Does Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?

The Annac Blog

Credit: blingee

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

You hear about psychedelics often in the spiritual community, and while most people are brought up to believe they’re harmful and should be avoided, some will tell you that they aren’t harmful at all. In fact, they’re believed to be quite beneficial for the spiritual seeker who wants to glimpse a higher consciousness.

Spirituality is interesting because it draws in people with all kinds of different beliefs, and some people use it to stay away from drugs. They embrace the power of meditation and other spiritual practices to raise their vibration instead of getting high, and they have spirituality to thank for their sobriety. They’d probably regularly indulge in their drug of choice if it weren’t for their faith.

Russell Brand and David Wilcock are two good examples.

But for others, psychedelic drugs enhance their spirituality and bring them closer to what…

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