Aero-“PLANES” Don’t Use GPS. Why?

Short and sweet describing how airlines have always used over the horizon radar and cannot track over parts of the oceans. Why? they all use ground based radar systems.  Hmmm. and if over 80% of all communcations is ground laid fiber optic cable….that means that GPS Systems are ...obsolete,moving too fast to coordinate with 60 mph moving vehicles on EArth or FAKE.

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 Proof Satellites Don’t Exist II

Note How all Undersea Cables only Travel East and West. Hmm. Deep undersea cables relaying 95% of world communications.  That leaves 5% for Cell Phone Towers!!! Additionally the report, written by David Sanger and Eric Schmidt, outlined the fact that these “vital undersea cables” actually carry “95 percent” of our daily Internet communications worldwide allowing …

Satellites Don’t Exist

~ Hat Tip to Modern Gnostic Satellites Don’t Exist Arthur C. Clarke The origins of satellites came from the…

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