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Aren’t statistics wonderful?

 Aren’t statistics wonderful?
 (A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.

(B) Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year are 120,000.

(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.
Statistics courtesy of U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
The above is just a fact.
Now, the above meant nothing until I did the statistics shown below on guns: 
(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000.  (Yes, that’s 80million)
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.

(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .0000188. 

Statistics courtesy of FBI.
The above is also fact.
So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners!
Remember, guns don’t kill people, doctors do!
FACT: NOT EVERYONE HAS A GUN . . . but, almost everyone has at least one doctor.
This means you are over 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor as by a gun owner!!!
Please alert your friends to this alarming threat! We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of control. 
Out of concern for the public at large . . . I have withheld the statistics on lawyers
for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention!


Alex Jones breaks down what the closing of 269 stores across the world means to the global economy





Mick Warshaw Jul 25, 2015
In a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit (note, not request) the watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained documents confirming every negative supposition surrounding the IRS in the now years-ongoing political targeting scandal. Judicial Watch’s blockbuster findings show that the IRS did indeed intentionally and repeatedly target conservative groups for negative attention from the tax agency.

The incredible revelations show that former Democratic Senator and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Max Baucus, of Montana, had a personal hand in siccing the IRS attack dogs on the various conservative groups with a hostile letter, and further show the IRS used donor lists from tax exempt groups to more effectively harass conservative organizations.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, made a lengthy statement confirming the revelations.

“You have political targeting that is factual at this point,” he said. “There are no ifs, ands or buts. You had groups within the IRS who were politically targeting conservatives and impeding their First Amendment rights.”

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman and California Rep. Darrell Issa took that a step further, saying that the IRS is still targeting conservative groups.

“It is clearly still a procedure,” he said in an appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. “The fact is, [IRS Commissioner John Koskinen] is a spokesperson for the president and is part of the delay and cover-up,” he continued. “This is becoming an old story, and the president … is actually trying to take back his words from 2013 when he admitted this was unreasonable targeting. [Barack Obama] He wants to talk about how there is not enough money and blame a law passed before he was born that served us well and from then until now when it was suddenly broken.”

Issa referred to an appearance by Obama earlier in the week on The Daily Show, in which the president first blamed congress for the scandal, before having the temerity to say the “real scandal around the IRS is that they have been so poorly funded that they cannot go after these folks who are deliberately avoiding tax payments.”

Obama’s statements are refuted by clear evidence. Part of the Judicial Watch revelations was that William Wilkins, appointed by Obama, personally signed off on the harassment strategy.

Chaffetz, for his part, doesn’t plan to let this end quietly. “You’re going to continue to hear more about this,” he said. “Because when the targeting became evident, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee put in place a subpoena for the documents – a small window of Lois Lerner’s e-mails. Internally, the IRS put a preservation order in place — don’t destroy or get rid of any of these documents. These documents and e-mails were in the possession of the IRS. And on March 4, 2014, they destroyed them” he said.

“Imagine if the IRS had given you a summons for you to produce documents. You had them in your possession, and then you destroyed them. What would happen to you? Do you think they would say, ‘Oh, darn it!’ No, which is why Congress has to stand up for itself. You cannot — with a duly issued subpoena and eternal preservation order in place — go out and destroy documents and say there is no consequence to that; nobody’s going to be held accountable, and nobody is at fault.

“And yet that’s essentially what we’ve heard from the President… You know this ridiculous law the president is talking about? It was passed in 1913. He makes it look as if we had passed this law. That little detail he said on the Daily Show, you’re going to see that surface. We will continue to pursue this, and I promise you – there will be news on the IRS side as early as next week. So stay tuned.”

Conservatives certainly will take that advice.    


