Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot! (Part II)

Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot! (Part II)

Independent insider sources and measurable real-world data confirm the war for Full Disclosure has gone “red hot.”

New triangular fighter craft allegedly made by Boeing have created a decisive tipping-point in the wars now taking place over Antarctica and elsewhere.

We are now seeing the fulfillment of prophecies dating all the way back to the Bible and other ancient texts.

This is a very exciting time and we can “expect the unexpected” as we move forward into the future.

MASSIVE UPDATE, NEXT MORNING: Entire New Section Added! Do Not Miss it!





For those who are paying attention, it is becoming increasingly clear that “reality” is just another story we have been told.

We are so addicted to this complex body of concepts that we believe our version of “reality” to be the absolute, inerrant truth.

Nonetheless, in the post-Snowden era, we now know a secret as huge as mass NSA surveillance was occurring right under our noses, largely unseen.

Only a few lone voices in the wilderness were alerting us to the problem — and were often disrespected for their alleged “conspiracy theories.”

It is surprising how quickly most of us have settled back into the idea of things being “normal” after learning these outrageous violations are taking place.

We often feel these issues are far beyond our ability to influence as individuals. This is decidedly not the case.



Similarly, the UFO phenomenon has always been a mystery that we just can’t quite fit into a box easily.

How many are out there? Where did they come from? What do they look like? Are there good guys and bad guys? And why won’t they show themselves?

The intel I have gathered from insiders over the last 20 years reveals a vastly more complex story than most people could have possibly imagined.

Humans like us can evolve into beings who have a much different perception of time — such as where a thousand years of our time becomes like one year.

These people are still very much physical, flesh-and-blood beings — and do appear to be regularly operating all around us in our own airspace.

They can also bring us into their time continuum so that their perception becomes the new “normal” for us once we go there.



If you have seen my TV shows, conferences, videos and books, then you have a good grasp of how far-reaching and ancient these mysteries really are.

Powerful international alliances have formed and are aggressively pushing for a full disclosure of the truth.

This is a very real phenomenon. I did not realize how important our articles were to the Alliance effort until very recently — as we will discuss.

The Ascension Mysteries, arriving August 30th, is the most complete compendium of this high-level insider data that I have ever assembled.

For the first time, we have a full-disclosure overview of the hidden history of our solar system — going back over two billion years — in one single document.





Now let’s assume that “it” actually happens. Some kind of official statement is made, revealing we are not alone in the universe.

We are already getting deliciously close to that happening on a variety of fronts — including new insider intel we have come across.

However, even if we get a full disclosure of intelligent, technological civilizations being extremely common around us, we are still missing huge pieces of the puzzle.

We are still largely unaware of the spiritual reality that surrounds us and infuses our lives with purpose and meaning.



Very few can appreciate the complexity with which the ET / UFO phenomenon intersects with what we think of as spiritual reality.

Both “angels” and “demons” are very real, and are not just wispy ghosts existing in some never-never land, as common folklore may suggest.

The real story is far more interesting, and can bleed directly over into our reality — including us finding the technology and bodies of deceased “angels.”

These beings are working all around us. Certain air corridors have enough traffic that they would look like busy highways if you had the right equipment.

I am told the most recent military night-vision gear — so-called “fourth generation” — may allow you to see a little more of what is going on in our skies.



Since their technology is significantly more advanced than what we openly possess, the visitors are capable of remaining hidden. This is called “masking.”

This masking technology uses strategies where gravity is altered, allowing light waves to bend around an object — thus making it completely invisible.

If you were to actually collide with that object in the air, you would still crash into it.

Flight corridors for all commerical and private airliners are deliberately built not to intersect with giant floating cities and “highways” already in our skies.

We also know that the “report” from weapons that fire out of these exotic craft, and the explosions that then result, also cannot be masked.

Thus, strange atmospheric phenomena can be seen in the case of open warfare — and various craft can and do sustain direct impacts.

If such a flying craft was sufficiently damaged, it could then plunge to the earth, creating a wreckage site with high-tech debris and ET bodies.



Our “government” is very actively going around and cleaning up these messes, creating cover stories whenever this type of event occurs.

This so-called “government” is really a non-elected body of powerful elites who run the military-industrial complex and the Western financial system.

