it is time at last that you knew the truth of your history as it applies to your Fall into darkness and your present heroic return to the Light.  I will begin to tell you those truths here, with more to come in following chapters.

The Origins of the Dark Planets

It began on a planet far away, in another galaxy – one your scientists have not yet identified.

It was the earliest experiment with darkness on a planet in the 4th dimension.  We did not know what the consequences would be of allowing our children, who were being trained to co-create with us in Love and Light, to experiment with being separate from us and given the freedom to use their powers to create using the newly introduced dark energies.  You could think of these energies as the anti-matter forces.  They did not create a thing, as you might think of it, but they could destroy something that had been previously created.- take it back to its original components, as you might say.  Like un-baking a cake.

There was nothing inherently evil about these energies, but we were aware of the possibility of their misuse, and so we warned all our children of the danger of experimenting with these forces.  They knew of our support for their efforts to create in new ways, to reach for greater perfection, beauty and variety, but they were also warned not to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (the extremes of the energies of Light and darkness).

As we have since learned, our children had an attraction to blowing things up and watching the effects of their actions.  They were not permitted to destroy anything we had created, but only the small creations they had produced, like knocking down your own sandcastle, you might say.  It was permitted because there seemed nothing truly destructive in it, because they were building the structures in order to disperse them, and their “creations,” (really mis-creations, as it turned out) had no soul and therefore no life force.  Unfortunately it was only a short time before some of these “experiments” began to go awry.  Like all children’s games involving some kind of destruction, this one had unexpected consequences.

Now, lest you think we were negligent or inattentive parents, let me explain.  Those who were given the privilege of creating a small society on the planet that had been designed with and for them were our eldest children – the ones who had been working at our side for eons, learning the laws and the ways of the Universes of matter.  We had trained our children to become co-creators with us, partners in the wondrous process of using thought and feeling to create in Love and Light, as we do.

They had been tested in the school of Creation, learning every element of the effects of our powers to create and to destroy, to build with Love always, without wavering, ever intent on the most exquisite detail of their work, attentive always to the consequences of their actions.  They had learned all the lessons we ourselves had learned by trial and error, with our constant supervision and unending Love.  It had been a joyful time for us, seeing our beloved children grow, and as they grew, they increased in Light and power.

They had incarnated far and wide across the Universe they lived in at the time, expanding and creating greater possibilities, increasing the beauty and endless variability in lifeforms as we together populated our Universe across many dimensions.

It was only when our children mastered life in the Light quotient that allowed them to enter the 9th level or above that they were allowed the privilege of working with energy to assist us in creating lifeforms with consciousness, and only under our close supervision.  They were working their way toward true mastery, which was a great delight to us, and the fulfillment of our Dream, to have children who would eventually be able to be Creators as we were.

We had developed the template for the early human race, very similar in many ways to the body structures you have now, but in those days the energies were higher, and the planets where humankind had been developed were peaceful, filled with beauty and great abundance.  Our children had incarnated many times in these early human bodies, had experienced great Love within those lifetimes, and a group of them had grown so in their loving kindness and creativity they had joined the ranks of Masters and Archangels.

All of Heaven had been expanding and evolving, and most of the systems of managing food, caring for children and establishing a loose form of governance similar to the councils we have now were already in place.  Our children were of many races and had begun populating planets in star systems across the Universe.  The manner of living and thriving varied from planet to planet, but all fulfilled the purpose of establishing a way of life that encouraged beauty, variability and abundance.

The first experiments with darkness as you know it now – what you have come to call evil – did not begin as such.  It was many millions of years ago, before your galaxy and solar system existed.  I will not name names or pinpoint locations because it is not important to the current understanding, and I do not wish to place responsibility on any who have long since made amends for their mistakes.

