Anthony Badaloo

Barnet, United Kingdom

 28 Apr 2017 — Top Financial Adviser Anthony Badaloo, exposes large scale Tax Evasion and Money Laundering by Criminal Cartels, who use the Courts as a Conduit to brick-wall their crimes.
The evidence in infallible, and the crime is horrendous. The public are the victims, and are fed up, with many cases breaking through. Support and protect the future of yourself and your family.

 source for this update: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-restore-the-great-british-constitution-redeem-victims-of-court-order-scam?utm_content=petition&utm_medium=email&utm_source=64340&utm_campaign=campaigns_digest&sfmc_tk=IbjsV5VVqeFl1QGIGK9g2Mwa3DeQki3xzon8xcS7uZ6jLiGtr%2fnkaPOZ%2fDGGWFC2

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Theresa May MP

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party


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Sign the Petition: Stop Court Order Scams

Anthony Badaloo

Barnet, United Kingdom


A Parliamentary Enquiry is being commanded by the people into:-

CORRUPT Bank staff, Court Staff, and employees of the Police, are colluding to committing SERIOUS CORRUPTION and ORGANISED CRIME of epidemic proportions, against the will of the people.

Stealing  from innocent victims, using deception, forgery and VIOLENCE. They can only do this with the complicit support of politicians in an act ofFRAUD UPON THE COURT ie bogus Court proceedings and forged Court documents, in a Court Order Scam,  backed up by Violence of the police, upon the victims and their families.  

English Judges were ruling in favour of PPI for decades, without exception. Now we know they were only assisting Criminal Bankers to steal from hard working men, women AND THEIR FAMILIES. This meets the legal definition of Rape and Enslavement. No Heart, no soul, no Moral Compass.

The Brexit vote has shown that people want accountability from Public Servants, triggering the start of a revolution.

As a  successful Financial Adviser of three decades, running Church Hill Finance, and winning many awards for my work and community efforts, this COURT ORDER SCAM has only been brought to my attention in a personal capacity.

As a result of requesting figures from Neil Eccles and Hamish Kean of my  bank, Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd., myself and family, like many others, are being the subject of Terror and Hate Crime, without any lawful foundation. The fact that they were bankers to Hitler, of Nazzi Germany, was concealed from us. We have been deprived of our home and worldly belongings, in circumstances of terror, from Gangsters and British Police alike.  

David John Wood of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, and corrupt court staff, channelled a bogus application through the Barnet County Court on October 21st  2013, with no supporting evidence, and not even a fee paid for the proceedings.   A judge acting criminally,  (District Judge Nicholas J Parfitt) colluded with others to produce a fake document, purporting to be a Court Order.  

On March 14th 2014, a date not reflected in the court records, indicating a private “shadow” Court, a bogus “Possession Order” was manufactured, not bearing a Court Seal nor signature of a Judge, does not refer to Vacant Possession, does not give an address for possession, does not refer to a Judgement (CCJ) upon which an Order For Vacant Possession could have been lawfully obtained.

I suggest that it may have come from David Wood’s dot matrix printer in the basement, and certainly not from the Official Court.  Definitely contrary  to the County Court Act 1984 s.135, which carries seven years imprisonment. 

A crooked judge, will not sign and seal a dodgy paper (ORDER), for liability reasons, but he or she hopes that no one will notice, nor will your lawyer enlighten you, and the police will say it’s a CIVIL Matter,  covering up. The perfect crime, but not victim-less.

In my own case, a Sergeant Peter Dearden, said he was “SATISFIED”  with documents in my case, which are BOGUS. Idea being, that the other links in the criminal chain is expected to say “It has been Adjudicated” that the documents are good. So Nicholas Parfitt  (DJ) could get away with his forgery, and David John Wood (not registered with the law society), of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, could get away with stealing my house with help from corrupt police officers acting in private, whilst in uniform.  Not sure what’s in it for Sergeant Peter Dearden, as he claims to be “SATISFIED” with bogus documents handed to him by Ben Kovler (PC).

The Court File shows, that Ben Kovler was refused copies of the court documents. So where did he get his documents?. Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981.

