EMAILED: Exposing GOOGLE Corporation their CRIMES against Humanity and Breaking the Laws them self’s.


Dear Brothers and Sisters of the WORLD, and also the GOOGLE Corporation, and other
Media Corporations.
I understand that all of you are trying to keep the TRUTH from being told to the Public,
but its the Time that we need to start changing our ways, and to work for a good cause
for Humanity and the new WORLD.
So the Question is how are we going to change or take over all these Corporations
as GOOGLE, who have been using their RULES, and Systems to keep the TRUTH from
being told.
YES the media is a POWERFUL Tool, and you can use it for GOOD deeds and also for
telling Lies to keep the masses in the Dark.
This is my story, and EVIDENCE that GOOGLE is still not complying with the new
regulations, and using their systems for Negativity deeds on their Brothers and
sisters who are using their Applications and systems to tell the TRUTH.
GOOGLE Corporation Breaking the Laws against Ronald Wederfoort:
February 10, 2016
– Because posting about the MEI HUA Funds on deposit in the Master Accounts,
which are part of the PROSPERITY FUNDS for humanity (Restricted Funds).
GOOGLE Corporation Blocked my account for Posting abou…

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January 2016
 Exposing the WHITE SPIRITUAL BOY accounts the same action was
 taken by GOOGLE, their teams against me.
TRUTH: History & Events Timeline NEIL KEENAN – …

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THE FUNDS are ROLLING OUT all over the world, and many brothers and sisters,
who used to work for the CABAL are being ARRESTED, which was their own
CHOICE and doing.
I hope we can WORK together to solve this Situation with all these
Corporations which used to be under the Financial assistance of the cabal.
But now we have a Gold Backed system they know that their days are over,
and still are trying their best to bring panic and lies. But the Light will
always PRE-FAIL.
I hope GOOGLE will consider, and change their ways, and the buy the
way i will be posting using WORD PRESS, till this issue is resolved.
Thank you all.


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