The Gray State Of The Union 2016

The Gray State Of The Union 2016

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January 17, 2016 in Activism


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Rest In Peace Charlie McGrath

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Several noted economists and distinguished investors warn of a stock market crash. Billionaire Carl Icahn, for example, recently raised a red flag on a national broadcast when he declared, “The public is walking into a trap again as they did in 2007.”


Market Crash Ahead?!?

Has The Big KaBoom Begun?

Big KaBoom To Start In June?!

Feds Arrest Derka Refugees?!

Refugees With Derka Flags Huh

Dems To Implement Sharia Laws

HR Condemning Muslim Rhetoric

TN Checkpoints With Blood Draw!

Police Calculating Threat Score?!?

Militia Takes Over OR Fed Building

Doctors Can Now Report Mentally Ill

Obama Claims Authority On Guns?!?

Fox Pundit Questions Obama Emotion

Obama Slams Conspiracy Theories?!?

Obama Gun Control 2016 By RURdy4It

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The End Of America By Naomi Wolf (Lecture / 2007)

The End Of America By Naomi Wolf (Full Film / 2008)

The End Of America Revisited By Naomi Wolf (2014)

Wake Up Call – New World Order (Full Film / 2008)



  • Obama’s Legacy: Biggest Deficit Spender In History

  • Break Your Conditioning Before Banksters Break You

  • Special Report: Global Economy Dead In The Water

  • Jeb Bush To Force Tech Companies To Hand Over Personal Data If Elected

  • Trump On Benghazi Movie: Real Story Will Take Down Hillary

  • Colleges Mandate Sexual Confessions

  • Kingdom Games Takes Stand Against Anti-Christian Persecution

  • Cops Defy Democrats, Demand More Armed Citizens

  • Infowars Nightly News – Rebellion: Police Nullify Obama’s Gun Grab – 01/15/16

  • The Age Of The Lazy Entitled Must Fall

  • How The Fed Is Killing The Global Economy

  • Celente: War Is The Endgame

  • Full Show – Economic Collapse Is Here – 01/15/16

  • Is This The Demise Of Vulture Capitalism?

  • The Age Of Walmart Is Over – Anthony Gucciardi

  • ISIS In America. The Infowars Nightly News – Pre Debate Coverage 1/14/16

  • Obama Caught Lying About ISIS In America

  • President Wanted: No Citizenship Required

  • FBI Says ISIS Threat In Texas

  • Green Beret / UFC Fighter Details ISIS Threat in Texas

  • Global Economy Dead In The Water

  • Emergency! Economic Collapse Is By Design

  • Gerald Celente Calls Out Obama On His SOTU Lies

  • Clinton Foundation Is A Shadow Government

  • Former Secret Service Agent: Time For A Peaceful Electoral Revolution

  • Greedy Textbook Exec: Common Core, ‘It’s Never About The Kids’

  • Best of 2016 RNC Fox Business Debate Highlights

  • Millennial steps up to the plate and takes a stand for America

  • GOP to Use Cruz to Thump Trump #GopDebate

  • Full Show – Exposing Government Corruption – 01/14/2015

  • Common Core Fraud Exposed

  • Former Secret Service Member: Hillary Is A Lying Criminal

  • Breaking: RNC Failed Impeachment Vote Shows Treason Within

  • Obama’s Presidency: Punishing Whistleblowers

  • Breaking: Former Hillary Insider Now Supports Trump

  • Secret Service: Hillary’s Email Was Hacked

  • RNC Committeeman’s Plan for Illegal Immigration revealed

  • Will The RNC Impeachment Resolution Pass ?


  • Sacred Geometry And The Secret Of The Universe

  • Hillary Could Be Indicted Within 60 Days!

  • Trump: Germans Are Going To Riot, Overthrow Merkel!

  • Audit Shows Hillary Has The Most Fake Twitter Followers

  • State Of The Lies Of The Union

  • Will Fox Keep Rand Out Of First GOP Debate Of 2016

  • Infowars Nightly News – How Will The First RNC Debate Of 2016 Effect US Opinion – 01/13/2016

  • Powerball Jackpot Winner Announced!

  • Full Show – Obama’s Legacy: Nothing But Lies – 01/13/2016

  • Driverless Doughnuts: Insanity Illustrated as Obama Pushes Deregulating GoogleCar

  • Clinton Insider Predicts Downfall Of Hillary


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