The race of beings who began experimenting with the destructive powers of creation were not envisioning warlike actions or suffering.  They had devised a plan to descend into lower dimensions, as many of our children saw as a good opportunity to learn.  In doing so, they learned to acclimate gradually to denser frequencies, developing bodies that were more solid and able to experience very intense feelings and emotions.  It was new to them and required careful practice to learn to manage, the way young children have to learn to manage their bodies in space.

They were ambitious and rather daring in their attraction to variety, and some began moving quickly into lower densities.  At the same time, they had been experimenting with various technologies – something like your cars and airplanes – that allowed them to move more quickly through the dense environments where they could no longer move like liquid silver from place to place in their light bodies as they had done in higher dimensions. Although they maintained their connection to us, they became more and more enamored with their own inanimate (soulless) creations and less interested in the divine project of expressing the essence of our God presence in the sacred and intricate beauty and variety of living creation.

It began gradually, with accidents and mistakes that caused injury and pain to their bodies.  This was a new and disconcerting experience for them, one they had no experience with – especially with managing the effects on their emotional bodies.  Eventually, their experimentation began to cause suffering to others, and their narrow focus combined with the neglect of their spiritual bodies began to cause an imbalance in themselves and in the natural world around them, making healing and renewal more difficult.

They became embroiled in difficulties with each other when one’s explosive experiments caused injury and pain to another, and remedies were not a part of the predicted outcome of their actions.  In other words, they forgot the Law of the Circle, the knowledge that in all things, thoughts, feelings and actions create energetic effects which always return to the source, and so began a descent into uncontrolled emotion and unmitigated conflict.

It was a process that occurred in a downward spiral, as darkness in the form of mistrust and conflict took hold, and groups began to separate from each other.  Feelings of competition and resentment soon led to revenge, and darkness descended on the planet.  As the negative energies increased in the dense environment, they suffered a problem similar to the one humankind has felt on Earth in recent centuries:  the cause and effect of ones actions and the response to them seemed less immediate and therefore less obvious to them.

As their suffering and pain increased, their confusion and feelings of loss of control over their environment also increased.  They began to blame each other, unknown forces, or anything else but their own actions.  Their “solution” was to shut down their sensitivities by closing down their hearts, as you have seen here on Earth.  Thus, the overuse of their mental and emotional bodies to the neglect of their spiritual connection to me, their Mother, increased their distress.  Their downward spiral spawned increasingly clever schemes to take control over others, over the abundance and beauty around them, and thus began the dark actions spawned by greed, envy, competition and fear.

We were very concerned about the downward spiral into darkness, of course, but we had vowed not to interfere in the freewill activities of our children.  Our bond with them and our agreements with them concerning this carried the weight of Universal Law.  And so, the darkness spread across their planet, and soon (in cosmic terms) their technology allowed them to master space travel.  It was ironic to us that as they lost their abilities to communicate freely via their telepathic connections, they replaced it with technologies that could carry their bodies to once more contact their brothers and sisters on neighboring planets.

Languages developed to replace telepathic communication, and their memories of Paradise were relegated to the realm of mythology and allegory.  With technological power, there developed a class of elite leaders who banded together to devise ways to dominate and enslave the minions on their own planet and others.  Fear became a common experience, and as it grew, the less powerful became more easily manipulated.

And so, the first systems of mind control were devised by the brightest and most ambitious of our children, who fell deeper and deeper into the romance of power and domination over others.

Does this sound familiar to you, even though it happened eons ago?  Of course it was similar to the downward spiral experienced here on Earth.  Darkness is not a mysterious and powerful force.  It is simply an absence of Light, and the absence of Light in our children leads to a narrow range of behaviors and attitudes, predictable in their structure.  Variations in the style and behavior are mostly determined by the body types and native abilities of the races involved, but the outcome follows a simplistic formula.

The ones who descended into darkness always adapted the simple belief that evil (as you might call it) is power, and the most dominant ones are superior.  You see, it is simply the inverse of what we, your Mother and Father, stand for, which is Light, Love, compassion, justice, mercy and forgiveness.  Where we create, they destroy; where we Love, they hate; where we expand, they contract.

