VALIANT : Knock Knock … The Watchers … The Ancient Cataclysm …





Thank you…Thank you for this gift…
The Gift of the Mother…
“Great Lion Man…One day…I promise
For what you…your student has given Me…
I too will give you a gift…

Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Ancient Cataclysm…
Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 17-Nov-2016 13:50:09

*SONG* “After All the Love Is Gone” by Alias



Long Ago…It was a dark age.
Deny what we were told to see, hear and feel
The Lost Days…
The dazzling cities masterly crafted
Of diamonds and gold…marbled and gemstone
Monoliths…The city streets moved with machines
And the lost sciences of the Ancients
Granted the First People of Earth conveniences
Unlike we know now. It was more.
Everything was more…
They were perfect by comparison, they were wise…
Not slow and dumb meandering and
Grunting about like animals.
The Ancients were beyond us,
And they…

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