IRS: Lawyer calls for dismantling of agency


Lawyer representing targeted groups calls for dismantling of agency

January 15 2016  Bob Unruh

A lawyer who has been representing conservative non-profit organizations in court who charge that the Internal Revenue Service was harassing them and delaying their applications for tax-exempt status for political reasons says it’s time for the federal agency to go.
“I’ve often said that the IRS is institutionally incapable of self-correcting, but this goes beyond that. This is willful negligence – a dereliction of duty – breaking a sacred trust with the American people,” wrote Jay Sekulow on the website of his American Center for Law and Justice.

“Now that that trust is broken, there is no mending it. The IRS cannot be reformed. It must be completely replaced.”

His comments came in response to what he described as a “bombshell” report from the General Accounting Office revealing that the IRS “is still targeting conservative groups based on ‘religious’ and ‘political views.’”

The report said the “control deficiencies increase the risk of selecting organizations for audit in an unfair manner – for example, based on an organization’s religious, educational, political, or other views.”

Referring to the process to select targets for audits, the GAO report said the “absence of a fully documented selection process may make it difficult for [the IRS division] to defend against accusations that it is now appropriately following its processes and procedures.”

And it said the agency’s “code of conduct” “does not specifically address audit selection.”

The report said: “Management should define program objectives that align with an entity’s mission, strategic plan, goals, and requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Clearly defined objectives can enhance program effectiveness and efficiency.”

It warned the IRS “has not clearly defined, documented, or communicated key terms. For example, while the concepts of ‘fairness’ and integrity’ are highlighted in IRS’s mission and policy statements … [it] has not defined or documented fairness and integrity.

“More importantly, IRS lacks clearly defined and documented program-level objectives, performance measures, indicators, and definitions of key concepts such as fairness, reducing the assurance that [IRS] employees are treating taxpayers equally.”

Explained Sekulow, “The Government Accountability Office (GAO) report requested by members of Congress reveals further proof of what we’ve been arguing at the ACLJ for years – the IRS continues to unconstitutionally target grassroots conservative organizations.”

The report revelations, he said, fly in the face “of everything the Obama administration and its politically motivated IRS has promised the American people for years.’

“They said the targeting had ended. False. They said it would never happen again. And now we know that’s not true either,” Sekulow said.

“Every day Americans passionate about their communities, faith, and family continue to be victims of our unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy,” he said.

The Washington Free Beacon explained the GAO discovered “the IRS does not have strong internal controls and did not have consistent procedures for documenting audit selection decisions, which increases the risk of unfair audit selection.”

The Washington Times said, “The IRS said it demands fairness in its mission statement, but declined the GAO’s suggestion that the agency come up with a firm definition of what that means.”

The report quoted John Dalrymple, a deputy commissioner for the IRS: “We believe the current audit selection process, existing internal controls and enhancement planned for implementation in 2016 provide more than reasonable assurance that audit selections are fair and are made with integrity.”

Continued Sekulow, “Yet the malfeasance doesn’t stop there, a separate report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recently revealed that the IRS ‘mistakenly’ rehired around 300 employees that had been previously fired or asked to leave for employment issues ranging from fraud and falsification of documents to unauthorized access to taxpayer information.”

He continued: “Enough is enough. The bureaucratic incompetency and corruption must end now. The IRS has clearly shown it cannot clean up its own act. The only way to protect the American people from this IRS is to abolish it. Until then, the only way to establish some controls on the IRS is through aggressive outside pressure, legal action, and litigation.”

His organization had sued the IRS on behalf of individuals and organizations when the targeting first came to light.

He had argued that an independent prosecutor should handle the case.

The ACLJ case, involving 41 groups from 22 states, was dismissed by a district judge. However, an appeal followed, and of the 39 groups remaining in the case, 29 eventually and belatedly got their requested tax-exempt status.

Seven other groups withdrew their applications “because of the frustration with the IRS process,” the ACLJ reported.

IRS Inspector General Timothy Camus at one point told the House Oversight Committee investigating the IRS that “there is potential criminal activity.”

The organizations targeted around the time of the 2012 election were almost exclusively organizations that advocated policy positions contrary to President Obama’s.

In 2013, the IG admitted the IRS repeatedly delayed action on the pending applications, asked intrusive questions of some groups, including about the content of their prayers, and even demanded in one case that members promise not to protest against abortion businesses.

