NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Asian Insider Pleads To Keenan: Open The Door


Asian Insider Speaks Out

Hello once again.

I had a feeling I might return for an encore, but I was hoping that common sense would have prevailed prior to this juncture.

Nevertheless, from this very tired Western-educated Asian graduate, I must say that it is not in my chemical make-up to let urgent things go that need addressing in order to save our planet.  You see, I have a beautiful family and home here in Asia, and I intend on keeping that with which I am blessed.

If you are an obstacle as Neil says, then you have to be removed.

After reading Mr. Keenan / Group K’s most recent Malaysian post, I had to put my seat belt on to assure myself that I would not fall off my chair! The possibilities of my witnessing my last days on this planet flashed before my eyes and I said, “No! Not this! I am going to take out my almighty pen (computer) and address things once again. If it’s the last thing I do I will have my say.”

You see, I know Malaysia as well as I know the back of my hand. I know ex-Prime Minister Mr. Mahathir, I know Mr. Keenan’s friend Alex Li Ling Soon, who owns gold mines in Kalimantan, Indonesia. And I know Mr. Benjamin Fulford’s friend Mr. Kawase who never wanted to be one of the three that comprised the White Dragon Society (WDS). Mr. Mahathir was a wonderful stately politician who is looking to, despite his age enter the political arena once again.

Politically speaking, I have been involved in Asian politics my entire life, despite being a family member. And so, when I witness events transpiring which I actually have my finger on, and reports are not factually made, I, despite being elderly, still have the power and ability to correct the record.

The record should always be straight forward, and transparent.

I have no motive, no spin. I simply believe that the people always deserve better than they get. We are a world-wide people, as one, and the sooner we all realize that we are in the same pot of shit, the faster we will climb out of it.

Bloggers are only bloggers. They tell you what they think; yet how can they think about that which they will never be able to fathom, and in the process step upon, and dirty, good clean information? They are not qualified to analyze situations when they have no facts to work with.

This is one reason I write, to inform. The other is to directly address Mr. Keenan and his Group K.

Shall I start by being kind or nasty? Do you wish to hear the good or the bad? I flipped a coin and nasty / bad wins.

Well, we can begin with Ben Fulford’s most recent post, which clearly sounds familiar to what NK stated with regards to the Sarinah Mall attack in Jakarta. That post made it clear that George Soros is financing the terrorists and that they were being trained in Syria, not America, although America has terrorist training bases. Please read it again or ‘Google it’ to discover that the name of the terrorist who trained in Syria and spent time in Indonesian jails is Bahron Naim.

This is the terrorist who was involved in the Sarinah Mall blast. Not only did Mr. Keenan mention that George Soros is financing a terrorist group, but also, did he not make this point very clear as well? Did Mr. Keenan not talk about George Soros being expelled once before from Indonesia with his help, when Soros was financing a group of terrorists in which the Indonesian military surrounded a village?

Mr. Fulford, your news is old news. Mr. Keenan must have told you to go forthwith and use it. I could go on writing, but why waste my time?

There are better things to focus on like Mr. Keenan and Group K. I have come a long way over the years from being a believer, to outright amazed at how this man and his team pick up information, yet all the while, maintaining focus on the Collateral Accounts. Not for one second do they lose focus.

Also, Mr. Keenan does not lose sight of the fact that the East, and most especially, Indonesia, have been abused by the West for 60-80 years. The people of Indonesia will be treated fairly and properly and will be more than compensated for the unfairness that has been delivered them in the past.

What everyone must be concerned about now is the US dollar bottoming out. If the US dollar collapses, then there is little reward for anyone, and so we need to get those Elders off their seats immediately in order to get things done. More than 80 years of holding must be worth something, so whomever has their ear should advise them that the window of opportunity is closing, and very quickly.

And the window is also closing fast on the East Javan Elders, who have totally neglected everyone concerned with the Collateral Accounts. They believe that no one, and I mean no one, realizes what they are up to.

Yet, all they ever had to do was look up. If they are as spiritually connected as they claim, they would be cognizant of the fact that the bunkers they watch have been passed down by family member to family member to watch over. And they would also realize that our family does not allow anyone to move assets without explicit approval.

