The Goo

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The Goo
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Back in the early 1970’s The Goo wandered out of a University of Washington research laboratory and into a lab technicians pocket. This pure Thai sativa landrace found a new home with growers in the Gig Harbor area just across HWY 16 from Tacoma. In 1990, Bret Bogue of Apothecary Genetics received The Goo from friends in Gig Harbor and has done his part to help make it a familiar west coast strain. The Goo gets its swamp monster name from the extremely sticky buds and high resin content.  When smoked it usually produces both an energetic happy buzz, as well as a relaxing body high. A word of caution; an indica dominant Afgani x Goo hybrid (Afgoo) is commonly mislabeled by dispensaries and sold unknowingly as The Goo.

The Goo took home 2nd place in the 2005 Inglewood Cup and continues to impress both connoisseurs and medical cannabis users. Overall our reviewers enjoyed this sativa strain. We know you will too.


Type: Sativa
Lineage: Pure Thai Sativa
Breeder: Landrace Strain
Seed/Clone: Seeds and Clones
Seed Available Through: Apothecary Genetics


With a name like The Goo I was expecting some pretty interesting descriptions from our reviewers. These outdoor samples of Goo must have impressed a few of our reviewers. Their descriptions certainly made my mouth water.

GreenThumb described his as “…light green to off-white color where the frosting is stronger. To the eye this bud looks a little leafy but well manicured. Upon further inspection and a squeeze, the bud is dense. Wisps of dark orange, almost brown hairs cover about 20% of the bud.” Jess-has-MS told us hers had, “Lots of leaves, both round and longer-shaped, in shades of sage and pine green. Curly-cue trichomes in fried-french-onion brown. Shiny crystals.” Dez said, “The strain has a nice light ferny green color to it, with tons of orange hairs the color of a ripe mango running through it.” Olga gave a great description of her sample. “A beautiful single gram nugget, well trimmed and cured. Has a slightly golden green color with light orangey yellow hairs. When the bud is broken in half you can see a fully crystallized stem and plentiful resin pods indicating its a mature well grown flower. The crystals have a slightly amber color…”


Smelling the samples of The Goo brought to mind an array of scents. A common thread in several reviews was various fruits or the scent of lemons and pine.

I think GreenThumb described it best. “This plant has a very pleasant sour pine smell. I don’t mean sour like Sour D but it smells slightly sour like a lemon does. It is nice. This sour lemon pine smell is backed by a very light yet full floral scent, like a light lavender flower.”

Shortcakes thought the strain smelled like grape juice, while Coyote smelled what reminded her of blueberries and Dez thought of fresh cut Pineapple.  Jill described, “a lovely floral smell with earthy undertones.”  Jackwagon described his as, “sweet at first but had a musty earthy after smell…” Yimbo described his as having a “pleasant mild woodys popery,” while Mindhead inhaled a “mild piney scent with a sweet candy finish.” Olga gave us another great description. “The fresh cut grass mixed with summery smells like flowers and mint. A hint of skunk smell, and a bit of orange-citrus sweetness. Really delicious smelling…”


Thought several of the reviewers experienced a harsh or burnt taste, others very much enjoyed the flavor of their samples.

Olga inhaled “A light smoke, not syrupy like other potent strains, it tastes very minty in flavor with notes of other herbs like rosemary and the lightness of summer grass. A sweet summer grass, not unappealing at all.” GreenThumb and Jill told us theirs tasted like blueberries while Cancer Survivor tasted candy. Jackwagon and Mitchy’s samples had a citrus flavor, while Mindhead described a “crisp piney taste.”


9 of the 14 reviewers rated the high produced by their samples of The Goo somewhere above the average mark. Only 2 reviewers rated it as average, 2 slightly below average and for some reason Jess-has-MS experienced no high at all. Overall I would say this is some pretty stoney herb.

I think Yimbo gave us the best description of his high. “I felt a nice quick head change and a body high that followed shortly after. It did make me want to sit down and chill out for a while but this passed after a half hour and I was able to get on with my day. It kind of went through 3 stages for me. After a quick nice head change after smoking 10 minutes later I found myself kind of zoning out and just wanting to relax. This lasted about a half an hour before I realized it and moved on with my day. I had a nice heady buzz for about two hours. The body high I felt lasted almost twice as long.”

GreenThumb told us, “I felt a little floaty at first,” while Cancer Survivor reported feeling kind of lazy. Jill described “a slightly delayed high, with a strong and happy buzz,” and Water Goddess told us she “felt slightly buzzed and very relaxed..”

Jackwagon said his high started in the body and then worked into the brain. One other hand Mindhead and Mitch told us their highs were more in the head than the body. Olga also Experienced a head high telling us “it was a strong mental buzz, very euphoric and giddy. I didn’t notice it fade for hours.” Dez shared that, “The high is actually quite good. It kind of creeps up on you, but in a very mellow, light way.”


Green Thumb (PTSD) reported “It was very mellow but effective. I never felt very discombobulated, it went straight into the medicinal benefits. It totally calmed me down from a rough day where I wrote an Ethics paper, a critical writing paper and about six hours of calculus…”

Shortcakes (lupus and fibromyalgia) told us The Goo “relieved pain and stiffness,” while Water Goddess(severe menstrual pain) said, “This strain relieved the lower backache I was having.”

Jackwagon (liver disease) informed us, “I smoked this strain at two different times. First in the morning when my stomach pain would start and it took care of it fairly well. Then I smoked at night for my cramps before I went to bed and slept so good .. No cramps, just the usual couple trips to the bathroom then right back to sleep.”

Yimbo (pain and addiction) reported that, “the pain relief was quick and effective. It lasted much longer than the heady buzz I had. I think this strain would be great to help with headaches and I’m sure it would help me get to sleep if smoked before bed.”

Mindhead (severe back pain) told us, “After vaporizing I noticed all signs of pain gone after approximately 10 minutes.” Devil Dez (arthritis, lower back and hip pain, & contact dermatitis) agreed, saying “It definitely dulled my pain, and my tendons didn’t hurt as much.”

Coyote (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, migraines) found that The Goo worked great for several of her conditions. “The strain was wonderful for my fibromyalgia/neuro muscular aching, anxiety, and really helped me sleep. The strain also helped abate my depression.”

Olga (cartilage and ligament damage) was one of several who didn’t really get the results they were hoping for. She told us “The strain had a very cerebral high, which helped me enjoy my afternoon. I didn’t feel particularly strong anti-inflammatory effects, but it was enjoyable.”
Cancer Survivor (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) reported, “the strain didn’t really help any of my particular symptoms.” Mitchy (chronic arthritic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibroid tumors) agreed saying, “It didn’t do much as far as relieving the swelling or pain for me.” Jess-has-MS (multiple sclerosis) who I should note did not experience any high from The Goo either, told us “This strain did not work for my neuropathic pain symptoms and related insomnia.”

Side Effects

Cancer Survivor reported a headache after smoking The Goo, while Jackwagon experienced the usual dry mouth. Mitchy told us The Goo “was very harsh on the throat, induced long coughing spell.” Coyote enjoyed her sample but thinks The Goo might have been better for the evening as it made her foggy headed for several hours after its use.


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