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Published on Dec 1, 2016

The Bible clearly indicates that the creation of God in six days was once extraordinarily wonderful and good. With the subsequent entrance of sin the whole creation became polluted and afflicted. Thus all creation, including ourselves, fell, altered, and afflicted, and lamented for restoration.

We thus arrive at the indication that Cain and his adamic progeny “according to the flesh” instituted a cult opposed to that of his brother Abel. All the indications allow us to recognize that Cain inaugurated the cult of worship of the Sun, that is to say the cult of the intelligence which is also called “the Cult of the Self” or “the Cult of the enchantment of Self” , The Hebrew word “Nachash” which means “enchantment” and “reasoning”, which was translated as “serpent”. This term is related in the Apocalypse to “Dragon”, one who admires attentively, the Enlightened or the Initiate, a Sovereign. This identifies Cain as the first Supreme Pontiff, that is, “the first Antichrist.” It is significant that we find in the Hindus a practice of this cult which is called “Kundalini” or “the ascent of the serpent of fire towards the inner sun of the soul”. This relationship tells us why ancient civilizations were imbued with magical practices of all kinds.

That Cain was the origin of adversity against God is confirmed by the great biblical exegete Matthew Henry (Matthew Henry’s Commentary, vol. 1, pp. 36, 37): “Eve would have been satisfied that her son Cain was the fulfillment Of the promise, the Messiah promised. This is indicated in his words: I have acquired a man from the LORD (Gen. 4: 1), which can be translated according to the original: “I had a man , The Lord Himself, the God-man. “Believing she had obtained the fulfillment of the promise in her first son, she named him Cain, which means to possess, to belong, to procure, to seize. Was so enthusiastic and filled with false joy that she considered another son “useless,” so her second son was named Abel, a name that means: useless, vain, insignificant, and bearing the notion of ABBA or God After a time Cain and Abel brought Adam, the first priest of the human race, each offering to the Lord, for Adam was the High Priest of the whole world in those days, just as Melchizedek was After the Flood.

Since the destruction of the world by the Deluge, the spirit of Cain “which is reserved under the darkness in eternal bonds, until the judgment of the great day” (Jude 6); Is the spirit of a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) the work of the Lord Yeshua, that is, to thwart his steps (Gen. 3:15). Cain is therefore the official incarnation of Satan in the flesh, the prince of the children of rebellion in the posterity of the serpent. Like the personification of the spirit of evil (1 John 3:12), the spirit of the subtle reasoning of independence that resided in his parents; Cain became the authentic Devil, the enemy of God. Cain is therefore the result of the fall of the spirit of man in the flesh; And not the result of the fall of a mythical angel named Lucifer.
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