The BLACK GOO THEORY of EVERYTHING (mini-documentary): Bible Prophecy & the Black Goo Awakening

The BLACK GOO THEORY of EVERYTHING (mini-documentary): Bible Prophecy & the Black Goo Awakening

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Published on Apr 5, 2016

Our civilization has in many ways been forced to run off of Black Goo…oil. The largest Internet tech corporation is Goo-gle. Black Goo is practically everywhere in science fiction and horror films. Why?

Is it possible that demonic entities can attach themselves to a substance with near infinite capacities to change form? I think it is. And I think the advent of the black goo, or programmable matter, that will eventually lead to what will appear to be sentient intelligence, is part of the end times deception. In the same way corruption was done at a fundamental level of creation in the days of Noah, we have once again entered the age when the gateways between worlds is opened. Thanks to the virtual realities being constructed all around us, we now have a way to interact, communicate, and traverse through a non-physical medium. This vacuum and detachment from materialism will cause a flood of spiritual influence to enter the masses. Some will consume the light, as children of light, saved from sin by the blood on the cross, and the resurrection of our King. Others will consume the darkness, and abandon their humanity. The implications of the post human dream is very much supernatural with a profound Biblical answer.

Oct 2015


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Shape-Shifting Tech………

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Hacking Matter PDf (Wil McCarthy…

Wil McCarthy……

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