5D: GAIA TRANSITION to 5D effects and also Cleansing of Humanity from NEGATIVE Spirts on our FEMALE Sisters especially

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Dear brothers and Sisters,  how are all of you today,
I wanted to share this what i have been observing which is already ongong
with Gaia or our mother earth which is FEMALE ENERGY. She is going threw
the some
Gaia is finishing her transition into 5D, and this will have
effect on all our Female Sisters especially. You will be feeling disconnected
and other symptoms as forgetting , and others strange situations
which will be gone after she has the transition to 5D.
Also because of the VEIL is down, many of the CABAL Members, which
their DNA have been Upgraded, activating the JUNK DNA strands, and
removing of the NEGATIVE Energies are now FREE from the FALLEN
Brothers and sisters who used to control their Vehicles.
Watch this VIDEO of Nancy POLOSI, she is not crazy, of losing her mind,
She is clean of the Negative Energies, who used to talk for her now, they
cannot enter to use her any more. Many Cabal Brothers and Sisters,
who are also Clean of these Negative Spirits, are Afraid now becuase
there no HELP any more from the MATRIX. (LOL)
OBAMA is the Same, that the reason they are on the RUN, all of them
are CLEAN of NEGATIVE SPIRITS, and now have to accept the consequences
of their actions.
If you have questions feel free to email, or call.
GARY LARRABEE is an other example, that he has changed, and that the NEGATIVE ENERGIES
who used to control him, are having problems to use him, and many others.
Many Brothers and sisters i have seen them COUGHING and experience strange symptom, all of
them has to withe the CLEANSING, remember they them self don’t understand what is
happening to all of them. SAME with HILLARY CLINTON, its the ENERGIES. SOON all of them
the NEGATIVE Spirits will not able to use them in this NEW MATRIX and LIGHT ENERGIES.
   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort

Ronald Wederfoort
+5999 5156118 | ronald_wederfoort@yahoo.com

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