Part Two: The Fall of the Archangel Sisters, and the First Phases of Earth’s Descent Into Darkness

Part Two: The Fall of the Archangel Sisters, and the First Phases of Earth’s Descent Into Darkness


Now, my dear children of Planet Earth, I will tell you the story of the tragic fall into darkness of our beloved Archangels, most of whom were the feminine counterparts of the Archangels and Masters you know and love so well.  It is a story that has never been told until this day, for we did not wish to distract you from your Light work or draw attention to the sadness and loss we felt here in the higher dimensions until we could give you the last chapter.  All is now coming full circle, and the work of our beloved Lightworkers in the Temple of Light is making it possible for this unfortunate chapter in our history to come to resolution.

I will continue with the events on Earth that led to the women giving birth to the souls who had been so terribly damaged by their lifetimes in darkness on planets all around the Universe.  The project began because of the outpouring of Love on the part of our Earth children, who were so positive and so dedicated to the Light that they could not conceive of anything but a quick resolution and healing for the souls they so selflessly offered to nurture.

We saw how difficult this was going to be, and as we pondered in the Councils how to help our children on the ground, a number of our beloved Archangels and Lady Masters came forward to offer their service to the courageous women of Terra.  They proposed to come as walk-ins or new incarnations to assist the women giving birth.  We saw that this would offer a much greater possibility of success, and so we agreed, with a few serious concerns.  How could we help them if they should become out of reach behind the dark energies, to ensure they would not fall into the feelings of loneliness or isolation which might lead to their downfall?

The Sisters, who were bonded by great love, devised a plan to protect themselves and their incarnations.  They would descend into the 4th dimension together as Higher Selves to maintain contact with their incarnates and with each other, in a web of close and permanent connection that could not be broken by any one of them, no matter how difficult the conditions were for their incarnates on Earth.  Their Higher Selves would have their connections to us, their Mother and Father, and to their twin souls, who would also offer support and comfort during this difficult assignment.

The twin souls, the beloved sons of our hearts, also agreed to the plan, with some reluctance and concern about what they could do to help if they should lose contact with their Beloveds, if the density and forgetfulness of life in a human body should come between them.  The Sons and Daughters considered every aspect they could imagine, along with the help of the others in the Company of Heaven.  Ultimately, a plan was devised for the twin flames who would hold the Light for their courageous twins.

It was agreed that the male counterparts would remain in higher dimensions, connected with the golden thread, the energy of Light, to one another and to Us, as assurance that none of them would be tempted to follow into darkness, as we had seen those on the ground struggle with over the eons, every time one had incarnated onto a dark planet to try to help out.  We did not want to lose any of our beloved Sons and Daughters of the Light, even for one lifetime.

I will tell you the names of the male counterparts with whom you are most familiar.  It is not a complete list, for there are some Masters working in higher dimensions with whom you are not familiar.  I will not give the female names, because some of them have been lost, some changed, and because the original Sisters (the etheric Higher Selves) were this week brought to the Light in the Temple to be restored to new souls in the Light.  Their original status and names as Archangels and Masters are no more.

Their Higher Self original soul templates have been dissolved and they no longer exist in their ancient identities, although most have current incarnations who are now under our close supervision.  They are being sustained by being provided Life Force from Us, completely disconnected from their Higher Selves while they are allowed to decide whether to be dissolved or return to the Light.  I will explain this process further as the story continues, since there may be some confusion about the ones incarnated now whom you might know by the original names, but this is not strictly accurate.  They are the ones who have replaced their fallen sisters as the true twins of the Brothers we name here.

The Sons who held the Light over the ages for their twins, the Company of Heaven and for the courageous people of Planet Earth are Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Ashtar, St. Germain, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Gabriel (who played Lucifer), Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Jophiel, Hilarion, Archangel Azrael, Serapis Bey, Sandalphon, Uzziel, Uriel, Helios and others.

Of the original 24 Sons who joined the project, 18 remain still fully engaged and working full-out in this current moment to complete the mission.  Six pairs returned to us for healing and reassignment when they felt it was not in the best interest of all for them to continue.  We gratefully accepted.  They are now working with us in the Company of Heaven as interested and well-informed alumni of the project.

Of the 18 original pairs who offered themselves in service, all the Daughters who descended into darkness on Planet Earth were lost to the Light.  They became the leaders and revered idols of darkness, the queens who were crowned the official leaders of the Matrix.  Their original powerful energies became the driving force behind the net that swallowed all of Earth and several other planets, and they were instrumental in forming the Archon Alliance, which solidified the cooperation and participation of all dark planets into the powerful (but lower dimensional) force it became under their reign.

It may seem unbelievable to you that the powerful and dedicated Angels and Masters who were our most talented and creative children could have been so vulnerable or so wayward as to turn their backs on Us and their twins, to plunge so profoundly into darkness.  It did seem unthinkable to us at the time, but I will describe to you, the best way I can, so you will understand the swirling river of darkness they became immersed in and why they ultimately chose to remain there.