The controversy erupted in May 2013 when the agency admitted during a news conference that groups with “tea party” or “patriots” in their names were flagged specifically for extra IRS review.

Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America

Lee Wanta


” St. Jude, Fill My Heart With Hope In The New Year. ” Amen
AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
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Commonwealth of Virginia
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Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America

There has been a lot of  inappropriate talk about “civil war” in America.  Let’s be perfectly blunt.  

The Federal United States has been operated as a puppet by the British Government which in turn has been operated as a puppet by the City State of Westminster aka Inner City of London which has been operated by international banking cartels and the Bar for generations. In turn, these organizations have been influenced, led, and perpetuated by what Frank O’Collins calls “the Roman Cult” within the Roman Catholic Church. 
Americans, like the British People, have gone along trustingly and been abused and enslaved. 
We, Americans, have been used repeatedly as the “muscle” behind wars for profit and illegal and immoral police actions in other countries undertaken by the British Crown Corporation and its cronies throughout the world, with the result that we are widely blamed and despised as the perpetrators of all this greed and violence when in fact we have been victims like everyone else and have merely been more gullible than the rest of the world. 
A careful reading of the historical documents, especially the treaties ending the Revolutionary War and The Constitution, reveals that the British retained control of a substantial portion of the American jurisdiction of the sea including our ability to conclude international treaties and commercial trade agreements—both of which have been crippled and controlled since the birth of our nation by this arrangement. 
In exchange for our Forefather’s agreement to this deplorably bad deal,  the British Monarch was made our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  It was thought that his clear obligation to the Americans in this capacity would bind his hands and prevent him from doing us harm.  In 1794 a treaty between the Americans and the City State of Westminster was also concluded in which we were promised “perpetual” friendship and amity. 
We definitely need to remind them of the meaning of “perpetual”. 
So here we are at the beginning of the twenty-first century and our Trustees have proven to be our worst enemies— not only our worst enemies, but worst enemies of all freedom-loving and decent people everywhere.  Since 1866 the British Government has privately promoted and perpetuated a policy of eternal war and enslavement of the world’s population while keeping up an appearance of being the bulwark and defender of western civilization. Like a pedophile acting as a Foster Parent, the British Government has spared no expense in its efforts to cover up its dirty work, but it is at last discovered. 
The Federal United States is and has always been an instrumentality of the British Government and the international banks and the Bar Associations and it is the Federal United States—not the Continental United States— which has been guilty of all the crimes against humanity which have been racked up and placed at the door of the hapless Americans who have been deceived into believing that the Federal United States is or ever was their lawful government. 
Time to wake up. We have been hosts for these parasites and now they are moving on to attempt to parasitize China and its vast population.   
The so-called “Federal Government” is a foreign corporation under contract to provide our States with nineteen enumerated services directed by our Trustee the British Monarch and his corporate Executive Officer known as the “President of the United States”.  The British Monarch was paid for this “service” with tribute in the form of mineral wealth extracted from the American States and was faithfully paid for involving us in an endless stream of unjust police actions and dirty commercial deals and then handing us the blame and the bills.
Let it stand before the American People and the entire world who the guilty parties actually are: the administration of Queen Elizabeth II, her corporation, ELIZABETH II, the British Crown Corporation and its franchises worldwide, the Lords of the Admiralty and the City-State of Westminister together with all its Successor Organizations and franchises, and the Holy See doing business as FRANCISCUS are directly and personally responsible for all this injustice and mayhem and mis-administration of the Public Trust in Britain, America, the Commonwealth, India, Japan, all of Western Europe and most of Eastern Europe, too. 
The populations of all these countries have a grudge and many, many claims against these perpetrators; the People of China would be well-warned and advised not to accept any “gifts” from Jacob Rothschild or the World Bank or QEII, either.  Gold and silver are not food, not fuel, and not the raw resources that China needs.  Apart from being excellent conductors of electricity and photo emulsions, of what use are these so-called “precious” commodities? 
