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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Those who have been emailing about the PROSPERITY FUNDS and the DINAR RECAP and other Social media. I DO MY BEST TO SHOW THE TRUTH and facts.

WE ARE TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH, and also for all of us to get our PROSPERITY 


MANY OF US are waiting for so long, and many of you have believed in their stories.

I was also one of them believing in their stories. I have leaned my lesson to do 

everything my self, and to help my self first.

I have lost valuable time and waiting instead of investigating my self it every

thing which they are saying is true. The DEEPER i WENT the DEEPER the

RABBIT hole. I must admit it was my own fault, no one to blame, nor

even them who were throwing the Dis information.

But I know NOW what is going on with the PROSPERITY FUNDS, now the next

thing is to email the CHINESE AIIB BANK or the BRICS Bank to get

real information of what is going to happen. And if they could release the

Funds for those who already have their 800 numbers.

There are so many good people and Light Workers who are depending on the

FUNDS, so this would help them a lot.

So my brothers and sisters, just keep sharing the GOOD POSITIVE INTEL

with each other when we all receive out funds those who are in supplying

the dis information for the Bankers Cabal will go away, and also go look

for their 800 Account numbers them self. We will see them also happy.

because receiving also their prosperity funds. Even Obama and Donald

Trump will receive their prosperity funds which was promise to them by the


So have a nice week, and be happy soon we all will be FREE.



Ronald Wederfoort

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