Because of the Laws of the Universe, Creation itself is possible only for those of us in the Light.  Dark beings cannot create souls; they can only recruit existing souls into their dark systems.  This is why we tell you that all souls are our Children, and all are beloved to us, even though they have gone astray.  They were once the bright and loving children of our hearts, some of them the Masters and Archangels who were trained and nurtured at our side, and we will not stop loving them, no matter how far they have wandered from the circle of our Love.  We knew that one day we would find a way, with the help of our brilliant Company of Heaven, to bring them back.

That day has finally come, Dear Ones.  Your beloved Planet Earth, which had become the centerpiece of the struggle to reclaim all planets and beings in the name of Light, is at last rising into the higher vibrations that will allow her to shed the darkness she has labored under for eons.

I will tell you just a bit of the history of Earth so that you can understand why you are so important in this process.  For greater detail, I refer you to Sananda’s New Scriptures, Sanat’s messages that Kathryn calls “When God Pinched My Toe,” and the comprehensive book by Patricia Cota-Robles which was also created with my guidance.  It is called “Who Am I?  Why Am I Here?”*  I have asked Kathryn to put the references to these works at the end of this message.

Briefly, I will tell you of how your beautiful planet became the flashpoint for the playing out of the consequences of dark actions throughout the Universe.

It was the time of the great Shift of the Ages which occurred millions of years ago. This was a time when cycles within cycles of time came to the intersection point where all of Creation.  These cycles you may have heard about include the Procession of the Equinoxes, the 26,000 year cycle, through the 438,000, 1.8 and 4.4 million year cycles, through the 4.4 billion year cycle referred to as the Kalpa.

At the moment of intersection, all beings within the Multiverse who had raised their Light vibration during the previous age were elevated into a higher dimensional state.  It was a sort of graduation in which all conscious beings were able to enter into higher realms by virtue of their own enlightenment.

It is known by all beings that those who had not accomplished their own ability to move into higher energy frequencies would be left behind.  While no energy is ever lost, it was understood that to be left behind during the great Shift would mean that it could take eons of time for them to catch up to their brothers and sisters who had gone ahead to higher dimensions. At this time many souls who were embodied on the dark planets within Earth’s solar system were in danger of being left behind. (There were 144 planets, although only a few are visible to 3-dimensional beings.)

At this time, Earth was proceeding through her levels of development, with humans who inhabited her enjoying the Light-filled experiences and lessons of becoming co-creators in the Divine plan.  Earth brothers and sisters had not up to that point transgressed Our warnings not to partake in the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  They lived in what truly was the Garden of Eden, in peace and harmony with each other and with the Elemental Kingdoms who were assisting them and evolving along with them.

The Fall of Humankind on Planet Earth

What is now known as the single most heroic act of Divine Love among any of our children was then put forward by the children of Planet Earth.  They appealed to us to be allowed to welcome all those who would have otherwise been left behind to come to Earth, where they would be nurtured in the Light of Love, until they could be returned to higher vibrational states.  It was a request which required Earth to remain behind long enough for the fallen ones to be restored to higher frequencies, and so a dispensation was granted for Earth to stay behind in the 3rd dimension in order to serve their brothers and sisters.

It was agreed that the women of Planet Earth would allow the damaged and karma-laden souls to incarnate by giving birth to large numbers of them, and gradually nurturing them back into the Light with the sheer force of their Love.  Humankind had no  real knowledge of the kind of darkness they were dealing with, but were willing to do their best, and had all confidence that they would succeed.  They prepared for the coming of the children, and welcomed them with Love.

And so, the women of Planet Earth fell in love with their children, whose fragmented souls carried the trauma and damage of having lived in a world of miscreation – the misuse of power which leads to extreme abuse and separation from God.  When the children grew older, and were required to carry the karma of past lifetimes, as is required by Universal Law, the breaking point was reached.

