Germany, Latest Victim of Phony Gold Bar Scam

Germany, Latest Victim of Phony Gold Bar Scam

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Published on Oct 4, 2013

You have to hold your wealth in some form, but when the government, itself is corrupt, there is no more safety in any form of money
Gold was always favored, but now it’s possible to fill the centers with tungsten, which sells for about $1 per ounce and replace gold which is $1,300 per ounce
This is attractive to thieves who want to cheat others out of their money and so those who control our currency and gold have done exactly that! Nobody else could have done it and it’s easily proven, because the same dirty bastards have all the records of the gold sales
It would be nice if this is what does them in!
This video is about fraud in the minting of gold, by our own Federal Reserve, which, by the way is not part of government
Theses thieves have their own business operation
The crime boss changes in January of 2014, but those crooks behind the scenes will not change
They might get bolder, though!

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