Sara Isabelle Marie: Death of the Ego Self, Rebirth of the Soul

Worlds of Comfort


Humanity is in a cocoon stage, where we are continously shedding layer upon layer of our old self; the lower density of fear, programming and any memory of pain, suffering, devastation, abuse, shock and trauma that is still lingering on, from any lifetime, that we have lived. Journeying into the depth of the subconscious mind, reuniting with our inner child, and becoming aware of why a certain wound is present, is a path for a master in human disguise. We are carrying the pattern of our earthly family and ancestry, matriarchal and patriarchal lineage, the shadow and the light. Before incarnating, we all chose which genetic family that we wanted to have a certain experience with, to embody the dysfunctional pattern, and to then heal it with our ascending consciousness.

To discover our divine path, we may not need to look any further than our childhood, the wound that our mother and father is carrying, and the lineage that is represented. The human race has forgotten their true parent, and during this cycle, we are needing to become the parent to our inner child, to let our inner child know that we are sorry for all of it has endured and lived through. The pain, suffering, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, abuse and trauma, when they are transformed, will reveal the reason as to why they have been present. It is the deepest part of our wound, where it is hurting the most, that carry the source of our empowerment, compassion and strength. We are not journeying through the dark to become lost, but we are walking the pathway of liberation, with the light of our willingness. Our inner child is carrying both a shadow and a light.

The shadow is the first experience of separation from our true parent, from the source of creation, needing to incarnate into the lower realm of the third dimension, as we did so, without communication or any kind of protection from our star family and lineage. The light is the part of our consciousness that is being resurrected, in every moment, when we allow our self to feel it all – the entire sea of emotion. This is not a path of needing to earn our wing, but it is letting go of all the dead weight, that is holding our consciousness from emerging into our full potential.

When we are undergoing a cycle of rebirth, there will always be a sensation of pain, as we are remembering how to fly. 

As we begin to awaken, and are going beyond the “love and light” syndrome of ascension and spirituality, we will, through our personal journey, witness the programming and grand spell that humanity has been recycled in, and deceived by. And to always remember, the bravery that it took, for a single soul to incarnate into the dark, and to hold space for it’s rebirth into the light, as this is all occurring within our subconscious mind and inner child…Read More at

© Sara Isabelle Marie

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