Cobra Interview with Cary Kirastar Ellis ~ 25 March 2016

Cobra Interview with Cary Kirastar Ellis ~ 25 March 2016

Interestingly enough, I just posted an interview Cary did with Maarten and Sybell about Plasma Health Pens! Thank you to Prepare For Change, where I first saw this.

If you are fairly familiar with Cobra’s information, you’ll find that this interview is a sort of review, one that’s very well done at that. Great questions and very helpful for those who are new to Cobra’s news.

Source: Naturally Better TV (Video & Transcript)

Join Host author Cary Kirastar Ellis with Cobra – voice for the Forces of Light, in this Planetary Liberation Update . Learn what you can do to assist in this compelling time of Planetary Change! For ease of listening, follow along on transcript below.

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The Ascension Conference Switzerland April 16-17, 2016

Prepare for Change

CARY: Hi there, this is Cary Ellis, author of “21st Century Superhuman, and this is our 21st Century Superhuman Show.
Today we have with us a great warrior for the Light, Cobra. And Cobra, welcome, we are so grateful to have you here today.
COBRA: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here, to be part of this interview.
CARY: Awesome. Cobra, you have a pulse on Global happenings. We know that you are closely associated with our Galactic neighbors, that you are a liaison for the Forces of Light. We’re excited to have you answer some questions today, and have you give us your point of view on how things are going in this great time of Planetary Change.
Our first screen here shows that you have 22 million views at your website; so you have a great following, and people around the world are hungry to know what’s happening in this time of change. Your website is called The Portal, the Intelligence Hub for the Victory of the Light.
Q. I have a lot of listeners who probably haven’t been around your material over the last few years. Can you tell us a little about who Cobra is, and where you come from?
COBRA: OK I have been chosen by the Resistance Movement to be their spokesperson on the surface of the planet, in this very special time in the Liberation of the Planet. Cobra is a code name that I have been given for this particular time period.
CARY: Nice. Very cool. Q. Can you tell us a little bit more about what the Resistance Movement is?
COBRA: The Resistance Movement are Forces of Light that are hidden below the surface of the Planet, and are preparing to assist us. And they are assisting us actually in this Liberation process. I would say they are one faction of the Agartha network, a part of Agartha.
CARY: You say they are connected with Agatha?
CARY: Nice, very nice. And so Agartha is one of the inner Earth civilizations? I know there are differences between those. Wonderful.
CARY: So what is the view from your multidimensional perspective in dealing with all the forces at play in this great Transition? How do you see this big play taking place?
COBRA: It is a very complex process, and usually things do not turn out as they were planned, because there are so many factors involved: so much freewill in different directions, so many things happening. Its a very complex situation. Slowly but surely we are progressing toward the completion of this situation. We are getting closer and closer to the final breakthrough.
Yes, I believe we are as well. It’s been a long time coming, too.
Yes, it’s true.
Q. What are some of the complexities that have existed in other dimensions that have needed to be resolved?
The main thing that needs to be resolved is the so called “Primary Anomaly.” The Primary Anomaly is, I would say, the original source of all darkness & suffering. Planet Earth is a focal point of this resolution. So we are now at the key place and key time in history with singularities to resolve this. And this is the main reason why this is taking so long and why it is so complex.

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