Mr. Keenan has that approval. In other words, we do watch you, see you, know who you are dealing with, speaking with, selling to, and we definitely know where our gold is, even if sold, at all times.

You are hereby on notice that every detail and every move is tracked!

Unfortunately, these people have been taking gold out piece by piece in their efforts to cash in on someone else’s deposits. Are you Elders or thieves? Holders or depositors?

Maybe it would be nice to have one of our drones pay your families a visit? It’s not so far-fetched, it just might get our message across as to whom the depositors are.

What’s ours is ours!

NOT yours!

Sorry I got off the beaten track, but these concerns must be clearly stated. Please understand, Mr. Keenan, that since the days of Bretton Woods 1 and 2, the West has entirely cut us off from our own assets while, at the same time, illegally using these very same assets for their own personal gains.

I understand, Mr. Keenan, that you have all of the NEW Codes for the Black Book, so we, the family, are safe. No longer do the Bretton Woods Agreements apply to any Asian nation. The West has blatantly violated the conditions of the agreements, thus, rendering them null and void. We have clear International law denoting this.

You Westerners have one outspoken, alleged representative of the World Bank named Karen Hudes, who purports to represent the Global Collateral Accounts. Be assured that she has nothing whatsoever to do with our holdings in Asia.

I would also like to personally thank Mr. Keenan for saving Malaysia from its own path of destruction. As well as for preventing the collapse of the US dollar which – consequently, would have led to the collapse of many nations.

Mr. Keenan and Group K have already saved much of this planet and especially in places that still believe in, and have faith in the US dollar. Once again, as with the gold in South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia, he has saved the planet from overloading its financial circuits.

The recently failed $14 Trillion USD transaction would have been far more than what the world could absorb at the moment without delivering a mortal blow. Had it happened it would have been our “Swan Song”.

Reflecting on Group K’s amazing time-line of events, accomplishments, and on-going challenges, I wonder why Mr. Keenan goes it alone? As far as I know, he does not like asking anyone for help, and waits until he figures out his own strategy towards any particular goal. Because, with Mr. Keenan things are changing constantly and his mind moves so quickly that nothing can remain invariable. He is always ten steps ahead of the opposition and I hate to think what would happen to him (and us) if he were not.

But this is a world problem, our problem, not just Mr. Keenan’s problem, and realistically; many a dollar is needed to complete all the efforts to be made. Should the help and financial assistance that is most needed now come forth, from those with the will and means to help, then the waiting should be over to get this completed.

Mr. Keenan is not a blogger; he is an ‘action figure’, a “one-man wrecking crew”, as they say – who has opened up door after door, time and time again with a limited budget.

Neil now approaches an expenditure of eight figures, which is apparently not enough to make this happen, nor could anyone reasonably expect it to be. Many nations who have spent billions of dollars fighting this battle, on one side or the other, have accomplished nothing in comparison to Group K with their limited budget. You have to wonder how hard they tried? Group K should be holding their heads high, and they should be demanding assistance, yet you do not hear even the slightest peep unless you are in the inner circle.

His team, whom someone recently referred to as “ragamuffins”, are far from being such. As a matter of fact, the Chinese government as well as Pentagon officials, have stated that Group K is by far the most competent humanitarian organization on the planet today. Yet this team still hunts for the funds to finish their quest, our quest.

We are the East, and we are solvent. We have patiently waited for nearly 100 years to use our own assets, all the while watching the West illegally use them, as we watch our own people starve while the West eat with our money.

And now we are still gracious enough to extend our hands to assist Mr. Keenan and Group K so we may finally get things moving as they should have been such a long time ago – providing the West takes responsibility for their own problems. The world needs to rid themselves of the Western criminal cabal, the bankers, and the ridiculous “leaders” such as Obama. And once the West does this, then you can take a deep breath.

We will assist Mr. Keenan, but this is a Western battle. Do remember that!

Should the battle move to an Asian arena, you can depend on us to take control of the matter immediately.

So how do you get Mr. Keenan to ask for financial help? He won’t ask and so what can one do?

Just imagine how much more he and Group K could do if they had the necessary funding to finish their quest to open the Global Collateral Accounts. How much easier life would be, especially the precautions that could be taken against the cabal and the Western system.

I am not telling you what to do with your dollars, but without Mr. Keenan your dollars would have gone kaput last week!

