Happiness Is Natural

The Annac Blog

Credit: Facebook.com/yourinspirationdestination

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We don’t have to struggle to find happiness, and the difficulty lessens when we learn to live from the heart. It can be hard to be happy or heart-centered when we have so many responsibilities and life throws so many curveballs our way every day, but despite our circumstances, happiness is here in every moment and we can always call on it.

With the exception of being in a bad mood, which usually does take some effort to depart, the key to true and lasting happiness is to stop searching for something we already have. We won’t find it in material things that only give us a fleeting glimpse of joy before we’re unsatisfied again, and we won’t bring it up from within if we try too hard. Whether we realize it or not, love and happiness are effortless and we only…

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