I gave you a part of the story in the previous chapter, when I described how difficult it was for the original mothers (our Daughters, among all others) to learn how to manage life with their children who carried the karma and energies of darkness from their previous lives.  Once the damaged souls came to the Paradise that was Earth at the time, surrounded by Love and Light, they were confused, conflicted because of the dark imaginings their souls brought into their consciousness.  Many tried valiantly to align with their kind and loving mothers and fathers, and some managed to live out their lives without reverting completely to feelings of greed, competitiveness and jealousy, but others were not able to sustain their connection to the Light.

In the first wave of incarnations there were family struggles and conflicts that were previously unknown on Earth.  Loving parents were baffled by the unruly and selfish behavior of their children, whom they continued to love unconditionally.  It was painful to them when their small children became defiant and hateful toward their siblings and schoolmates.  For a while they were able to stay resolute and calm while they learned new ways of teaching the Law of the Circle, responsibility to others, respect for Nature, and other concepts that were as natural as breathing to them.

The Sisters had arranged to incarnate within family groups, or in close proximity to one another, so they were able to rely on each other in their difficult process of learning to parent these children, and they managed to remain steady in their dedication to the Light.  Although it helped the mothers to maintain their equilibrium, it also meant that their children were exposed to one another, and as they grew into their teenage years, they began to align with one another, experimenting with dark substances, and dark activities that soon took on the tone of a gang.

The parents were distraught as they saw their children creating new structures, new styles, even writing new music that carried messages of violence and abuse.  They knew they had to find a way to stop the dark behaviors before they infiltrated into the culture at large, and before they became adults.

At the same time, with the doors to Planet Terra open to the ones who had been left behind during the Shift, she became a magnet for the leaders of other dark planets who saw this as a brilliant opportunity to gain a foothold on the beautiful planet and to get close to the incarnates of the brightest and best of Mother and Father’s children.

They hatched a plan to send emissaries to Earth to instruct the Sisters in the ways of the dark so that they could understand their children.  It would be presented as a training program for the mothers of “problem children” who would become experts in the thinking and attitudes of darkness – the history and culture of their children’s souls.  They could thereby learn how to regain their children’s trust and loyalty, and keep them from straying into the practices of evil they had been trained in for lifetimes.

The mothers were invited through a friend who was a teacher, who had heard of the training program and recommended it to her friends as a last-ditch attempt at understanding what to do with their children, since their own attempts to keep them in the Light had failed.  As soon as they showed interest, reaching beyond the wisdom of their own hearts, to turn instead to an “expert” with sophisticated knowledge of darkness, they took the first steps into the edges of the netherworld that so fascinated their children.

Word spread among the Sisters of the hope for saving their children, and soon many had begun attending the meetings of the “Inner Council of Light” which was led by the charismatic Hanron. He startled the group with his articulate and attentive presentation and his powerful energy.  Although some of them felt uncomfortable with attending such a gathering, they felt safe in the company of their sisters, and often the husbands came to evening meetings to meet the great teacher who would help them to rescue their offspring.

Hanron’s resume included many lifetimes which he claimed to have lived as an emissary of God in the dark Universe which had since been destroyed entirely.  He had come to Earth to help with this dangerous mission, he said, because he saw the threat that had taken over other planets, and he wished to prevent such tragedy on Earth.

The Sisters were moved to tears by the hope of restoring their children to the Light.  Even though they felt the stirrings and warnings from their Higher Selves to beware of false promises, and several of them argued for not trusting in this “savior,” but they had no better plan in place.  After the suicide of one of the male children, in a game of Life vs. Death, more of them began to attend the meetings.  As their numbers grew, Hanron brought in a number of his very attractive and knowledgable fellow experts to assist with the teachings.

And so, the Sisters began to learn how to “discipline with Love” and how to show their children “real strength” in the face of their challenges.  Initially, the methods were surprisingly effective.  The Sisters felt great gratitude toward the handsome and very expert men who had come as their teachers, to reassure and support them, bolstering their morale and soothing their growing worries.  The suicide and other increasingly dangerous behaviors on the part of the children created a new feeling in the mothers: they began to experience desperation and fear.

Although they struggled with the negative feelings, knowing that it did not help the situation, they fell further and further into confusion and dread.  This created dark thoughtforms for the first time, which circulated around them and their Sisters.  The husbands began to feel the gradual separation from them, as the women became more and more involved with their “trainers.”  Tensions began to grow in the families, and as the first ripples of jealousy surfaced on Earth, dark energies began to interfere with the thinking processes of the humans.

As brain channels began to shift away from primary connections to their spiritual and intuitive brain functions, under the stress of newly stimulated emotions, a change took place in the brains of these gentle, loving beings.  When the lightning fast contacts with lower brain functions – fight or flight – came into play, humankind began to experience feelings they had never before witnessed in themselves or others.

Their mentors were delighted to tutor them in the “normal” responses they were having to their children, and encouraged them to accept such feelings as a part of the Light work they were performing.  In such a way, frustration, resentment and even flashes of rage were redefined as “caring, passionate love, and loyalty.”  These emotions were to be accepted as a normal response to outside forces.  They did not hear the underlying message that was being so subtly fed into their minds: Blame the outside world for your own behavior.  It is justified.