Though some people use terms like “Illuminati” or “New World Order” to describe this group, we typically refer to them here as the Cabal.

They have been fully engaging with these various ET civilizations since at least the 1930s — and have managed to keep the entire operation a secret.

Our intel reveals these shoot-downs are happening far more often now, and are creating huge “meteor” sightings. This is a very significant development.

Certain groups that had peacefully interacted for generations, if not thousands of years, are now openly warring with each other in our skies.

Though their ships can remain masked under normal conditions, their weapons fire cannot be hidden. They do become visible if they are shot down.

So many shoot-downs are now occurring that there is great concern that an advanced technology could come crashing down in a major metropolitan area.


Phoenix, June 2nd, 2016: Obviously an Asteroid (LOL)



Just over a month ago, on May 17th, 2016, a suspicious “meteor sighting” took place in the New England sky, centering around Maine.

It made a loud explosive noise as it flashed.

It was so bright and anomalous that the Portland, Maine Police Department referred to it as a possible “alien spaceship.”



5/17: Bright Fireball Streaks Through New England Sky

A huge flash lit up the sky across New England around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Hundreds of people across the region reported seeing the flash, which was likely a fireball – a bright meteor or object that enters Earth’s atmosphere.

The sight was captured on police dashcam video in Portland, Maine, and also spotted by NECN viewers from Killington, Vermont, to Haverhill, Massachusetts. Surveillance video at Burlington International Airport also caught the amazing sight on camera….

“Around that time I was just getting home from work, and I heard a loud boom here in Livermore Falls (Maine),” said Brian Pelletier. “I just chalked it up to somebody starting up a motorcycle or something. But I bet it was from that.”…

“The meteor (or alien spaceship) was caught on camera at approximately 0050 hours,” the Portland Police Department wrote on Facebook.

“Let’s hope the visitors are friendly. They could just be some of Stephen King’s friends on there way to visit him.”


The American Meteor Society website has a complete index of all reported meteor sightings around the world.

This event had a stunning 853 reported sightings, many reporting a loud noise, in VT, NH, NJ, Ontario, MA, ME, NY, RI, Québec, CT, PA, MN and New Brunswick.

The entire Northeast United States, and beyond, was lit up and physically shaken by this massive aerial spectacle.

As you just read, it was so strange that the Portland Police Department joked that it may be an “alien spaceship” and hoped “the visitors are friendly.”



Cover stories are already being lined up for a technological crash in an urban area in the event that it happens.

This will include possibly admitting that it is a classified aircraft.

These write-ups and video news clips have already been created in the event that they are needed, which could be any time now, given how the war is going.

The Cabal is extremely concerned about this happening and how they will manage it once it does.

This could actually be the tipping point that drives us directly into disclosure.




We again got dangerously close to disclosure with the very bizarre streaking phenomenon over Arizona that appeared in the early morning of June 2nd.

This was just over two weeks after the huge New England fireball had occurred.

The AMS had 412 different eyewitness reports of this object, even though it occurred around 4AM.

Many people again reported hearing a loud noise from the object, in addition to the characteristic nuclear-type explosion of blinding white light.

The visible sighting reports came in from seven very large states, including AZ, UT, NM, CA, TX, CO and NV.

The official sources tried to say this incredible, zig-zagging mess in the sky was caused by… wait for it… an “asteroid.”


6/2: Bright Fireball Explodes, Leaves Weird Trail in Sky Over Phoenix
A huge fireball exploded in loud booms, leaving a weird and mysterious trail in the sky of Phoenix, Arizona on June 2, 2016.
Did you hear this mysterious light in the sky? And did you feel the rattling noise this morning in Phoenix, Arizona?
6/2: Possible Meteor Streaks Over Arizona Sky

(CNN) — A fireball lit up the early-morning skies around Phoenix Thursday, leaving groggy residents wondering if it was a meteor, an explosion or something else.

A Phoenix Police Department spokesman told CNN that they got more than 60 calls about the possible meteor, which was seen at about 4 a.m. (7 a.m. ET).

“Many of the callers mistakenly believed they were being burglarized due to the accompanying soundcreated,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard said.

Phoenix resident John Burgmeier said he heard multiple booms as the fireball came out of the northeast.

