Plasma Vortex of Pure Energy at our fingertips

Published on Mar 5, 2013


In this video I model the power of magnetism thats necessary to influence the formation of solar systems. I learned this by watching a series of videos titled, “The Primer Fields” ..where they work developing some really cool advanced quantum physics technologies in their research laboratory. Its fascinating stuff that leaves a lot of opportunity for personal growth thru discovery, observation and reflection. I can’t take credit for the bases of the Primer Fields discovery but dispite the patents, I’m able to take something away of equal value for myself. I”m able to imagine or otherwise utilized the significance of their discovery as I see fit. Just like in our everyday lives, we are in control of what and how we preceive things that come into our view. Myth Busters, Adam Savage always says, “I refuse your reality and I replace it with my own”. We must all remember that creating our own reality a power we all have. Primer Fields part 1,… Primer Fields part 2,… Primer Fields part 3,…

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