District Judge John Nicholas Parfitt went missing from his job when complaints escalated. The court Manager Richard Jeal, is also missing from his job, after he confirmed lies told by  District Judge Nicholas Parfitt. Sergeant Paul Purdy, who participated in the Criminal Raid, was put in charge of the investigation, and promised to investigate the matter, but is now missing from his job, Christopher Williams (pc) Who lied and threatened me on video on December 1st 2014, is missing from his job. A ‘hit and run’ scenario.

Our MP and cabinet minister Theresa Villiers Expenses Scandal (Who was guilty of expenses maximising), as well as Chris Grayling, the then  Lord Chancellor, both said they cannot interfere in court matters, when they are fully aware, that the proceedings were never ISSUED BY THE COURT, but made up behind closed doors. Theresa Villiers (MP) is in a conflict of interest, as the said bank gave £800,000 shady “donations” to the Tory party in one year alone, and from which she benefits.

Police Officers Christopher Williams, and Benjamin Kovler, both said, “If a WARRANT was obtained Fraudulently, they’re not interested, it’s a civil matter“. Yet they kidnapped me for alleged Squatting/Theft from my own home on April 1st 2015, when I am the Owner, Proprietor at the land registry, and beneficiary of the Equitable Interest, with a Fraud Restriction on the title to boot, and have never been evicted.

An impossible charge in fact and law. HH Judge Greenwood of Harrow, saw no problem with that whatsoever (no Jurisdiction – CPR 11). GREAT BRITISH JUSTICE. I am determined to obtain justice here.

This will give hope to millions who are at a loss as to why the Corrupt lawyers appear to be magically obtaining False Court Orders and WARRANTS, with no circumstances, upon which they could lawfully obtain such Instruments.

Should this objective not be met, things are only going to escalate, to the point of potential Breakdown of Law and Order, social unrest, and economic collapse affecting EVERYONE.

There are many groups springing up on the internet and elsewhere, to voice this serious malaise which is a PPI waiting to happen, only much bigger.

In 2015, 37,000 people lost their homes, and it is estimated, that up to 20,000 could have been Criminal Raids, ASSISTED BY THE POLICE.

Nearly all these victims, end up costing the taxpayer and the state, aside from being personal tragedies.


The WRONGDOERS get unjust enrichment. We the people have put these public servants in their Positions and are paying them. We must not allow them, to commit the offence of ABUSE OF POSITION, AND FRAUD UPON THE COURT, because of OUR failure to hold them to account.  


Successes to date:- 


UK Bankers Jailed  HBOS  http://bit.ly/HbosJail 

Illegal Clampers Arrested http://bit.ly/ClampArrest

Solicitors Charged in Mortgage Fraud  http://bit.ly/SolsFraud

 Court Staff Sacked Over False Warrants  http://bit.ly/WARwrong

Honest Police quit to refuse Corruption  http://bit.ly/PolQuit

Police admit false Court Proceedings  http://bit.ly/MotorScam

 HBOS Scammers Jailed by Paul and Nikki Turner http://bit.ly/TurnerBOS 

Sign and Share this petition against Court Order Scams, on Facebook, Twitter, Email and word of mouth.           Thanks for participating.


STATEMENT OF TRUTH under the Motu Proprio Exodous 20 :16 By: Sovereign ©Anthony of the family: Badaloo. Authorised Agent and Representative for ANTHONY BADALOO™

All Rights Reserved

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Lord Chancellor
    Elizabeth Truss
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
    Theresa May MP