Mothers and fathers saw their children descend into various forms of darkness and depravity, reinvented as repetitions of the mis-creation they had experienced in previous lifetimes. (I use the term miscreation to describe the opposite of true Creation, which carries with it the purity and perfection of God’s Love).  Without intending to, they began to follow their children into the dark energies of miscreation, experimenting with the feelings and thoughts they generated, believing this would be the way to rescue them from it.  This was the beginning of the saying, “The path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Although innocent in their knowledge of the ways of evil, the humans who took part in the descent into darkness were still responsible for their actions.  As their choices increasingly led to unintended results, the people began to be confused by what seemed to be inexplicable experiences.  The darker their feelings, the more darkness was created, and the planet gradually sank into an enveloping energy field of distortion and imbalance.

Frightened, the people began to create warped interpretations to explain the painful results of their originally well-intentioned actions.  They began to blame external forces, or God, for their plight.  As their anger and frustration grew, so did the ideas of separation, alienation and with it, feelings of need to control and dominate their world and each other.  The cycle of descent into darkness and evil accelerated at a rapid pace, as it had on previously dark planets.  Mistrust, confusion and despair contributed to the gradual belief that Love was to blame for their pain, and they began to shut down their hearts, closing the portal of Love to Mother God.  With it, they closed off their source of comfort, compassion and healing Love.

The planet and all her inhabitants – humans, animals, elementals, flora and minerals were affected by the dark energies.  All consciousness was distorted by the vortex of swirling downward energies, until behavior of the animals, insects, even one-celled creatures and the weather fell under the enveloping cloak of darkness.

During all this, we, your Mother and Father Source, were concerned about the terrible circumstances our children had mis-created for themselves, but we could not intervene directly without breaking our free-will pact with our children.  We felt we must continue to send our Love and continue to monitor their progress, as our children played out their experiment with darkness.

Eventually, it became clear that the Experiment had failed to bring back the dark ones, and the children of Eden were defeated.  At this time, we agonized in the Councils, trying to find a way to help our children without breaking Cosmic Law.  Her dispensation to be allowed more time to bring the brothers and sisters into the Shift seemed to have utterly failed.  As we were concluding that we must give up on Planet Earth, our beloved Sanat Kumara stepped in to try one last effort to bring our Terra back into alignment with the loving intention she had expressed long ago.

It was then that Sanat offered to go to overlight Planet Earth, to give her one more chance to fulfill her great mission – the outpouring of Love that had led humankind to become embroiled in this experience in the first place.  The entire Universe understood and had honored humankind for this heroic effort, and wished to assist in any way possible, but many attempts to send uplifting energies had proven fruitless.

The Kumarans of Venus, whom you now recognize as many of the great Masters overseeing your Ascension, agreed to come to Earth to help in new ways.  They offered to incarnate on Terra, under the guidance of their beloved brother Sananda, to intermingle with the humans, offering their Love, their DNA and their message of a Loving God-presence, to reverse the downward spiral into darkness.

And so, we, your Mother and Father, agreed to allow many of our eldest children, those who had learned the ways of Creation through millions of years of study at our sides, to descend into the depths of human-created darkness, to attempt the final rescue of our beloved Earth children.

I will continue my story:

Part Two: The Fall of the Archangel Sisters, and the Final Phases of Earth’s Ascension

It will follow, as I offer these messages through Kathryn, who will complete it for you in the coming days.

Now, as you wrestle with the swirling energies of rising frequencies colliding with the remaining darkness on your beloved planet, I send you my greatest Love and encouragement.

Beloved Ones, we are almost there.
Your Mother/Source

*Cota-Robles, Patricia Diane, Who Am I? Why Am I Here? New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, PO Box 41883, Tucson, AZ, 85717, Website:  Http://

May, Kathryn, When God Pinched My Toe, downloadable

— The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus, also at

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