Early Thursday Afternoon Dinarland Chatter 7-14-15 GCR RV


kaseyko1 : Just heard from a source that a member of a “prosperity package group” was just put on notice for a high alert for exchange within 24-48 hrs. Hope this truly happens.
Things have sure been lining up for the RV to happen this week.!

This info is lining up with what my attorney & I discussed earlier.

kaseyko1: Has anyone heard anything about exchanges happening at casinos? A source of mine said they had heard that about a month ago. And the city that I was told some exchanges would happen at in my earlier post, El Reno, it has a big casino in the city, I find it interesting.

Artneto : Kasey I have not heard about exchanges at a casinos, but it makes sense . They have the space – banquet rooms, they have the security, and if people walk out screaming, hi-fiving, and buying drinks for everyone would not seem out of place!!

TNT cont……

Pearle: The reforms are done…Iraq got their loan

Artneto:  Pearle I think this is REALLY our weekend!!

Mommybood:  I hope this happy momentum we are experiencing is going to go into Warp Speed today! Yessir!    It should. Haven’t we passed the most monumental obstacle now? the loan? “Now do the reforms!!? i.e RV. Wish they would say RV and not ‘reforms’

Natok:    if they were needing 3 day weekend-guess what- they declared Thurs a holiday (today), so Thurs, Fri, Sat is their holiday, just waiting patiently!!


Tishwash:  straight from the IMF  : IMF Direct Site Iraq Iraq Gets $5.34 Billion IMF Loan to Support Economic Stability   LINK

Willoninny:  What is the implication of that article?

Tishwash:  It’s already done….. jk just further confirmation Iraq has gotten the loan apparently the full loan of 5.3 billion so they must have completed all the conditions to qualify but this is right from the IMF not just a news article

Trjo1591:  Just curious,how do we know and where can we validate that Iraq had to increase the value of the Dinar to get these loans.

KajunRedBull:  Trjo1591….during the last week or so IMF told Iraq they would get their money ‘After’ the reforms were complete. The fact that the loan was given tells us that Iraq has met all conditions to receive the money.. just saying

AtLast51:  I’m excited because the article confirms Rays tweet last night that Iraq got the money from IMF and the only way they could get it was to implement the “economic reforms”… excited but grounded

Bish:  Think about it they got a loan…. there is something (rv) they got the loan against

SammyB:  I was listening to Fox Business and they were discussing neg interest international bonds… referencing the highs in the stock market…. wondering just how long this charade can continue,a nd then of course they have those pumping and pumping the stock market…. this is unsustainable

I believe in certain departments of WF they are intently watching for a currency change…… best way I can phrase it



MDS1965:  DAY OF RAGE INFO – CAUTION – GRAPHIC AND DISTRUBING:https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/07/daisy-luther/day-rage-scheduled-july-15th/



Beams:  ummm.. >>382. At one point it was reported that GCR currencies on the Forex would be changed after markets closed on July 15 2016, with the general public expected to be allowed into global brick and mortar banks to exchange at on-screen international rates on Monday July 18 2016. A source from IMF Australia claimed the Global Currency Reset would be let go on July 19 2016. >>FROM


Beams:  Monday/Tuesday is what I believe.. with some of us told to get ready before 🙂 😛

BeagleEyes:  Beams: IF the bottom falls out of the market , as expected, they will need us in the banks before Tuesday, IMO

Beams:  hmmmm.. I’ve been advised that they won’t allow a huge market crash. not part of The Plan…. I think that the “getting it right” part is why we’ve had to wait this long. One time to “get it right”… so I’m all good with it all now.


Eli:  I’ve always been under the impression that when the CBI changed it’s rate… it would be known automatically everywhere at the same time.  Not 2 weeks later.

So Im a little confused by peoples analogy of this. Abadi isn’t gonna tell the people “ok folks we’re gonna increase the rate but we’re not going to tell the world just yet ok”.  I don’t think thats how it works.

It makes more sense that they change the rate , tell their people and then celebrate their good news.   Am I wrong?

Jay:  Thats what I always thought too Eli.


Toyvp:  Moody’s: Iraq’s agreement with the International Monetary positive and reduce its budget problems

2016/7/14 13:11 •

Moody’s credit rating agency said on Thursday unconditional worth $ 5.34 billion loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund will reduce the financial difficulties and balance of payments problems faced by Iraq.

The agency said in a statement that “a positive agreement of the credit because it will improve liquidity at a time of rising financial risks and those related to the balance of payments.”

He added that “the agreement has been ratified by the International Monetary Fund last week has allowed Iraq to obtain additional international aid worth $ 15 billion over the next three years to support the economy, which has been affected by the fall in oil prices since mid-2014 in addition to the charge of the battle waged by the country against Daash “.


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