SwissIndo Breaking News: No Forms Needed for Individuals!

SwissIndo Breaking News: No Forms Needed for Individuals!

no forms

SwissIndo Breaking News: No Forms Needed for Individuals!

✨F O R    I M M E D I A T E     R E L E A S E✨

In an effort to make simple the information you receive regarding what is required to receive Payments 1-11, please refer to the following interview with Mr. Sugih/M1, Ani Forest and Dan Lutz as they speak with Tracey Davidson in Laos in June of 2015 for clarity in this matter.

On the various websites and social media, there is a form that is available to be completed in order to receive Payments 1-11. This form is for GOVERNMENTS and World Leaders only. As an individual, this is NOT required. These forms are to grant the governments their country’s portion of the Payments 1-11.

Please enjoy the interview with M1, Part Three (3). It best explains this process.


T: Tracy, D: Dan, Bapak (M1), A: Ani
T: OK this is question number four. What is required in order to receive a payment of payments 1 – 11?
M1: Principle, The bank must collect about the identity of the people
T: OK so for people, a person just simply presents a Government ID
M1: Government ID principle or the citizen ID principle as the identity
D: Sorry, an ID card (Dan displays his ID card)
M1: example, Yes
T: So this would work
M1: Yes

T: For Dan to get access to his payment as an individual he just has to
M1: Because I as the people I have about this identity I can claim to them that where my ATM, my human obligation, this must cover by The M1: The example, because tomorrow (later) under the instruction and under the release, the people will understand. For once all the people will understand.
T: Very good and then the second part will be like governments accept or not their payment, how will they receive it?

M1: To the Government principle, must be using about a form they must sign because this is for big money. About the new printing, about the patent license agreement that is to cover in your countries.
D: Printing the new currency right
M1: Ya this is for the new currency and you can use your own picture in your new currency
T: So the process to receive payment is very simple. It’s not complex.
M1: Yes
T: Present your ID to receive or fill out a form for government and that takes care of it.
M1: Nods
T: That’s reassuring.

That’s a Wrap

✨ For the entire series of interviews, visit here:

✨For transcripts of these interviews, please visit here:

When the system for distribution is launched, access for individuals will not be limited by the old system’s decision whether (or not) to accept this offer as countries.

At this transitional time, our most effective strategy now is to inform one another of Payments 1-11’s existence and connect them to our websites at and so that we are all prepared to celebrate our abundance together! No other action is needed at this time to receive your gift.

We Thank You For Your Support In Creating A Better World


✨ BREAKING NEWS VIDEO: SwisIndo–No Forms for Individuals Required!

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