General Post Office – Welcome to The United States of America!

General Post Office

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Welcome to The United States of America!

Welcome to the new National Government formed as the Government of The United States of America.

Notice to all Nations, States and Countries in and of the World

Re-introducing the renewed, revamped, restored and re-populated original Confederacy styled: “The United States of America”. Now formally declared a National Government formed as the Government of The United States of America.

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History and Reclaim

The General Post Office was formed in 1775-1776 which formed the original Confederacy of 1781. The General Post Office has been reclaimed and reformed in 2010. It reformed the original Confederacy of 1781 into a republic form of Government for American Nationals. File:20150805-The-Articles-of-Confederation-as-amended-8-5-15.pdf

The General Post Office is a Government Agency of the Government of The United States of America and is a proud member of the International Trademark AssociationLINKwhich is an Non-Government Organization of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Media:INTAMembershipCertificate.pdf

The General Post Office Government Agency is bound to uphold a republic form of Government as defined:LINK

The General Post Office will do its best to serve American Nationals and State residents while upholding its republic form of Government.


International mailing Address

International Mailing Address: The United States of America:NAC:70PHZ P5FJ2 The Government of The United States of America, Rural Free Delivery Route 1, General Post Office #1 NAC:850H2 MR7C8

General Post Office Notice:

All existing entities that have Box numbers within the General Post Office are authorized to use the short version of the address as follows:

Entity Name RR1 Box # The United States of America Global Postal Code: NAC:850H2MR7C8

The Box # can also go here: Global Postal Code: NAC:850H2MR7C8-0001 Just add four digits at the end of the NAC code as seen above. Therefore the address will look like this:

Entity Name RR1 The United States of America Global Postal Code: NAC:850H2MR7C8-0001


A Proud Member of the International NAC Society


Currency Code Request and Proof of Membership of the NAC Society


General Post Office Easement Agreement

File:Easement agreement general post office center hill florida receipt.pdf

File:Publication postoffice easement agreement , center hill florida.pdf

Declaration and Last Will and Testament


Separate line of succession

File:Benjamin Franklin Ledger.pdf

General Post Masters

John Harold Fulks

File:20111114-GPM-AFN-Fulks-John Harold-Amended 3-16-2015.pdf

Moses Brian Moss

File:20120402-GPM-AFN-Moss-MB-AFMTN ONLY.pdf

Cheryl Ann Wiker

File:20121220-GPM-AFN-Wiker-Cheryl Ann.pdf

Kirk Edwin Jensen


Randy Charles Hoppes


Alice Ceniceros


Juan Antonio Ceniceros


Chris Milowski


Mark Moffett


Thomas Goudey


Kevin Lakes


Troy Lynn Hill


Robert MacPherson

File:20141125-GPM-AFN-ACC-Macpherson Jr-RT.pdf

Derek Davidson

File:20150121-GPM-AFN-ACC-Davidson-Derek William.pdf

Stuart Ronaldson


William Ralph Davidson


Trisha Gray Peel

File:20150813-GPM-AFF-Peel-TG .pdf

Deborah Kathleen Davidson


Felicia Ann Meyer


Marcus Lamont Yarborough Jr.

File:20150818-GPM-AFF-Yarborough Jr-ML.pdf

Cory Palmerton


Susan Hanzlik


George Joseph Louis III

File:20150820-GPM-AFF-Louis III-GJ .pdf

Carolyn Irene Rinkenberger


Gail Foster

File:20150827-GPM-AFF-Foster, WG.pdf

Raul Ramirez Fierro


Marshall Revellyn Rinkenberger


Troy Talmadge Howard


Juan Manuel Rueda

File:20151215-GPM-AFF-Rueda JM.pdf

Bradley Joseph Hughes, Sr.

File:20160607-GPM-AFF-Hughes Sr-BJ .pdf

Kirk Douglas Gibbs


Keith Edward Livingway

File:20120402-GPM-AFN-AS AMENDED-Livingway-KE.pdf

File:20120402-GPM-AFN-AS AMENDED-Livingway-KE 1.pdf

Post Master General Credentials and Chain of Title


Transfer Order from Ministry of Governance

File:20160420-RHS-ORDER TRANSFER GPEX -.pdf

Obligations of General Post Exchange Acceptance and Acknowledged by the General Post Office Government Agency on April 20th 2016

General Post Office Articles as amended on the 18th day of February, 2013 as amended on April 6th, 2016

General Post Articles as amended April 6th, 2016


Offer of Peace and Reconciliation to the King of the Netherlands

File:Offer of Peace and Reconciliation to the King of the Netherlands.pdf

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