INTEL – AIIB 800 Prosperity Trust Account for Humanity receiving the prosperity Energy in your Accounts (SKYPE RONALD.WEDERFOORT)


Dear brothers and sister, I came back from my swimming at the beach, it was a very good experience.

I got so many inspiration of what needs to be done on the Prosperity Funds for Humanity, which will

happen for SURE , there is nothing which can stop this.

The ENERGIES which is a part of the Prosperity manifestation will manifest and will be given

in a controlled manner to Humanity which I understand NOW.

I was told to that the CABAL understand also they need to CHANGE, and will change also

because they always knew that it will come back in restore Balance and they used to in

a Negative way, so there are consequences they know they have to go threw because

of their actions.

Many of them will CHANGE and help with the release of the humanitarian Prosperity

Funds which always were here. So it will happen.

I will be providing more info for all of you, THE TRUTH, and again if you believe in the

Prosperity funds it will come faster to you, and if you use it in a positive way it will

come back and multiply it self.

I have added also my Skype Link, if you like to ask any question my brothers

and sisters:  SKYPE    Ronald.wederfoort



Have a blessed day.

Your Brothers

Ronald Wederfoort

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