“(It) literally made the entire sky bright,” he said. “It was like it was daytime.”

People who missed the show woke up to see the squiggly trails it left behind.

6/2: NASA Says Asteroid Entered Atmosphere Over Arizona

A huge streak of light brightened the sky early Thursday morning, prompting worry and curiosity from many Valley residents.

Watch the videos in the player above to see different views from ABC15 viewers around the Valley.

The first reports came in right around 4 a.m. from around the Valley and even in areas like Yuma, Flagstaff and Pine Top.

Several callers also reported feeling the ground shake.

After dawn, a strange trail of cloud-like patterns was left in the sky.



NASA estimates a small asteroid, approximately 10 feet in diameter with a mass in the tens of tons, entered the atmosphere above Arizona just before 4 a.m.

Reports place the object 57 miles above the Tonto National Forest, east of Payson. It was last seen 22 miles above the forest.

According to NASA, there were no reports of any damage or injuries, only light and sonic booms.

NASA believes there are meteorites scattered on the ground north of Tucson.

NASA is having difficulties obtaining data on the fireball because many cameras were saturated by the bright light.


Hey Look, It’s Harvey the Loop-Dee-Loo Asteroid. All He Needs is Love!


An “asteroid”. Zig-zagging around in space like Lee Harvey Oswald’s “Lone Gunman” bullet that killed Kennedy. Brighter than daylight.




This clearly looks more like the smoke trail billowing out of a distressed, frantic craft than the aftermath of an incoming asteroid.

If an asteroid breaks up in our atmosphere, it should fan out in a radial pattern from a common center, like a typical fireworks explosion.



Then the shattered pieces would all fall downward thanks to the effects of gravity.

What we see in this trail of squiggles appears to be a self-propelled object that is providing its own thrust as it flailed in the air before blowing up.

It’s the same sort of pattern we would see from a balloon that is zipping wildly around a room after being popped.

Then we see this massive blast of bright light — and the ground shook as the wreckage thundered to the earth.

Cabal-funded clean-up crews sweep into the crash site area wherever this occurs, and do their best to completely remove the evidence and cover it up.

The squiggling smoke trails this damaged craft left behind remained visible well after the sun had come up.



Back on May 29th, we released briefing information from the Alliance telling us to expect events just like this, four days before it actually happened.

Part One of this article series featured the graphic of exotic craft being shot down — just as you see at the top of this page.

In the opening paragraph of an article revealing the “War Has Gone Red Hot”, we said the following:


The art at the top of this article is a professional rendition of the aerial part of the battle that is happening now, based on high-level intel.

This is not at all a normal situation.

Due to “masking” technology this war is mostly invisible to us, but there are traces of the battle that we can measure.



Just four days after we published that image and the teaser paragraph about the war in the heavens, we had the Phoenix incident on June 2nd.

The Phoenix incident made it to the front page of Drudge Report, complete with a photo of the strange smoke trail it left behind.

I was very impressed to see the intel come true so soon after we leaked it — though I was distracted enough at the time that I did not photograph the headline.

This majorly publicized event helped to confirm the veracity and the urgency of the information we were given.



On June 6th, four days atfter Phoenix, another mysterious “fireball” sighting occurred over thirteen different American states, with very similar characteristics.

Once again, we had a bright flash, with 430 total eyewitness reports over a significantly widespread area in middle America.

The AMS received sighting reports in the states of IA, IL, MO, IN, KS, KY, AR, MI, TN, SD, OH, OK and NE.


6/7: Dozens Report Fireball Plunging Over St. Louis Area, Midwest

Dozens of people reported seeing what they thought was a meteor fall above the St. Louis area about 11:40 a.m. Monday.

Reports on social media surfaced about the sight, described by some as as a flash that fell from the sky and disappeared a couple hundred feet above the horizon.

Tom Stolze, who runs the website Ofallonweather.org posted a video of a bright light falling in the sky to the northwest of an outdoor camera in O’Fallon, Mo.

As of Monday night, the American Meteor Society received 77 reports of a fireball seen over Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky. Several of those reports were in the St. Louis area.

“It looked like one of the more expensive fireworks shooting down instead of up.

“I could have sworn it landed in the field I was driving by!” one report from Wendelin, Ill., in the eastern part of the state, said on the society site.

