THE ARGARTHAN of INNER EARTH – THE 12 TRIBE OF ISRAEL – Our COUSINS will help to release the prosperity funds.

Image result for The Agarthan of inner earth
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wanted to SHARE this very good VIDEO about the ARGARTHAN Race which is is
12 TRIBE of ISRAEL.  COREY GOODE has give a very good Idea who they really 
are and how they look like. 
THEY are very very advanced, and they have been watching the HUMANITY
TREASURES, which COREY also talks about.
So My brothers and Sisters our COUSINS are now in control of the 5D 
Matrix, and also the on going event of the release of the Prosperity funds,
and the 800 Gold backed accounts.
BROTHERS and SISTERS NOW you can see and here the TRUTH, they
will expose the TRUTH of everything what has been going on with Humanity.
   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort

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