Read the letter
Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May MP

<p>Dear Theresa May, Elizabeth Truss,<br /><br />Michael Gove (Rt Hon) Theresa May (Rt Hon) <br />House of Commons House of Commons <br />London London <br />SW1A 0AA SW1A 0AA<br /><br /> NOTICE AND REQUEST<br /> <br /> 1) FRAUD UPON THE COURT <br />2) VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS <br /> 3) HOSTAGE POSITION<br /> 4) THEFT – Non Payment of Fees <br /> 5) Protection from Eviction and Harassment Act 1977<br />5) Abuse of Process (Common Law)<br />6) Contempt of Court <br /><br />Michael Gove (Rt Hon) and Theresa May (Rt Hon),<br /><br />RE:- Criminal Activities prevalent in the Civil and Criminal Justice System, <br /> in England and Wales <br /><br /> Barnet Court – 3BT01335 <br /> False Warrant for Posession No –06389/14<br /> Croydon County Court – Frant Rd – A02CR001<br /> Harrow Crown Court – T20150305<br /> Crime Report No. –2425281/14<br /> Crime No – Theft/Fraud – 00147578<br /> <br /><br />I am writing to you jointly, as the Secretary Of State for Justice, and Home Secretary, respectively, in matters <br />of malfeasance and maladministration, under your Honours’ responsibility, that amounts to criminality as :- “FRAUD ON THE COURT”, with the intention to place me, a law abiding man, and my family, in HOSTAGE, which resulted in affecting our right to enjoy our family life, freedom and peace.<br /><br />I and my family are not a unique case, as this is a customary and widespread act, from which many many thousands of individuals and families are enduring consequences on a daily basis.<br /><br />The matters referred to above, require an urgent investigation, to prevent the continued use of those methods, which are known under the “Gestapo Nazi” regime, Apartheid, and Zimbabwe. <br /><br />The only way to satisfy the citizens, of Her Majesty’s jurisdiction, under which you have been appointed to ensure and secure, the people’s rights, sworn by Her Majesty the Queen, at her Coronation of 1953 “MAGNA CARTA” by ordering a public enquiry.<br /><br />Further urgent action, shall be taken, to ensure, the simple requirement, that each branch under his Honour’s responsibility, as Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service, AND the Police and Crown Prosecution Service shall ACT ONLY IN ACCORDANCE TO THE RULE OF LAW, and not in accordance with the culture that has been fed into the system, by unscrupulous dark forces and lobbyists, controlling the courts and law enforcement culture, of which it is widespread, adversely affecting many many thousands of law abiding citizens, who are living under the fear, of dictatorship, and a lawless society, taking the public HOSTAGE.<br /><br />In support of the statements above, on which I take full responsibility, under the penalty of perjury, I am setting out below, the grounds on each of the points 1-6 above:-<br /><br />GROUNDS:-<br /><br />1) FRAUD UPON THE COURT <br /> (Exhibit Attached)<br /><br />An application for a Claim for Possession of my home was made in the Barnet County Court on October 21st 2013, by a David John Wood, of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors LLP on behalf of Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd.<br /><br />No Fee was paid for the proceedings. No step can be taken without the Court Fee being paid.<br />This is clear evidence, that there are people in the court administration, willing to place false claims in front of a judge, bypassing the requirement, of the fee to be paid, and victims being “served” with purported court papers, which are not from the official court system, but from a SHADOW COURT. <br /> No evidence whatsoever was presented, to support such a claim, which was in dispute. So “Honourable Judges” are adjudicating cases, fully in the know, that there is no properly constituted and paid-for claim in existence.<br />Furthermore, I’ve never been served with any claim for VACANT POSESSION of property, issued by the court.<br />I have never received a NOTICE OF ISSUE duly annexed with a Claim for Vacant Posession issued and Sealed by the court.<br />So we have bare-faced gangsters and thugs, with the full backing of the ignorant or complicit police, in the mass theft of homes, and the anihilation of the bewildered, law-abiding VICTIMS. <br /> <br />No Order for posession, isued by the court, exist in the court file. <br /><br />Nevertheless, this purported direction hearing, is not reflected in the Computerised Court Records, suggesting that it was a private, shadow hearing, behind closed doors by colluding parties.<br /><br />The Barrister for the bank, Mr Orenstein, snidely referred to me on several occasions, as “the litigant in person”, at a time when he himself was there on no lawful authority, having his fees added to my account in an act of collusion and Nelsonian Knowledge in a clear act of theft and RAPE.<br /><br />There was never any judgement, upon which such an order could have been made in any case. Yet it is being used as a waepon of terror, fully backed by the police.<br />My numerous appeals on valid and lawful grounds, came to nothing, as several judges declared my claim as “being totally without merit”. Judge Stone threatened me with a Civil Restraint order, if I should appeal further, whilst seeing no flaws in a total FRAUD UPON THE COURT, FRAUD UPON MYSELF AND FRAUD UPON THE PUBLIC PURSE.