SWISSINDO: October 16 at 11 Am (Hour of Indonesia) the history of the world and humanity will change radically!

On October 16 the history of the world and humanity will change radically!
What you see or not the signals from the next October 16 at 11 am (hour of Indonesia) will 
be officially made the declaration, the proclamation, the official launch of the payment order 1 -11
Who is to liberate all humanity of financial yoke.

This day is blessed!
Mark your calendars!

Be in harmony with the rest of humanity to send thoughts of love to all stakeholders involved.

On October 16, Mr M1, the human having the greatest powers on everything that affects our life, 
proclaims the launch of payments 1-11.

It all begins in Indonesia then, quickly, will be accessible for all the rest of the planet.
The humanitarian obligation will begin.

What is it that the humanitarian obligation?
All students with a legal identity and aged 17 years and more, will receive a monthly income equivalent to $ 600 us, all adults will receive a monthly income for life of a value equivalent to $ 1200 us.
These are to be drawn from a special fund for every human being on the planet from a value of $ 6 million us so that each one of us can live the life of our dreams. This amazing gift is offered to all and to each other without any obligation on our part than to live finally happy, in love and harmony.

In addition, the payment order 1-11 we also offers a magnificent gift! We will all be released from our personal debts up to an amount of approximately $ 150,000 us (the amount varies depending on the exchange rate), the corporations also see their debts completely released just like all governments around the world!

In addition to the foregoing, enormous amounts of money will be paid to all governments in order to improve health systems and education, infrastructure, environment and all that will help to improve the conditions of life on earth (not only for the Humans! )

There is still much more to come.

Believe in the Venus project which will offer a roof to all human beings no matter where they live now.

No more wars, no more abuse, workers finished inequality between the sexes, finished the wars of religion, over the poisoning by Chemtrails, Gmos, vaccines, the medicines chemically created to make us sicker than we are. 
Currently. Over all this mess!

In addition, in order to put an end to the financial inequality between countries, a new currency will soon enter into force (it is estimated that it will be in our hands for 2018) and will bear the name of estwo. 
Each country having accepted the payment order 1-11 will be the right to print the estwo according to the charts of their choice and each ticket will be shouldered its equivalent in gold. 
Finished Monopoly money that is printed by the profiteers and that make us loans to usurious rates on simple pieces of paper that don’t even have their equivalent value in gold or other metals préciaux.

Swissindo offer accept all tickets estwo printed by all countries by their equivalent in gold and precious metals.

Finished the exchange rates which fluctuate to the advantage of the wealthiest. All countries have a currency of same value.

Finished underprivileged countries! 
Finished poverty on the planet!

Of course, everything will not happen in one day… things change slowly in the respect of everyone because m1 Don’t want violence. We must help our elected officials to open their hearts to accept these changes.

This is why several petitions are already online in order to encourage them to find out about swissindo and all these gifts that have been carefully accumulated during more than 5,000 years! Since The King Solomon, of the millers of volunteers have given their lives to protect this wealth in order to liberate humanity from a yoke mortal.

Stop thinking that it’s not that brags or a scam.

The Supreme Court of Indonesia has confirmed the veracity and total legality of swissindo as well as the source of the money promised.

An inventory of wealth has been done and co-Signed by the greatest of this world who have recognized the existence and the real value of all the fortune managed by m1 and his team who work in the secret for so many years.

Be at the rendezvous on October 16, of heart and mind, to feel this huge wave of love that will surround the planet and free us of all those who have so poisoned our lives!

I invite all readers of this message to share it to as many as possible so that this beautiful unique event in the history of humanity, or lived consciously by the largest number!

I would also invite all those who can, to meditate during the period of the announcement or just before to send vibrations of love and peace on Indonesia.

Several dignitaries, the media, the most influential people of the planets are invited to participate. How much will have the courage to present? 
We will see the next October 16!

It is now time to allow you to finally believe the impossible does not exist!!!!!

Swissindo is real, true, legal and universal!

Merdeka! (means freedom)
Skype : Ronald.Wederfoort

Ronald Wederfoort

10 thoughts on “SWISSINDO: October 16 at 11 Am (Hour of Indonesia) the history of the world and humanity will change radically!

  1. To good to believe, what M. Gandhi said “the impossible is possible”. One thing…..will the Papua and the Orang Utan also get the benefits, while still alive? LOVE


  2. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to make this possible finally equality for our world in chaos but no more so so happy to hear the news so greatful to everybody involved in this great project for humanity !!!!💝🎁🌠😂


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