He saved them for you. He saved Malaysia as well. He never expects a ‘Thank You’.

Indeed, Group K, you are a remarkable group of loyal people binding together to make this world a better place, and we thank you for it. As for Mr. Keenan’s associate, Mr. Drake Kent, your day is coming soon. We know of you through Mr. Keenan.

I am not sure if NK and his team can continue to save this planet, but up to now, he surely has a high degree of success. What if he comes up short financially, and he fails? The entire West could go belly up, and why? Because we depended on Mr. Keenan to take care of all financial matters himself. It’s perhaps time to help out since we are coming to the end of this road.

We are either going to be winners or losers; but you all will most certainly not be spectators.

Sorry Neil but you need to be put in your place here and permit others to share the burden. People are waiting for you to request help although you don’t ask. This is your shortcoming and, having spent millions of your own dollars, this is more than enough. Forget it, open your doors, and let a few in and let us get this over with. Everyone is waiting for a happy ending for all.

Mr. Keenan, I have been advised to come out and make such statements. It is time to end this waiting game! There exists no more time for delay. Everything is moving quickly now; every second, every minute, every hour – someone is losing a loved one because of the situation you are facing.

Time has become not only costly but precious. You have brought everyone thus far, and we pray you carry everyone with you till our new beginnings, and then, let YOUR New World begin to breathe.

Thank you, Mr. Keenan, for all you and your team do. You definitely are not bloggers, but doers. We are all so happy you found your quest, and it involves the saving, not only of all our lives, but the actual planet itself. And, more so we’re happy, because you found the best people along the road that now comprise Group K.

Thank you.

Asian Insider


  1. I too want to extend my gratitude to Neil Keenan and his group and to Drake Kent/et al for all they have done and continue to do. I have followed you both for a very long time and always knew in my heart and believed in what you were/are doing. We are all the Light but at this time you light shines brighter. We are waiting for a sign; if we can help.

  2. Neil, the Asian insider is right, you really should let them help you, shoulder the burden with others, lighten the load between others who feel as you do. Yes, once we have the means in hand to use extraction technologies available we will be able to produce any element on the Periodic Table, in great abundance, and the stockpiles of gold will be worth much less than they do now. What is really of importance is the living planet that supports us all, and getting people to the point where they are ready to roll up their sleeves to clean up the mess that uncaring, thoughtless, greedy people have made, the generations to follow us depend on what we do now. Advanced tech to end thirst, hunger, energy deficits, all available, we need to use them in every nation.

    • Yes, Greg. I agree with you. Healing technology to assist the millions of people who suffer needlessly. And energy devices to clean up the planet!

  3. It’s great to accept help but remember the Trojan Horse ? Make sure of this guy before accepting his help he might be a double agent.

  4. Sorry Neil ,I 100% feel and understand,what You are experiencing there !
    I had to leave my Project in Palawan on the former Headquarter of General
    Yamashita just to save my Life I lost 25 Years of my Quest for a better World !
    I was surounded by Criminals . All was left are the Informations : Who did what
    and how much is hidden where ? Anyway I wish You a good sense of Humor !
    Gods Bless and Gods Protection !
    Pls .continue ! You’r on the right Way !!!

  5. Thanks to the Asian Insider for updating us regarding this present urgency of the immediate need for additional, sufficient funding to overcome this last important hurdle facing Neil and Group K in opening the Collateral Accounts. Surely, there are individuals blessed with great wealth who will come forward now to assist Group K in completing their diligent and timely mission which will begin the Renaissance on Earth that so many humans are praying for. I sincerely believe there are financially blessed “angels” among us who will open their hearts and provide Group K with the resources so greatly needed at this vital time of great hope for the future of mankind. NOW is the time to come forward!

    This courageous humanitarian battle by Group K for the betterment of the world has been long and arduous as well as life-threating at times by those who are fighting with all their might to keep the “debt slave system” currently in place. There is no excuse, other than blatant greed, for the suffering of millions as well as the wonton destruction of our beautiful planet.

    May God bless us all!

  6. The Asian Insider provided confirmation that Neil’s last post assisted Malaysia (and the world). Bravo Neil! Thank you for your courage and caring. And please allow assistance from those who can help. You will know which ones to trust.

  7. How may I help you Niel Keenan ?

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