Third, murder of the American People leaves an opportunity for them and their buddies to claim the “abandoned property” just as they did in Germany after the War. 
They call this “plowing the field”—- emptying the land of its people and decrepit buildings and infrastructure so that it can be rebuilt under new ownership: theirs. 
However, they have to have a plausible reason for attacking the American People, because after all they are under public contract to protect us and are continuing to siphon off large payments from our public treasuries for the service.  They therefore have to find some sneaky, backdoor means to excuse their actions — and their continuing crimes against us. 
It is time to recognize these criminals for who and what they are and to bring a stop to them and their predations upon the entire world.  The most expedient way to do this is for everyone worldwide to cease operating as any form of corporation—simply dissolve them all, nationalize their assets in the case of “government” corporations, demand that the Pope acting as CEO liquidate those corporations that have acted as criminal syndicates—-including the major banks. Apply the Icelandic Answer. 
Everyone please note that although these vermin have been misrepresenting the American People to the rest of the world for the past 150 years and mischaracterizing us at home, they are NOT the American People owed the land jurisdiction of the United States and never have been.  The mis-administration and usurpation of our government that has been accomplished via semantic deceit and other forms of fraud, but that, too, has been discovered and is at an end. 
If those responsible for this egregious behavior have any hope of surviving themselves, they must make amends to the rest of the planet and the people they have harmed.  
In the case of the Federal United States the turning of the worm leaves one thing very clear: any attacks against the unarmed and peaceful American People to whom they owe “good faith service” will be instantly recognized as crimes of war and aggression by commercial mercenaries disguised as units of government.  
Any failure to correct the political status of Americans to reflect their actual political status as “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” — that is, the Continental United States— like any attempt to mischaracterize their Creditors and the Heirs of their Creditors will also be recognized for what it is and rebutted. 
Any failure of the British Monarch and the “President of the United States” to repay all the debt of the Federal United States that is lawfully owed to the innocent American People of theContinental United States will be obvious self-interest and default upon debt in the full view of all other nations. 
When all those other peoples and nations have been afforded a full view of what has gone on here and stop to consider how they, too, have been abused, lied about, defrauded, and enslaved by these Babylonian Snake Oil Salesmen in tweeds, they will conclude as we have that we have all suffered from a single malady which has its world headquarters in the Inner City of London. And then we can all take appropriate action—like enforcement of the $279 trillion dollar International Commercial Obligation Lien which the Americans have placed against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the misnamed Department of Justice which matures tomorrow
The people of the Earth must unite against the evils perpetuated by the inhabitants of “the World”—a fake, illusory Satanic construct incorporated legal fictions— that is, lies— which serves only to mask the identities and obscure the filthy and violent intentions of profoundly evil men masquerading as philanthropists and pillars of the global community instead. 
To all men and women everywhere the alarm goes forth and the claim in equity is clearly stated.  This is our Earth.  It belongs to us, not to any corporation.  This, the American Government, as opposed to the “US Government” is a lawful and peaceful government “of the people, by the people and for the people”—- not a government “of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation”.  
If we, the people of the Continental United States are forced to take up arms against those operating the Federal United States, it will be a clarion call for your joint understanding and assistance in removing this source of criminality from our mutual midst.  Let the Federal United States and the Governments of Britain and the City-State of Westminster and the administration of the Vatican stand revealed as crime syndicates that have created and which are responsible for much of the poverty, misery, injustice, and conflict that have infested our planet for generations—-and not as they would portray themselves as enlightened philanthropists. 
Petty crooks operating on a giant stage is much closer to the truth of it. 
As each person reads this and knows that we can choose global peace or global war and that it is not negotiable that innocent victims should again bear the brunt of this criminality, don’t be afraid just because you are suddenly aware that you are “just one person” in the midst of a universe.  Become aware instead that you are the universe.  
/s/ anna-maria:riezinger
Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
Alaska State Superior Court

Friday, January 15, 2016

Top Bank Issues Cataclysmic Warning To American’s

Top Bank Issues Cataclysmic Warning To American’s About Whats Going To Happen In the US Soon!