The Sisters, already deeply embroiled in the swirling emotions that were so unfamiliar to them, argued with their Higher Selves, Mother and Father and each other, finding it increasingly difficult to believe that quiet affection and Love could provide the way out of their dilemma.  Then a dramatic event occurred that changed everything.

There is a song you may be familiar with that describes the feeling of what happened.  I have asked Kathryn to play it for you if she can.  The powerful symbols in the song will help you to understand the events that followed.  It is called “Copacabana.”  You can find it on your YouTube.

On a particularly difficult evening, one couple who had come to surface Earth together – a powerful Master and her twin flame – attended the training session together.  As they entered the room, they were greeted by the intense and powerful Master Trainers, and the husband we will call Tony became aware of the electrical connection between his beloved Lola and her guru and advisor, Rico.  After a very emotional meeting in which their friends told of the difficulties they were having with their growing children, a cathartic moment of Love and relief enveloped the group.  They wept and hugged each other, with hope for a better day to come as they put into place the new guidance from their “gurus.”

As the group warmly embraced, Hanron (Rico) encircled his delicious Sister (Lola) in his arms and drew her to his body in a mock-friendly hug.  The response was electric.  Tony leaped from the chair where he had been observing and grabbed Rico’s arm.  In a flash, Rico responded with a powerful uppercut that sent Tony reeling.  As he fell, Tony’s head hit the stone steps of the entryway.  In the confusion, all rushed to his side, including Rico, who apologized profusely and begged Tony’s forgiveness in his friendly, off-hand way, all the while making light of his violent response by saying things like, “You took me by surprise, Man. I didn’t mean any harm, old friend.”  But Tony did not move.  Tony was dead.

As a pall fell over the room, Rico fell to his knees at Tony’s side, crying loudly in protest.  “No, don’t leave us!  God, help us, please make Tony okay!  We were only joking around!”  The stunned witnesses left to mourn their Tony with his words ringing in their ears.  Hearts were torn apart by the anguish of losing their beloved Tony and the impassioned and apparently earnest pleas of Rico (Hanron), whose call to God rang in their minds.  Why did God allow this to happen?  Why was their Tony dead?  Was Rico really to blame, or did Tony somehow over-react and provoke a punch that accidentally ended in disaster?

It was the beginning of the end for the families and for the Sisters whose grief overwhelmed them.  Their Brother was gone, their friend and mentor Rico was in anguish and bitter self-blame over the apparently “normal” response that led to such pain.  Many of the Sisters rushed to the side of their guru, whom they saw as a powerful and passionate man, and secretly they began to see their dark mentors and “trainers” as strong leaders, while their mild and loving husbands were unable to command the respect of their children.

Lola’s close and dear Sister came forward to comfort both her beloved friend and their Rico, whom she believed had not intended to hurt anyone, but simply responded strongly.  Tony’s death was an unfortunate accident, but it should not be allowed to defeat them on their mission of Love, which they had taken on with such fervor and conviction.  They would succeed!  They only needed to stay together as they had vowed, and immerse themselves in the teachings of their brilliant leader, Hanron, who had clearly been sent to them to bring them answers about how to remain strong in the face of darkness.

This, my Dear Ones, was the moment in which darkness gained a powerful foothold on Terra.  It would not have had such a sudden and absolute effect if it weren’t for the enormous energies of the Archangels and their beloved family members.  When 18 Archangels wavered, it opened a doorway to darkness that then flooded the planet, as dark thoughtforms and invading visitors from off-planet flocked to drink from the cup of dark emotions.

You see, Tony and Lola were your Adam and Eve.  No single woman ever ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The entire Sisterhood of Archangels on Planet Earth fell together, with a resounding crash that was felt throughout the Universe.

Lola never recovered from her grief, because it was laced with feelings of guilt and shame about her intense attraction to her teacher, and confusion about her own part in the “accidental” death of her beloved twin flame.  Her feelings infused her household and her life, spreading despair in her wake.  It was the beginning of the feeling you call “depression,” that combination of sadness and self-pity you think of as a disease.

Hanron and his comforting angel fell in love, and she left her quietly loving husband for the “strong and passionate” one whom she believed would protect her from the swirling energies that were enveloping Earth in a thick, dark impenetrable fog.  Together they set out to help others, including her beloved Sisters.  They created an enormously successful school to assist the “victims” of this curse of darkness, to help defeat the enemy and free them to triumph in their work to complete God’s mission on Earth, which they now saw as a battle to be won.

The rest is not quite history, but you can see from the truths I have told that the outcome of this story is inevitable: The loving and pure society of Earth took up arms against enemies they imagined and enemies their clever handlers created.  As they did, their dark and manipulative “gurus” gained in power and influence.

I will tell you the rest of the story in our next chapter,

Part 3: How the Archangel Brothers Sustained Light in the Universe, As Planet Earth Fell and Finally Rose Again

I am your Mother Source, in endless loving service to your heroic Earth Project of Ascension.

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