<br /><br /><br /><br />2) VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS<br /> ECHR 1953<br /><br />Article 5 Right to Liberty and Security<br />Article 6 The Right to a fair trial <br />Article 8 Right to respect for private and family life<br /><br /><br />3) HOSTAGE POSITION<br /><br />a) My family and myself, have been held HOSTAGE by criminals operating, as set out in the attached document, FRAUD UPON THE COURT.<br /><br />b) I have been threatened beyond my dignity, by the Licencesor (FCA), of my profession, based on Innacurrate, Misleading and False data, supplied by the Criminals as stated above.<br /><br />c) The common thread in all these entities and the men and women who pull the strings, is that they are acting criminally, in unison, to protect an unwarranted stance , which could not prevail, without the collusion of these trusted and authorised agencies, acting to proliferate crime against the public, and denying it, gangland style.<br /><br />d) I am the victim of firstly forgery. All the above have turned a blind eye. Secondly, theft by currency manipulation, same. Libor manipulation. Same. Fraud Act Concealement by lack of disclosure. Same. Denial of regulatory duties. Same. False claims at court. Same. Criminal raids upon my home and family. Same. False arrest.Same. False council Tax bills by colluding council officers of Barnet, Croydon and Ealing Cuncils. Same. False “Liability Orders” from Barnet Council, Ealing Council and Croydon Council. Same. False imprisonment. Same. False “sentencing”. Same. False threats from Equita abd Nwelyn PLC collection agents. Same.<br /><br />e) Every single authority and body above, are acting to support the criminal stance, taken by David John Wood of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, acting on behalf of the bank, Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd., who are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, which have found them to be totally innocent and above board. The criminals, have never produced a single shred of evidence, in five years of dispute, to support any of their claims, and there has never been a single proceeding ISSUED BY THE COURT, upon which my family and myself have been deprived and terrorised beyond belief.<br />f) The coordinated attack upon us, to take our home, our property, our belongings, our business, is a calculated and Nazi-esque joined up effort, to proliferate hate crime, enrich criminals, and weaken us by attrition, so that we are not able to restore our position, and bring the criminals to justice.<br /><br /><br />4) THEFT – Non Payment of Fees <br /><br />a) Claims are been put through the court system, with no fees paid for the proceedings. <br /><br />b) In accordance to the rule of law (Protection of Eviction and Harassment 1977), Civil Procedure Rule (CPR), makes clear, that unless and until the fee, and the correct amount of fees, is paid NO STEP SHALL BE TAKEN. None of the claims or applications by the claimant, has been paid for.<br /><br />c) The fact that the court fee has not been paid, is a fraud (THEFT), on the public purse, contrary to the Fraud Act 2006.<br /><br />d) Fraud on the individual, by debiting, and demanding, the court fee, which they did not pay, and legal expenses, on non-existing (fraudulent) proceedings, which amounts to an abuse of process.<br />e) These “fees” are routinely billed (CRIMINALLY) to the victim’s accounts. The court is missing millions in lost revenue. Unlawful cases are clogging up the judicial system, where justice is frustrated for the public, whilst criminals thrive. Court fees have had to be hiked in recent times, to the extent that many respectable members of the judiciary have resigned over this matter. The majority of victims, cannot now afford access to justice. In some cases, court fees have increased from £250.00 to £20,000 for the public to swallow, to subsidise criminality.<br /><br />f) It is nauseous to imagine, that EVERY COURT up and down country, have officers, putting forward cases to the obliging judiciary, where NO FEE HAS BEEN PAID, in a criminal conspiracy by Banks and court staff, and the false documents will be used by the police to justify TERRORISM.<br /><br />g) In my own case, no fees have ever been paid at any stage by the claimant, where a fee is required to be paid, which is clearly evidenced by the Computerised Court Records.<br />h) My case has been in the Barnet County Court, Croydon County Court, Central London County Court and other courts. <br />AT NO TIME, HAS THE CLAIMANT PAID A FEE FOR THE PROCEEDINGS.<br /><br />i) Due to the collateral damage caused to the victims, their families and communities, who have to be looked after as the state picks up the pieces, in the form of emergency housing, bankruptcies and social security benefits,<br />THE CUMULATIVE BURDEN ON THE PUBLIC PURSE IS A MATTER OF BILLIONS.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />5) PROTECTION FROM EVICTION AND HARASSMENT ACT 1977<br /><br />a) These crimes, make it clear, that my family and I, have been deprived (NEVER EVICTED) of our home and property. At no time, were we, or our tenants, lawfully evicted by a County Court Bailiff, and we have never sold our home, nor have we authorised anyone to sell our home.