By now your ears are tirelessly ringing by the repeated conversations of a coming economic crisis spoken of by top economists, alternative news sources, and your every day average joe. The talks have gotten so excessive that when one hears the term “crisis” they no longer grasp the impacts it will have when it finally does make its lasting blow.
The truth is, it is going to hit, and when it does, it will have catastrophic effects on our economy. 
In fact the 20th largest bank in the entire world, Royal Bank of Scotland, has just urged investors to “Sell everything” and that “2016 is going to be a cataclysmic year for the economy.” 
With warnings like these one can’t help but ponder the idea that the economic crisis is truly right around the corner, if not already here, especially considering the latest 1,500 drop in the DOW just in 2016 alone.
Here is more on this breaking report…
For More Information See: 

Tension between ranchers and federal officials is dangerously high in Nevada

Tension between ranchers and federal officials is dangerously high in Nevada

Protesting ranchers have pitched their “Cowboy Grass Camp” on a muddy roadside across from the BLM’s district office in Battle Mountain, Nev. (Molly Hennessy-Fiske / Los Angeles Times)

Molly Hennessy-FiskeContact Reporter
Los Angeles Times

Jan 14 2016
Gerald “Jerry” Smith grew up in Nevada and went to work for the Bureau of Land Management right after college. As a local, he figured he was uniquely suited to work with the ranchers who have long resented the ‘federal government’s’ role in ‘land management’ here. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Now retired from a job as district manager for the BLM, Smith knows all about the tensions that have long defined relations between ranchers in the rural West and the ‘federal government’, which manages much of the region’s land. Those tensions have boiled over in recent days at a wildlife refuge in Oregon and are at a perpetual simmer here.

Now it is Smith’s successor as district manager, Doug Furtado, who has become the enemy for many people in the region.

Although there has been no violence or threats here, the risk is real. ‘Federal employees’ in Nevada have been attacked in the past over land-use disputes — shot at, their offices and cars bombed.

“We got to live in this community,” said Smith, who supervised, trained and still hunts with Furtado in this community where many carry concealed handguns. “All these issues, none of them are worth dying over. I worry about that — so does Doug.”

Just off the interstate leading into this northern Nevada town of about 3,600 ringed by the snow-capped peaks of the Shoshone and Sheep Creek ranges, protesting ranchers pitched their “Cowboy Grass Camp” on a muddy roadside across from the gray stucco ranch house that serves as the BLM’s district office.

Two white tepees flapped in the wind last week beside a canvas tent sometimes occupied by the ranchers who tend their cattle on nearby spreads passed down through generations. They tacked hand-lettered red, white and blue signs to a nearby metal ranch gate urging drivers to “Support ranchers,” “Protect grazing, water rights” and “Honk to impeach Furtado!”

“I lay on it when I go by,” said rancher Eddyann Filippini, 59. “You do what you got to do when the devil’s got the sword to your throat.”

Furtado, district manager for the last five years, listens to the honking from inside his office. He is no longer allowed to speak publicly and was recently forced to back off on drought-driven grazing restrictions he imposed in 2013 and cede control of negotiations with ranchers to the state director.

Filippini and other ranchers have sued, staged a “pony express” protest ride on horseback to Washington, D.C., and petitioned for Furtado’s ouster. Last spring they flouted Furtado’s order, set their cattle loose on the public range, and if the agency can’t broker an agreement soon, they’re poised to do it again.

“There’s no more partnership,” Filippini said. “Now it’s them or us.”

That’s what concerns Furtado and his defenders.

The hills of northern Nevada have long seethed with discontent against the ‘federal government’. In the 1970s, local ranchers helped launch the Sagebrush Rebellion, a rural revolt that lasted, in various iterations, for decades as ranchers and lawmakers bucked new ‘federal laws’ concerning the use of public lands, demanding more local control.

