Lost Land of Maharlika

Only one royal family holds the title for the whole Philippines, Borneo, Guam, Marianas Island, Hawaii, Da Nang Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuril Islands, etc.


The Land of Maharlika was composed of the Philippines, Borneo, Guam, Marianas Island and Hawaii, and was ruled by a certain King Luisong Tagean [later changed to Tallano for fear of Spanish execution].
Other territories that were said to be paying tributes to the Maharlikan Kingdom include:
  • Da Nhang – Vietnam,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Taiwan,
  • Kuril Islands
King Luisong ruled the entire kingdom from Luzon [named after him], the northern part of what is now known as The Republic of the Philippines.
This claim is supported by surveys made as early as 9th century, acknowledged by British monarchy in 14th century. However, court documents, land title OCT No. T-01-4, indicate the Tagean [Tallano] Clan only owns the whole Philippine archipelago, but ignored the other parts of the Maharlikan Kingdom, i.e. Sabah Borneo, Marianas Islands , Guam and Hawaii —  an early attempt of a major land grab by the British and other colonialists.
Even in the 1935 Philippine Constitution, the number of islands were further reduced from 7,169 to 7,100 only, by the oligarch controlled legislative.
“There will come a time that the poorest of the poor will no longer be squatters in this country’.
– Prince Julian Morden Tallano”
Below is the original OCT T-01-4 issued on January 17, 1764 proving that a massive land-grabbing activities were conducted against the true and lawful owners of the Maharlikan lands, and the likes of Jose Tuason Olondriz (who continue to display his arrogance through his comment below) should be expelled back to where his bloodline came from.
Mr. Olondriz, this is the land title that proves you and your ilk are the real squatters in our beloved country:
With reference to the map below, even the shorelines where cut-off, a clear indication of willful distortion of historical dominion further eroding the integrity of the Land Registration Authority and the whole sovereignty of the Maharlikans.
philippine map


This means that ALL LAND TITLES within the lost Kingdom of Maharlika ARE FAKE. This makes the likes of Ayala, Ortigas, Rodriguez, Villar, and most of the elite class of the country, as mere LandGrabbers. Their crimes were not brought to light for they have full control of all institutions, e.g. politics and government, schools and book publishing, mass media [print and TV], etc.
The heirs to the royalty are also demanding for the return of 617,500 metric tons of gold, and 500,000 pcs. of 10k diamonds, which were used to back up the peso, and the establishment of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. This is the reason why $1 = Php 2 only after WW2.
The Royal Family intends to share their assets to every Maharlikan, so that not one of them is a squatter in his own country. Their sincerity towards this end can be viewed from their action whenever illegal settlers are driven away from urban centers like Greater Manila by business interests holding fake derivative land titles. With court injunctions, shanty demolitions were halted, only to be burned months later by those heartless souls who want their wicked will imposed.

Our Appeal

Before we continue on exploring the bits and pieces of our forgotten yet glorious past, please allow us to share our sincere insights on the issue of sovereignty and the importance of enlightened unity among the inhabitants of these islands our long departed ancestors dearly called Maharlika.
The possibility of unity among Maharlikans depend largely on their ability to go beyond their religious differences. Both Christians and Muslims need to trace their roots before they were indoctrinated to monotheism. The worship of Nature is saner than idolatry.
Before Islam and Christianity came, we as a people were very spiritual and consciously connected to the spirits of our ancestors and Nature herself.
Research if you may, the first version of Qur’an was written in Latin, just like the Bible. Why? Both were made by the same authors at the Vatican. The purpose of having too many religions is to divide and conquer the entire global population.
We can all be spiritual but not religious, social conscious but apolitical. Animism is not the religion of cannibals as our ancestors have been portrayed in Western journals. Animism is the acknowledgement of the Truth that Nature herself is the real Supreme Being of All. Nothing could be higher. And every man shares in her divinity.
Religion has nothing to do with Spirituality. Its purpose is to control the Mind through hypnotism. Constant repetition of the Lie makes the dogmas more believable — that’s a known effective method of indoctrination, i.e. brainwashing.
Religion is the worship of false idols organized for the control of Man… by man.
In the interim, it is imperative for all of us to stop calling ourselves Filipino, a Spanish slave name.
And if ever you still consider yourself a free individual, know that you are working for the Corporation known as the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Periodic national and local elections are held to create the illusion of self-determination, democracy, freedom and yet nothing has happened since this Corporate Republic has been established in 1946, other than the systematic deterioration of the quality of life.
And if you are seeking to broaden your perspectives in the hope of finding a better way for us to move forward, start here.
The future is accelerating towards the destruction of medieval empires, artificial borders and national identities. Ultimately, the integrity of the individual and the Sanctity of the Soul will triumph over the Slave Mind, in the spirit of Universal Enlightenment.


