Are You Surprised? GMO Labeling Has No Support from 2016 Presidential Candidates

The Annac Blog


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It’s no secret that our ruling bodies and the figureheads we’re led to believe are ‘for the people’ actually play for the mega corporations that are destroying our planet, and when it comes to the crucial subject of GMO labeling, there’s almost nobody we can trust in government to do something.

Our elected leaders won’t help us on this issue, and it becomes clearer and clearer by the day that we have to do something as informed citizens.

We have to rely on ourselves and each other to raise awareness of the importance of things like GMO labeling, because anyone who is or could be in a high enough position in government to do something about it seems to be bought and paid for by Monsanto or other biotech corporations.

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