JANUARY 22, 2013

Was Barack Obama cloned from Michael Jackson's remains..?

Reports are emerging that it would have been physically impossible for US President Barack Obama to have been present at his multiple simultaneous second inauguration ceremonies leading many to suspect that the US Government has employed the services of unemployed actors to act as “doubles” for the popular President.

Some have even speculated that “the Illuminati” a secret society consisting of influential members from the upper echelons of society including many successful international business owners, politicians, high court judges and even some media personalities, have orchestrated the entire current political environment in the United States.

“Make no mistake” said one insider we spoke to. “The re-instigation of Barack Obama has been a carefully choreographed stage play where the only people who were surprised by the President’s re-election were the unsuspecting public.”

“The result is so predetermined, so calculated, that even the pretence of an election itself is just one elaborate hoax” he said, on the basis of anonymity.

So what role does Barack Obama play in current events, we asked.

Very little by all accounts, came the response.

“The “real” President hasn’t been seen in public for months”, said our sources.

“The authorities are too afraid that he may fall victim to a terrorist attack.”

“There’s already a war waging in Algeria which many citizens are unaware of.”

“Thanks to the cooperation of Fox News, citizens are only made aware of the so-called “issues” that need concern them.”

“We call them “diversionary tactics” said one Fox News insider.

“It works like this” she said.  “We whip up some controversy about breast feeding in public or some such,” carry  that as our lead-in story for a few days and drag it out with viewers’ polls and talkback. This sort of thing can drag on for months…”

“Meanwhile France is at war and no one is any wiser..!”

But the idea of keeping the President under lock and key for months, surely this is a fabrication, eventually people would find out right?

Not so, according to our sources.

“There are at least seven Whitehouse sanctioned Barack Obama impersonators that we know about,” said a US security detailsman we spoke to.

“The CIA let us know where they are going to be, and at what time, it’s our duty to ensure that they are accorded the same protection as the President, there’s no distinction in that sense,” he said.

But is the US President really a Clone?

We asked the experts.

According to biometric physiology Professor Dernim Stanford the notion is “absurd.”

“To suggest that Barack Obama has somehow been cloned is just the stuff of sci-fi nonsense” he said.  “It would take years to generate a biologically accurate clone of the President and to accurately replicate his physical appearance. It’s simply not possible, even if the DNA material was available.”

But what about plastic surgery?

Could it be possible that multiple operatives as carrying out official duties masquerading as US President Barack Obama under the concealment of plastic surgery?


We discovered that plastic surgery could be effectively utilised to create “clones” of the US President providing there were willing donors, and our research team only had to journey to Indonesia to interview willing participants in this highly confidential program.

Indonesian Fisherman Samuel Farhid (right) admits he was employed by US govt to play Barack Obama.

With thanks to our exclusive sources, The Daily Trash has managed to track down once unemployed Indonesian Fishermen who are now gainfully employed as servants of the US government as undercover operatives perpetrating to be the US President himself – Barack Obama.

“It would be unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it for my own eyes” said the Chief Editor of The Daily Trash.

“The before and after photos are simply uncanny”

"They made me an offer I couldn't refuse" says retired Indonesian farmer Mohammed Asfelt.

“Finally we have the undeniable proof that any number of anonymous individuals are now operating on the world stage masquerading as the US President”.

Clearly this could lead to a situation where world war is unleashed unwittingly on the USA and the rest of the world without anyone knowing about it…!

Friends, this needs to be stopped.

Obviously the team here at TDT are very concerned for our own safety for revealing this highly confidential information that our government doesn’t want you to know about it.

But now that you know the truth, we beg you to share it with your friends.

We don’t know how long this web site may remain online.

In fact, it may already be too late for us.

By the time you’re reading this we could already be dead.

Please don’t let our mission die in vain, share the truth with your friends we beseech you…


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