<br />b) The same above applies to our income invested, tenanted properties where the lawful tenants were deprived by violence of criminal gangs, pretenting to act in official capacity, as officers of the court, without any jurisdiction, in fact and in law. Neither I nor my tenants, have ever at any time, been served with a WARRANT, or notice of eviction annexed with a lawful warrant issued by the Court, as required under the rule of law.<br /><br />5) Abuse of Process (Common Law)<br /><br />a) Upon a pretend claim for posession dated 21st October 2013, based on pretend arrears, a pretend “Order For Posession” was granted by District Judge Parfitt on March 14th 2014 at a pretend posession hearing at the Barnet County Court, based on a pretend Judgement which does not exist. My appeals received a pretend verdict “Totally Without Merit” , various pretend “warrants” were pretended to be “ISSUED BY THE COURT”. We had pretend bailiffs visit our home on various ocasions, with pretend police in support, who was there to pretend to keep the peace. They were unable to show their pretend warrant for vacant posession. <br />b) We had a pretend (re)posession on November 7th 2014. Pretend police officers threatened us on December 1st 2014, repeatedly stating “if a warrant was obtained fraudulently, we’re not interested” . We had a second pretend eviction on 12th December 2014. Police wasted our time and energies, by making pretend investigations over many months. <br /><br />c) On December 23, 2014, Pretend County Court Bailiffs deprived my tenants at 1 Wren Court N20 0AF, with a Pretend High Court Writ, and took pretend posession of my property. On March 9th 2015, Manoj Gondhia and Joseph Papworth, acting as pretend High Court Sherriffs, criminally took posession of the said property, and the police confirmed them as verified and confirmed High Court Sherriffs, when they are only pretend. <br />d) “A high Court has no jurisdiction to issue any Writ for posession to deprive or evict an Occupier”. <br />e) The police chased me away, as the lawful owner and occupier, and threatened me with REAL violence. Again, both the Watford and Barnet police, issued crime numbers and promised investigations, but that was only pretend.<br />f) My son had a pretend arrest alleged based on his skin colour alone(released later without charge). <br />g) My Nephew Christopher was arrested, for theft in my house, when I did not report any such theft. It was only a pretend arrest, as there was a pretend buyer for my house, with a pretend bill of sale. He was not charged as it was only a pretend arrest, to assist a REAL theft.<br />h) I had a pretend arrest in my own home on April 1st 2015, as reflected at the land registry, even with a Fraud Restriction Notice on the title, which was handed to the pretend police (Sgt Peter Dearden) a matter of hours before. The police, with the duty to establish the law, via the legal department, which could not have been justified in any shape or form, to deprive or evict the OCCUPIERS.<br />i) In any event, as stated above, this is a mortgage (loan) issue, which cannot justify posession of an OCCUPIER.<br />j) I was made the victim of pretend charges for Trespass and Theft of Metal and damage to locks to my own REAL estate. I was released on pretend bail. I requested evidence in the Crown Court, and none was produced. There was a pretend warrant issued for my arrest, based on a pretend “failure to appear” at court, where I was in attendance as signed and witnessed by many. <br />k) A further pretend arrest was made on 13th May 2015 and I was locked in a REAL jail over three weeks, on a pretend Order of a Judge Anderson.<br />l) I faced further pretend trials, with pretend witnesses and pretend evidence. I even had pretend solicitors and Barrissters pretending to act for me.<br />m) We faced pretend court proceedings, with judges pretending to see evidence of pretend allegations, whilst being blind to the REAL land registry title.<br /><br />n) The Jury was shown pretend evidence, which came from a pretend court, and I had a pretend conviction. My request for a mention had a pretend approval, and HHJ Greenwood ignored it, and passed a pretend sentence, based on a pretend pre-sentence report by Nekesha Robinson, who has REAL evidence of my innonce.<br /><br />o) The court nor the Probation Service, have never been able to produce the pretend ORDER OF CONVICTION, sealed by the court as per the County Court Act 1984 s135. All they can produce, is a number of pretend documents such as a “certificate of Conviction” and a “Community Order” purported to be made up from and I quote “information from the file and the computer” . <br />p) Scarily, I have been taken back to court twice, and threatened with further imprisonment by HHJ Greenwood and others, for breaching a pretend “Court Order” when no such court order exist, and no such court order can exist. The alleged evidence was pretend statements form a Devi Parmar and Bhavesh Karia who both confirmed that no court order exist, and both failed to sign their pretend witness statements to support their allegations of breach of a pretend “court order”.