Thymus or High Heart Chakra ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 29 March 2016

Thymus or High Heart Chakra ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 29 March 2016

I’ll copy this in its entirety, and include my own experience at the end.

Source: Andrew Bartzis fb

The Thymus or High Heart Chakra deals specifically with communication with Angels, Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms of Light.

It is the seat of Compassion, Empathy, Joy, Peace, Serenity, Patience, Balanced emotions and Unconditional Love for those that are close to you as well as all of Humanity.
It is a vortex that pulls in the Christ and Kwan Yin energies, bringing great awareness to the emotional and spiritual planes.

It allows us to access the sacred records.
It is an activator of Higher Consciousness, yet it allows the Higher Mind to meet the Inner Child.
It is able to bring belief and spiritual wisdom down from the heavens while keeping us connected to the earth plane.

To be able to keep our Heart Chakra open, we must allow ourselves go a step beyond personal love and allow the High Heart Chakra to open.
It is a level of development that takes hard work and serious meditation and spiritual discipline before it can blossom into one‘s life.
It is not a single virtue, but the distillation and culmination of all virtues.
We have to move into the quality of Unconditional Love, a kind of Love that isn’t easily understood by the mind and goes far beyond any personal boundaries we have in place..

-GH Team

**My own experience:
A few weeks ago, I felt what seemed to be heart palpitations. I’ve had them before when I went through a Heart expansion phase, but I was a bit worried because I didn’t expect them to return. The palpitations came on and off over the next few days, and the more I was aware of them, the more uncomfortable I felt. I admit that I tried to ignore them and not pay too much attention. I felt that it wasn’t a health issue, and I asked my Divinity for some answers.

Soon after that, in a Doctor Who-moment, I eventually realised that it felt to me that I had TWO hearts! Obviously I knew I wasn’t a Time Lord (Lady?)….after all, that’s fiction, right…..?

So I did pay extra attention this time, and it was clear that the palpitation came from the centre of my chest, beneath the collar bone. It did feel that I had two hearts beating sometimes! It was also beginning to affect my throat, which sometimes felt like something was “growing” around it. I then got “Thymus / High Heart” ~ and the next day, I saw this article from the GH Team 🙂  Thank you, indeed!

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