To help every Maharlikan [erroneously called Filipino] from the government imposed poverty.
letter of intent - tallano
One of the signatories of the above document, EJ Ekker, representing The Alliance, wrote the following…


By EJ & Doris J. Ekker
[Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles based upon court documents revealing the hidden history of the Philippines. Every nation has, it seems, at least two versions of its history: what really happened, being obscured by the “doctored” version of what happened so that nearly all of the people have little access to the truth and most of whom will blindly defend the lie to their death.]
As we study the court documents related to the ownership of land in the Philippines, we are struck by the wisdom of Judge Enrique A. Agana who took responsibility for and wrote the ORDERS for the DECISION WITH COMPROMISE AGREEMENT of 1972, some eight years after the litigation was terminated by the AGREEMENT reached in 1964. We believe that, had his ORDERS been followed by both parties, the government and the Tallanos, the Philippine Islands may well have become the “Pearl of the Pacific” and A “world financial center” if not THE “world financial center”.
In all of the world’s occupations and professions, there is no other that is so dedicated to arriving at TRUTH as a good Judge. At trial there are always at least two factions that are trying to lead the Judge, if not to mislead and fool him, and so his task is one of endless searching for TRUTH. True, there are biased, and even corrupted, Judges, but as you will soon find for yourself, Judge Enrique A. Agana was not among them.
At this time, 2003, Peace and Order are of paramount concern to Filipinos. Street crime is so rampant that most kidnappings, murders, car thefts, robberies, muggings and bank heists do not make the news. Raids, ambushes, and bombings, (not to mention the rural terror resulting from the constant “collection of revolutionary taxes”) by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the communist New People’s Army are accorded front-page coverage in the hope and expectation of military support from the United States. Had Judge Agana’s ORDERS been followed, virtually all of those problems would have long ago dissolved.
President Ferdinand E. Marcos hired a team of experts to come from Europe and plan the “infrastructure” of the Philippines, including a high-speed rail system from the northern tip to the southern tip of the main islands. We have personally met the man who contracted to print 50 numbered copies of the large book that was compiled after two years. He was not allowed to keep a copy or the plates and it is said that Corazone Aquino, the American-selected President to replace the shanghaied Marcos, placed such a bounty on the books and/or their owners that they all disappeared. We have not been able to locate one or anyone that will admit to knowing where we might see one.
continue reading [pdf]

 Heir Identity NBI Verification

Tallano Foundation Documents

Entry of Judgment – December 1991

Facebook accounts:

Wikipedia’s distorted account of Maharlika, which is also what grade schools are peddling can be read here.
Let it be understood that the writers and historians producing these materials came from the same families occupying said properties for several generations, which as land title OCT T-01-4 would indicate, are merely holding fake derivative land titles.

Treaty of Paris (1898)

The Treaty of Paris of 1898, 30 Stat. 1754, was an agreement made in 1898 that resulted in the Spanish Empire‘s surrendering control of Cuba and cedingPuerto Rico, parts of the Spanish West Indies, the island of Guam, and the Philippines to the United States. The cession of the Philippines involved a payment of $20 million from the United States to the Spanish Empire.[1] The treaty was signed on December 10, 1898, and ended the Spanish-American War. The Treaty of Paris came into effect on April 11, 1899, when the documents of ratification were exchanged.[2]
The Treaty of Paris signaled the end of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and the Pacific Islands (see also the German–Spanish Treaty (1899)), and it marked the beginning of the age of the United States as a world power.
The Spanish-American War, beginning on April 25, 1898 due to a series of escalating disputes between the two nations, ended on Dec. 10, 1898 with the Treaty of Paris negotiations, resulting in Spain’s loss of its control over the remains of its overseas empire.[3] After much of mainland Latin America had achieved independence, Cuba tried its hand at revolution in 1868-1878, and again in the 1890s, led by José Martí, or “El Apóstol.” Martí returned to Cuba and participated in at first in the struggles against the Spanish government, but was killed on May 19, 1895. The Philippines at this time also became resistant to Spanish colonial rule. August 26, 1896 presented the first call to revolt, led by Andrés Bonifacio, succeeded by Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, who had his predecessor arrested and executed on May 10, 1897. Aguinaldo then negotiated with the Spaniards and was exiled to Hong Kong, where he continued to help with resistance from abroad.
The Spanish-American War that followed had overwhelming U.S. public support due to the popular fervor towards supporting Cuban freedom [4] as well as furthering U.S. economic interests overseas.[5] The U.S. was particularly attracted to the developing sugar industry in Cuba.[3] The U.S. military even resorted to falsifying reports in the Philippines in order to maintain public support for U.S. involvement abroad.[6] The U.S. justified its participation in the war based on the principles of Manifest Destiny and expansionism, proclaiming that it was America’s fate and its duty to take charge in these overseas nations.[7]
source »
When the Great Depression happened in the United States, the Philippines on the other hand wasn’t affected.
Instead, the US relied on the Philippine economy throughout the depression era.


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