<br />q) I made a REAL request to HHJ Greenwood on no less than twelve (yes twelve) occurences, to provide me with a copy of the order which I was allegedly on trial for breaching, and at no time, did he satisfy my request, in his fraudulent and pretend waffles.<br /><br />7) Contempt of Court <br /><br />a) I have lost count of the number of times, that myself, family and friends have been dragged into court, by criminals that you govern. Suffice to say, that on each and every occasion, there has been contempt of court, by the people dragging me there, and the people adjudicating. Conducting any trial in a court of law, where there is neither any evidence, nor credible witness, is contempt of court. Furthermore, to submit claims, which are clearly false, to submit inauthentic ‘witness statements’ not even signed, and to conduct make-believe proceedings in violation of the law and the statutory procedures, is contempt of court.<br /><br />b) To omit evidence, threaten the accused, to have a trial without a statement or bundle from the victim, to manipulate the dates, times and scheduling of proceedings, to entrap and harrass the victim, is contempt of court.<br />c) For District Judge Parfit to ambush a directions hearing, and make an order, based on no judgement, nor disclosure, is contempt of court.<br /><br />d) For Circuit Judge Cryan (Central London) to make a statement that I am a victim of Bank Fraud, and do nothing to curtail it, is Contempt of Court.<br />e) For the CPS to hound me down, when there is no evidence nor witnesses whatsoever that I had commited a crime, is contempt of court. <br />f) For Dipan Varsani, to fail to arrest David John wood, and those he work for, despite the evidence, is contempt of court.<br />g) To terrorise the victim of a crime, knowing full well, that the criminal has done wrong, and choosing to harrass the victim is contempt of court. For the police, namely Sergeant Purdy, Christopher Williams, Sergeant Sutherland, Benjamin Kovler, Peter Dearden and a host of others, to chastise the victim, instead of arresting or even question the criminal, is contempt of court.<br />h) If a party to the matter informs the FCA, that I pleaded guilty in a criminal court, to crimes, when this is not the case, it is contempt of court. <br />i) If a party to the matter, informs the HMRC, that I am serving a prison sentence, when this is not the case, it is contempt of court.<br />j) If the probation service is aware that there is no order issued by the court, upon which I can be sentenced, and they act upon a pretend order to restrict my liberty and freedom of movement, it is contempt of court.<br />k) If police officers attend several purported evictions at my home, and they are fully in the know, that no lawful instrument exist, upon which I can be evicted, and assist in a criminal raid to rob and deprive us, it is contempt of court.<br />l) If Barrister Oliver Wyeman makes a concealed appearance at court on my behalf, and agree to a Crown Court trial, without a defence case statement from me, nor any evidence, it is contempt of court.<br />m) If the prosecution presents court documents to the jury, which are not from the court, it is contempt of court.<br />n) If the police and the CPS (Ben Kovler, Christopher Carey, Dipan Varsani and others), and my purported counsel, conspire to hide the fact, that I am and was the owner, proprietor and equity holder of my home, in order to secure a false conviction, to assist David Wood to attempt to steal my property, with purported “vacant possession”, it is contempt of court.<br />o) If I, have to face a trial, for trespass, at at a property where I am the proprietor, owner and equity holder at the land registry, and I have not sold my property, and have never been evicted, it is, contempt of court.<br />p) If the jury was deprived of the land registry papers, showing me as owner, proprietor and equity holder, with a fraud restriction to boot, that is contempt of court.<br />q) If the court, and the probation service, are unable to show me a copy of the sealed order, for a sentence which they are compelling me to serve, it contempt of court.<br />r) If a judge (Greenwood), lies to me, that he will consider my mention bundle, with the above evidence, and then refuses to do so, and threaten me with imprisonment, it is contempt of court.<br />s) If a legal professional, commit crimes, and withold their indemnity insurance details, against the law, it is contempt of court.<br />t) If the police fail to act, when crimes are taking place within the court system, and it has been brought to their attention, it is contempt of court.<br />u) If the police (Ben Kovler) tamper with my phone, to tamper with the evidence, it is contempt of court.<br /><br />DEMAND: Investigate the matter, and appoint a Body, Judge and MP, to lead a Public <br /> Enquiry, onto the conduct of the Court Service and the police, in these matters. <br /><br />I believe that the facts stated in this Statement of Truth are true<br /><br /><br />Thanking you<br /><br /><br />Anthony Badaloo dipPFS ACPA</p></div><button class=”btn btn-action mts phxxl js-hide-modal-confirm”>OK</button>” data-classes=”modal-medium” data-fetch_summary=”{“petition”:{“model”:”Petition”,”id”:”2432786″}}”>