One person saw the flash above Berkeley: “I saw a streak of white light followed by a burst of yellow/ orange before the object disappeared,” he wrote….


The American Meteor Society says on its website that a fireball is another term for a very bright meteor.

“A bolide is a special type of fireball which explodes in a bright terminal flash at its end, often with visible fragmentation….

“Additionally, the brighter the fireball, the more rare is the event.”



It is certainly interesting to have three of these highly rare “bolide” events in one month.

This occurred right while our intel said we should be expecting such sightings, because there is an unprecedented shooting war going on.

As we have said before, paid skeptics and perma-trolls overlook any and all compelling data of this type and just accuse us of having “no evidence.”



Enjoy their hatred a little bit longer while you still can. Savor the flavor. It will soon become extinct.

If our intel is right, the cover-up is going to come crashing down. Literally.

We are one “meteor” away from an event that could completely change the world forever.

This is only one of a variety of ways in which the teetering, groaning edifice of the Cabal is about to come thundering down to Earth.



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Comments (77)   

+8#77 Murray 2016-06-20 01:56

David and Corey,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing. The knowledge and experiences you are releasing are doing much to re-craft ‘reality’ and to prepare us all for such a big shift in our known world.

You are both in our hearts and prayers.


+6#76 April 2016-06-20 01:54

Thank you David, Corey and all Love.

Anyone else experiencing difficulty sleeping the past few days? Luckily it kept me awake for when David posted/tweeted about this new article.

Hot flashes, lack of sleep and stomach problems lately. Not usual for me.

I love you all.


+1#75 David John Finch 2016-06-20 01:52

NASA have just pumped out this cover story regarding Earth having a ‘mini moon’…



+3#74 Ma Pantha 2016-06-20 01:43

Thanks, David, for the hurried, but detailed update. Validation on an individual level will come when people do their inner work.

For the people making comments bemoaning that nothing seems to be happening, either they’re not paying attention to energetic changes, such as cloud formations, synchronicities in their personal lives, or their dream state.

There is just so much, sometimes multiple times a day, and especially when doing dream recall, at least one or two “scenes” stick with you. Therefore, I read everything you say with an open mind, and know that you write it as you have experienced it. It’s all enlightening! Much love and take care.


+1#73 Cassie Z 2016-06-20 01:27

I’m not new to any of this. I’ve seen Cosmic Disclosure from the beginning and I have seen one of the spheres. It was on the drive from the home we were leaving in Virginia in 2010 to move back to Washington.

My son and I were driving through the Midwest, along the great lakes, when the little highway we were on, having no light along it, suddenly took a detour we didn’t see coming. We happened to come to a break in the trees that surrounded us on both sides of the road and had a chance to see the nearly full moon that night.

I noticed what looked like an irregularity along the right side of the moon. It was barely perceptible but I could see a dark border just beyond that side arc of the moon.

I suddenly felt that it was an extraordinarily large craft of some kind. I pointed it out to my son. We were both quite in awe. I had known for some years prior that there was a gathering of these and smaller crafts in our solar system. For lack of room I can’t say how I knew this.


-2#72 甘蒙蒙 2016-06-20 01:13

我回忆起了前世记忆,我在201 6年1月觉醒,起因是查找疫苗。 我惊讶地发现,我前世父母是创建 地球和这个宇宙的团队之一,我亲 眼见过凤凰。中国古神话有更多地 球的秘密,一切为了整合所有的宇 宙。


+1#71 Mary frush 2016-06-20 00:47

You talk of the military-indust rial complex, or MIC. as if they are good and yet all that I have read suggests otherwise. Are they not responsible for chemtrails. Could you David and Corey have been mind controlled to make people trust them?


+1#70 nantush 2016-06-19 23:25

:-) Thank you so much David for the updates,( I was also waiting to know more up to date info ;-) ) So thanks for all the time and energy you are putting on this. This info is so I’m portent in this moments. I am working with a friend in having this kind of info available in Spanish! we need to spread this. I acknowledge you for your courage and passion.

keep updating us!



0#69 Jason J Duke 2016-06-19 23:15

Ya, whew, man, someone is on the verge of putting it all together.

Who knew David has the power to be part of such a heroic journey?

Collective conscious is being hammered by deadly Draco vibs. Literally? Far out brah!?!