By the 1990s, they had won increasing support and notoriety. Sisters Mary and Carrie Dann gained national attention for defying federal grazing limits on pastures to the south of Battle Mountain, contending the land belonged to their Western Shoshone tribe. 

On July 4, 1994, a crowd cheered as Richard Carver, a county commissioner from southern Nevada, took a bulldozer to a Forest Service road, later threatening to arrest a federal ranger who tried to stop him.

Smith recalls how Carver used to carry miniature copies of the Constitution in his pocket, just like some of the ranchers holed up in Oregon do, expounding on state’s rights.

Smith, 65, graduated from the University of Nevada in Reno and joined the BLM in a succession of rural outposts — Winnemucca, Ely and finally Battle Mountain, where he was district manager for 15 years.

As a local, he thought he could make inroads with hard-core rebels like the Dann sisters, who faced the loss of their grazing permits and hefty fines for defying federal orders.

“I spent the first year I was in Battle Mountain going to meetings with them. We were trying to get them in a peaceful resolution to pay their fees and get their permits and continue ranching,” Smith said.

But some, including the Danns, still resisted. “There’s a small percentage of ranchers that can’t stand being told what to do,” he said.

As the Western drought worsened in recent years, so did the ranchers’ unrest. In 2014, rancher Cliven Bundy and supporters staged an armed standoff in southeastern Nevada. Instead of impounding Bundy’s cattle, the bureau backed down. Now two of Bundy’s sons have become leaders of the ‘armed occupiers’ in Oregon, and the effect has spread to Battle Mountain.

“Everybody felt a little more empowered when the BLM didn’t impound Cliven Bundy,” Smith said.

John Ruhs, the Bureau of Land Management’s state director, took over negotiations with the Battle Mountain ranchers last summer. Ruhs — a former Marine who dresses like a rancher in cowboy boots, wool vest, jeans and a forked beard — brokered a temporary agreement that allowed the families to continue grazing.

“I don’t feel BLM backed down,” Ruhs said as he sat in his Reno office within view of a Black Angus herd. “We are trying to make decisions where it is more of a collaborative process…. In our job now, we have to be careful we put some warmth back into that, some humanity. Because we got smacked in the face on some of this.”

Filippini, the local rancher, said she has worked well with Ruhs.  “I respect John very much. But I can’t say that’s true of the local office,” she said, laughing bitterly. “There’s zero trust; there’s zero integrity. It’s like they’re the bullies on the block.”

She and other ranchers are scheduled to meet with an agency team next month at the Battle Mountain Civic Center, where a sign reads, “Are you tough enough?”
If they can’t reach an agreement, Filippini intends to turn her cattle out as scheduled March 1st.

“Until we go back to being partners, that’s the way it’s going to be,” she said. “We will stand and fight for our property.”

Last week, Smith was out hunting speckled chukar partridges in Whirlwind Valley outside Battle Mountain. He noted with dismay invasive plants left behind by overgrazing: tumbleweed, Russian thistle, cheatgrass.

“The range has just deteriorated,” he said. “It’s burned. For miles around it’s grazed down to nothing. You’d stand out there and just see white snow because there’s nothing’s going to stick up.”

He wishes ranchers would see the benefit of limited grazing, which will help the grasses recover and sustain their herd in the long run.

“I just don’t see it ending that way here,” he said. “The people who abuse the public lands the worst are the ones who will fight the hardest.”


EMP attack on the American power grid next?


Late last year a cyberattack took down a large segment of the Ukrainian power grid, marking the first time that hackers anywhere in the world accomplished such a feat. Days later, in early January, North Korea claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, an action that could put it one step closer to launching an EMP.

Is a cyberattack or EMP attack on the American power grid next? That’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio as we talk to grid expert Peter Pry, the author of the new book Blackout Wars and the executive director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

Pry, who also served on the EMP Commission and the House Armed Services Committee, says a cyberattack or EMP attack could take down the grid for weeks or months. He also tells us:

  • Why he believes North Korea may be telling the truth – and why American intelligence may be wrong.
  • How a hydrogen bomb would make an EMP even more dangerous – and how North Korea already has the capability to deliver it.
  • Why the attack on the Ukrainian grid should worry Americans, and how hackers half the world away could take down the U.S. grid, with no notice.
  • What we can do to prepare for an attack on the grid.

