hollywood actors : Hilary Clinton is Pauline “Robin” Bush


hillary rodham clinton=pauline robinson “robin” bush; her brother=george w bush=james brolin; their cousin=caroline kennedy=michele bachman=laura ingraham;her uncle=joe kennedy jr=george h.w. bush;his cousin==ross perot=gen. ramsey clark,and may=former congressman rob simmons?;g.w. bush’s wife=barbara bush=dorthea “doris” singleton; played role in gifford shooting hoax. kennedy brother, edward ted kennedy= brian dennehy; his brother=john f. kennedy=jimmy carter; their wives=jackie kennedy=roseland carter=marilyn monroe. joe jr, john, robert,and ted kennedy’s sister=rosemary kennedy=margaret thatcher. their father=joseph p kennedy sr=prescott bush=quetin roosevelt; their wives=rose fitzgerald kennedy=dorothy walker bush=lillian carter; may=ethel roosevelt and eva braun ? wikipedia states that the women in the picture standing next to kermit roosevelt, is his wife belle wyatt willard roosevelt. were belle and ethel the same person ? did kermit (hitler/disney) marry his sister ?…end of part 1.



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