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    Petition update

    Crooked police caught out in False Arrest and Illegal Interview. Asked who is making the allegation, Criminal Cop Benjamin Kovler replies “THE POLICE”…
  14. 7 months ago
    1,000 supporters
  15. 7 months ago
    Petition update

    Judge Being Arrested Live – Sadie and Robert Simmonds made victims of a BOGUS COURT PROCEEDINGS. Arrest of Judge Perry, Romford…
  16. 7 months ago
    Petition update

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen all the major papers carry stories of Fraudulent Court Judgements being used as a weapon against the People. Our voice…
  17. 8 months ago
    Petition update

    People across the United Kingdom are fighting back against Corruption in the Courts, which is harming the Economy, and British Industry. False claims, to…
  18. 8 months ago
    Petition update

    The British Public are fed up of Illegal Bailiffs and other “Enforcement Officers” terrorising them. They often make claims to COURT ORDERS which have never…
  19. 11 months ago
    Petition update

    NO ONE is safe in their home in Great Britain. Tom Crawford wakes up the City of London with the launch of a very powerful action group, to protect YOU in your…
  20. 11 months ago
    Petition update

    Corrupt English Police knowingly terrorises family on the back of FAKE WRIT. These are being pumped out all over the country on a daily basis by corrupt British…
  21. 12 months ago
    750 supporters
  22. 12 months ago
    Petition update

    Bob and his family were conned by Bedfordshire police constables, who entered their home under false pretences, without a warrant. They were then arrested…
  23. 12 months ago
    Petition update

    Top Ten Issues for the new London Mayor. London the Capital of Money Laundering and Fraud upon the Court. Gentrification and Ethnic Cleansing in London. 10-…
  24. 12 months ago
    Petition update

    Following the Hillsborough Police Corruption Revelations, after 27 years, the world is waking up to the reality, that the English and British legal system, is…
  25. 1 year ago
    500 supporters
  26. 1 year ago
    Petition update

    Our results in echoing far and wide. The BBC has finally broken the silence on FRAUD ON THE COURT to the victims Bob and Marie Jackson, and give hope to…
  27. 1 year ago
    Petition update

    False papers epidemic smashes British people. Chez Felicienne Hairdressers is dragged out of her Willesden home of 30 years. An alleged ‘high court Writ’ been accepted by English Police Officers as a Lawful Instrument…
  28. 1 year ago
    Petition update

    Court staff suspended over warrant errors
    Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, has sacked Court Staff over irregular warrants coming out of our courts. Investigation is ongoing. We must say thanks…
  29. 1 year ago
    250 supporters
  30. 1 year ago
    Petition update

    Illegal Bailiff Turns Up With Police And Guns
    On October 9th 2016, Bob and Marie Jackson and their family had a rude awakening, when Illegal Bailiffs turned up at their home, with an armed response unit in tow…
  31. 1 year ago
    100 supporters
  32. 1 year ago
    Petition update

    Police Corruption Repossession Fraud False Warrant Fraud Everything
    The corruption escalates day by day. A documentary is being made regarding by an Indian Exposure agency. Great British Justice. Please see one of the many…
  33. 2 years ago
    50 supporters
  34. 2 years ago

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