If the grid were down for one year, Pry says, upwards of 90 percent of the population would die from starvation, lack of medical supplies and unrest.

Pry also shares his thoughts on the White House’s Space Weather Action Plan, and he tells us how we can pressure Congress to protect the grid. 

If you’re concerned about America’s future and the power grid, then this is one show you don’t want to miss!


Shocking Truth About Their Identities Uncovered

Oregon Fire Chief Resigns After He Says He Secretly Followed Men From Armory and Uncovered Shocking Truth About Their Identities

Top Obama Official Warns Russia Of War

Top Obama Official “Demands To Land” At Russian Military Base, Warns Of War 

An absolutely astonishing Ministry of Defense (MoD) “urgent action report” just released in the Kremlin states that less than 24 hours after Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to meet in Zurich, Switzerland on 20 January, a US military “operated” aircraft carrying one of his top subordinates approached Federation airspace “demanding” immediate permission to land at the highly secretive Chkalovsk Naval Airbase located in the Kaliningrad Oblast.

According to this report, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian AffairsVictoria Nuland had just left the Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania aboard her US military “managed/controlled” aircraft after her meeting with that nations Foreign Minister, Lazar Comanescu, on a planned flight course for Berlin, Germany, when this “bizarre” incident occurred—and which MoD intelligence analysts are describing as a “Rudolf Hess type moment” due to his being Nazi Germany’s second in command only to Adolph Hitlerwhen on 10 May 1941 he flew to Scotland in an attempt to make peace with Britain and avoid World War II—and which appears to have been this top Obama regime officials “twisted intent”.    


Upon Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “Aerospace Forces assisted landing” at Chkalovsk, her “further demand” to meet personally with President Putin was denied due to the Foreign Ministry reporting that her “allegiance/ devotion” was to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and not the Obama regime itself as she had previously been a top aide to President William Clinton known as “Doughnut Dolly”. 


President Putin did, however, agree to send his top aide Vladislav Surkov to meet with Assistant Secretary Nuland and also authorized the Foreign Ministry to report: “Nuland has arrived to the Kaliningrad region, and the meeting with Surkov will be held at the presidential residence in the city of Pionersky. It will be a closed meeting.”

Initial reports from Federal Security Service (FSB) Special Forces agents assigned to protecting President Putin and his residences describe Assistant Secretary Nuland upon her landing and being escorted to Pionersky as being in a “highly agitated” mental state appearing to be “near/close to a breakdown” and giving expletive filled warnings that “War is coming! War is coming!” and alleging that Russia had “broken its promise” and “now the whole world will pay”. 

As to what “promise” Russia had broken this report doesn’t say, but this reports language appears to indicate that Assistant Secretary Nuland doesn’t know either as she continually referred to President Putin as “your fucking tsar” instead of his correct title. 

Equally as troubling about Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “rants/sayings” while in the presence of FSB agents was her claiming that Obama was in the process of “cleaning house to protect himself” and “what happened in Hawaii is just the start and I’m going to be next”. 

Though full details are not yet known, Assistant Secretary Nuland’s “fears” of Hawaii appear to be related to the reported crash of two US Marine helicopters off Hawaii that occurred shortly after she landed at Chkalovsk—and whose Special Forces troops believed aboard these crashed helicopters provided security for Obama during his recent holiday vacation spent there.

Critical background information about Assistant Secretary Nuland contained in this report also notes that she was an integral part of the “Hillary Clinton Cabal” that destroyed the nation of Ukraine in an action the top US security firm Stratfor (aka The Shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in history”—and who was secretly recorded creating the “new” neo-Nazi government of that nation and pushing aside European concerns of what she was doing by stating: “Fuck the EU! Exactly!

