Knowledge, Enlightenment and Selfless Service

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

While knowledge is important, I’ve struggled to enthusiastically research and learn new things; mainly because various spiritual teachers have discouraged a focus on knowledge, which they see as a distraction from enlightenment. While I’ve never religiously followed any teacher’s advice, I can see how the drive for knowledge can be spiritually confining if we focus only on it and not on personal transformation.

Some teachers say the drive for knowledge traps us in the mind, and only by getting into a space beyond the mind where we can observe its habits and tendencies can we glimpse enlightenment. Anything less causes us to feed the mind and subsequently, the ego, and in their eyes, the most effective way to find enlightenment is to give up the desire for worldly things (like knowledge) and empty the mind so the spirit can flow.

I’ve struggled…

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