Energy Update from Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 19 January 2016

Energy Update from Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 19 January 2016

Source: Lisa Trascendence Brown

Okay loves, we have gone radioactive now. Inside your body, nausea comes with these. These are what make us GLOW (I’ll share photos one day soon), and these kill off old cellular memory programs/distortions, so that one can SEE easier too. These do much that are necessary for leaving the old illusions behind. Body doesn’t process live stuff well. So take care with food, nurture you. Plasma output increases with this too. Headaches may be a part as well as the brain is activated huge too. I’ll update where I can. I’m in sessions for the next two days back to back so, writing where I can. I love you!

p.s. I keep seeing to write about crystals activating in the body, urine, kidneys, feet, blood and more. When crystals/crystalline activates, the body is thrown sideways purifying and cleansing. Pain is an understatement when they are forming in the urine/joints/bones and under the skin. pH alkaline, clean pH water, push it through your system where called to do so. Turmeric for the liver and any pain too. There are other things. It will depend on where/how your physical body is upgrading and trying to push out old separation/density/programs. Assist and honor the body. Love it for it’s carrying you through. It has a consciousness too. It’s super intelligent and it’s trying to SPEAK to YOU! Are you listening and giving it what it needs?

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