the soul, the consciousness, maybe foreign in nature a parasite?

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i once had a lucid dream, where i meet my self.
but it wasnt me, he just looked like me.
he claimed that i wasnt the one meant to be conscious in the body, said that i was a invader.
i have done a quick few google searches, but i have not had luck in finding much if anything at all in the searches.
i thought i would start this thread, i had this experience some years ago.
i came across some information regarding this type of thing here and there on my travels, but enough to stop asking questions.
am i a parasite? that managed to claim the rights of a earthly vessel? should i have believed my mirror reflection?
i been tossing and flipping this experience for awhile now, and thought i would share it so i can discuss it and hear what others opinions are on it.
if i am a parasite, i dont really care that much. if i was able to claim this body, it should been mine anyway.

You not alone in your theory, i have this same idea last night, almost lose my sleep over it. What we may call soul or divine essence, is but a parasite, that feed on our astral vital energy, an entity not from this dimension, that feeds in our energies, vibrations, karmic traces and powerful sexual energy. A creature that don’t have control over our minds or bodies but prevent us to have full control of our mind and is full potential. It influence us to do some actions depending from their energy needs, or create the seeds (toughs) in our minds to do those actions. It attain immortality by feeding on our energy, and once it consume the energy (and the host die) it travels into another host or body. Human, animal or vegetable it doesn’t matter, depending from it’s needs, it don’t have the power for total control, but it can learn with our actions and grow, so this way it can live in our material realm.

Those are the fallen angels, creatures that fall from another dimension, and attain a way to live forever. I agree that our spirit have that same power to attain liberation from our physical body, but is not mature enough to control and fight this invader. So when our physical body dies we lost the memory of our past lives, because this soul or host is in control and our spirit is like a baby without no memory once it reborn in another body.

For me the ancient mystery schools, and their secret doctrines was a way to separate the body and universal spirit from the soul itself, and gain total control of our full mental abilities, live much longer without this parasite consuming our life energy, making us sick and old, it suck our energy, consuming it, thats why when we become older we have less control of our minds.
Jesus in the New Testament show to their Apostles the soul, over their heads, this doesn’t mean it show them there divine power, but liberate them from it.
The Egyptians also say “The body is a prison for the soul” this don’t mean this soul is a good thing, it can be interpreted in many ways. Also the Egyptians mummify their dead, so that the soul could not rebirth again in a new body. Again this can be interpret in a positive way and in a negative way.

The Egyptians know how to separate this creature from our terrestrial material bodies, by using the concentrated magnetic forces of the earth (pyramids) and they pass this knowledge to few initiates, they consider worth, maybe because they sell themselves to those parasites, and when when a small fraction of means know it they will not affect the divine plan!

3 degrees of initiation, 1º get rid of the parasite 2º awake our spirit 3º connect with it.

Only truth will set you free, search for it and you will find it.

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I agree there are many astral critters around but don’t believe the soul or divine essence is one in itself. The soul is a vessel and it is what holds you together and makes you who you are, the divine spirit is expressed through that and both of these are god given. But just as we cannot see the microscopic bugs in our beds or the tape worms, parasites and bacteria – there are astral bugs which latch on to you. I have heard that smoking pot attracts these bugs, along with other things that lower your overall vibration. On top of that there are larger entities we call demons and also non-humanoid types that are much larger affecting entire communities and the planet as a whole. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, every now and then someone catches a glimpse and things like this have even been photographed. At the end of the day, these things can affect you but do not over-take you completely.

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