How complicated it seems when everything is made by the highest gods, and all we have to do is freely and actively choose by our will.

But still the simplest answers elude us in the complex world of manipulation. How we could be taking simple easy steps.

Like speaking our truth and that of our closest trusted friends. Love.

Like doing meditative exercises with clearing sounds to blast open the surrounding source field. Bowl banging brigade.

Like eating table salt in copious quantities and taking vit c crystals to Linus Pauling saturation. Both are light giving crystals needed to absorb solar flux impact.

Sometimes, actually, all times the answer is right there where it always is.


+1#68 Carolyn Blake 2016-06-19 23:11

Thank you David, and thank you for your gracious humility in accepting the “reprimands,” so easy task. And all my love to Corey for what he has endured.


+4#67 Shelley 2016-06-19 23:03

Thank you for this wonderful update.

I vote “yes” to take down the Draco grid. People will adapt quickly it is what we do as a species so well. Waiting serves no purpose, there is never a perfect time for everyone.


+2#66 Amber Green 2016-06-19 22:40

Thank you for your efforts, courage, and contribution. As one of billions born into the matrix, I do not fully understand my role, but notice with each drip of information, our sovereignty always seems to be just out of reach; the solutions are known, but not-quite-acces sible; ascension is always “next year”.

I passionately hypothesize higher evolved beings observe as millions upon billions confront unprovoked abuse, violence, displacement, and testing thru bouts of inherited amnesia. I do not believe our species would collectively choose pain and suffering as the sole tools of spiritual learning (and ergo ascension).


One gram of DNA can potentially hold up to 455 exabytes of data. Flip the switch already. THE TIME IS NOW.


+3#65 Amber Green 2016-06-19 22:15

I admire your work and honor your wisdom and courage. I speak as one of billions born into this matrix. I do not pretend to fully understand my role, but notice with each “drip” of information provided, our sovereignty is always ‘a step away’.

Our ascension is always “next year”. And an end to the ‘anti-creation game’ annihilating this realm, always just out of reach. I say to all beings, the time is not next year, or next, or the next…



But we cannot do so without data and resources. There are beings that are aware of our vulnerability due to our inherited amnesia. They have watched and listened as billions of humans, animals, and the magical realms cried out into the abyss.

Flash the light. Turn the switch. It’s go time.


+1#64 VaShon 2016-06-19 22:04

Wow! Just WOW! Thank you sooooo much for the incredible update. I cannot express enough how sincerely grateful I am – and we ALL should be – to you and Corey. I’m so very sorry you two, especially Corey, go through what you go through. I really and truly wish there were physically something I could do to help. Love and light to you both


-1#63 Garza 2016-06-19 21:40

Thank you!!

When I was a kid, I had this very vivid dream of a old me getting up of work desk in front of a computer and then driving after work when a sudden flash of light occurred, I had the same dream three times. The feeling of that dream was that in that moment it was my end, my death.



+2#62 Candi Steudtel 2016-06-19 21:21

Thanks so much for everything you have accomplished.. I have been so encouraged by your work and by Corey also. I feel like we are on a rocket to heaven.(RM) And you guys are the fuel. Don’t stop!


0#61 J.L.W 2016-06-19 21:11

So I blogged up my kind of response to this, it is probably more of a darker one than I am used to writing but I was inspired by thing that I suppose are quite dark in this blog.

It is how I think the cabals lack of resources stretches them thin here with the rest of us: On David Wilcocks post (June 19th): 33phoenix.blogspot.co.uk/…/. ..


0#60 D 2016-06-19 20:39

“Enjoy their hatred a little bit longer while you still can. Savor the flavor. It will soon become extinct.” – touche


+1#59 Aaron 2016-06-19 20:27

Don’t know what to say, just stay strong David & Corey, we’re with you. I know that I play guitar and masturbate a lot. Maybe they were mistakenly thinking of me?


0#58 Felicity 2016-06-19 20:11

David, regarding information about the solar flash, the world renowned humanitarian female saint Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi (Amma), the Hugging Saint says there will be a solar flash in 2020. It will bring down all satelite communications. She is advising people to move into off the grid communites. It is supposed to not last forever but long enough to change everything.

We support you and Corey and are truly grateful for all your work.


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