As the more “highly classified” portions of this MoD report are beyond our ability to report on at this time, we will, of course, provide more information about this astonishing turn of events as we learn it. 


January 15 2016
Sorcha Faal

People Are Dying in Flint

More proof to NOT ACCEPT any corporation employee’s statements (city, county, state and especially ‘federal’) about the ‘safety’ of anything you are subject to or consuming. Check out the water yourself – your life may depend upon it…………

Jan 142016



About 200 activists protested outside Flint City Hall on January 8th against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s inadequate handling of the city’s water crisis. Many activists called for Rick Snyder to resign or face criminal charges for his role in the administration that switched the water source for the city to the Flint River, then stayed silent when presented with evidence that the new water had toxic levels of lead in the water — over 900 times the EPA limit according to some estimates.

Now, a new fear has risen among residents of Flint, Michigan, who have been dealing with lead tainted water since 2014. A recent rise of Legionella or “Legionnaires’ Disease” has produced 87 cases of the disease, 10 of which were fatal in Genesee County.

The rare disease has been linked to poor management of water filtration systems and infrastructure, and the rise in cases came after Genesee County switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River for the city’s water supply. The money-saving move initially led to a spike of lead poisoning in children.

Dr. Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech researcher who has been researching Flint’s water crisis said he can’t definitively link the outbreak to the Flint River, but that there is a clear association, and the increase of cases after the Flint River was tapped as Genesee’s main water source is dramatic. He also said the failure of the city to properly treat Flint River water could have resulted in the outbreak. In 47 percent of cases, the infected person’s water source was from the Flint River.

Legionella isn’t transferred by person to person contact, but by the inhalation of microscopic water drops. After infection, it is a serious bacterial lung condition that can lead to pneumonia-like symptoms and death if not treated.

It’s usually detected in natural bodies of water but can multiply rapidly if it contaminates artificial water supply systems. Larger buildings are more vulnerable to Legionella, because small amounts of the rare bacteria can spread quickly through complex water supply systems. Twelve New Yorkers were killed and 127 were left ill from an outbreak of Legionella in the South Bronx in August when the bacteria was discovered at 14 sites, including water cooling towers and hot water distribution systems.

The water in Flint is virtually unusable without a filter, and people are hesitant to use it even with one. Residents are concerned because on top of the fact that they can’t drink their water because of lead contamination, they can’t shower or turn on their faucets without worrying about breathing in potentially deadly microscopic bacteria.

In a local media report from Flint, resident Lavonda Baker described her fears about the water and what it’s doing to her body. She said “I’m 57-years-old and ever since I have been drinking it, I’ve been getting sick and getting spots all on my arms,” and I’m constantly buying water and buying water and buying water and it’s bad you have to do it and we have to drink it.”

This is a tragic and inexcusable development in Flint’s already dire water crisis. The fact that the local authorities have allowed two years of lead poisoning and now a severe bacterial outbreak to plague the city is beyond alarming. The Detroit water crisis is nothing less than biological and chemical class war against the people of Flint.



Putin To Plunge World Into Depression



U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Admits No Failure To File Income Tax Law Exists In the transcript of the Oral Argument: He (Chief Justice Rhenquist) and the United States attorney (Kent Jones) admit there is NO statute (LAW) that makes it a crime for “failure to
file” an income tax return! 

QUOTE: “I’m not familiar with a statute that makes that a crime by itself” …”but the fact that you didn’t file…frankly…it’s my impression that that would not by itself be a crime”.
..then it says on pg. 6 lines 20-25 of the transcript, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court William Rhenquist said: “We’d better not let the word get out”…”We’ll keep it just among ourselves”… and they have the nerve to laugh about it!
In Sullivan vs United States, Judge James C. Fox admitted in the court record that the 16th (income tax) Amendment failed to be ratified, then goes on to admit that judges all know this, but pretend the 16th Amendment is the law of the land, because their salaries, court rooms, staff, and those robes are all bought with money taken from the American people.




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