What is the Difference between the CHINA-LED AIIB and the New Development Bank Led BRICS BLOC?

Dear brothers and Sisters, how are all of you today?
Yesterday i had a long conversation with a brother about several projects we are
about to start which has to do with the my FUNDS and the Prosperity Funds which
we all are going to get.
These funds will be deposited on your 800 Account No’s, where the Payments or
Deposit will be performed on these TRUST Insured accounts, which are managed
the AIIB Bank.
Ok we have also heard about the BRICS groups which are not a BANK.
And on 1 Oktober 2016 they are going to go Life with their new Gold back
Systems and control using SDR, and other new Financial Agreements within
the BRICS groups controlled by the Chinese Government.
So it is good to again go threw some of the Material which we already have
gone threw, again these are my investigation, which i ave gatered, and analized.
So if you have any other information or point of view feel free to call me on
Skype or to Email me.
I am going to CREATE FLOWCHARTS so we can understand the STRUCTURE and
what is going on with the BRICS new NWO implementation.
Have a blessed day.
Skype : Ronald.Wederfoort

Ronald Wederfoort

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