Flat Earth Unsolved Mysteries


Dear All FE Researchers, Investigators and Truthers,

Though some will say they know for sure that the Earth is Flat some of us still have some questions to answer.

I’ve been at it for almost two years solid and here are questions I, and other FE researchers still haven’t found plausible, rational, reasonable answers to. 

All positive comments towards answers, as well as questions of your own, are appreciated.  FE’er’s should not be afraid to question and rethink, as well as admit that there are some things they just don’t have answers to.

If we had the research budget of NASA, just think what we could learn for sure!


1) If you can bring a ship back from the horizon with a telescope to prove FE, why can’t we bring back the sun at sunset with a telescope of long zoomed lens?

2) If proving that the Sun and…

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