Clarification of Stillness in the Storm and Corey Goode — In the Great Work of Service to All


by Justin Deschamps

Over the past week or more, there has been a rash of anti-Corey Goode rhetoric from various sources. We reported on some of this in an analysis here. Since then, SITS received several concerned emails and messages from readers who felt that we had come out against Goode. I want to take the time to clarify some of these misconceptions by clearly stating our position.

Goode claims to be a secret space program insider, providing testimony of his experiences in the program and subsequent experiences with the SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance afterward. For an overview of his story, watch these free videos on

First and foremost, the primary goal of Stillness in the Storm is to help others become better truth seekers and world healers through featuring various pieces of information, articles, interviews, insider testimony, science, technology, and most importantly, analysis. I, Justin Deschamps, make my personal truth-seeking process available via SITS, sharing my insights, conclusions and uncertainties in an open-source way. The purpose is to engage in an “dialog” with the audience, which may not involve words, such as writing, but is the free and open exchange of ideas.

SITS strives to take an objective unbiased approach to reporting and analysis—as much as is possible on a site devoted to conscious evolution. This means we share raw information and offer opinions in a way that compels you—the reader—to think about what is presented.

I do not now, nor have I ever claimed to know the whole truth. But I share my conclusions with the world, using an axiomatic style of writing—making definitive statements so as to convey ideas and insights to the audience. What is presented on this site is never meant to be taken as absolute truth and therefore should always be discerned and contemplated personally. This is one reason we do our best to stay away from what we call “flags of truth”—rigid conclusions presented as absolute facts that should be believed.

It is my conclusion, developed over a life time of deep thought and contemplation, that we are each  founts of knowledge, wisdom, and benevolence. And by working together freely, we can share our unique perspectives, gaining wisdom and knowledge from our fellows through discourse. What this means is that everyone’s truth—no matter how seemingly incorrect, invalid, or wrong, has something to teach us and help us grow—if we’re willing to think about it.

This being said, what is SITS stance on Corey Goode?

From a “great work” perspective, Goode’s content is a dense and valuable resource for envisioning the big picture—a rare body of work in this regard.

The great work is a term used by alchemists and those on the spiritual path. It refers to the principle of a divine covenant or pact that states each embodiment of consciousness, each living creature, is invested with a unique store of divine potential, and that by discovering and activating that potential, we realize the divine plan of creation. We ascend to become agents of source, bring peace to war, healing to disease, and love to the downtrodden.

Stated in another way, the great work is our duty to leave the world better than we found it, to learn to become truly benevolent, wise and honorable people—for the benefit of all. In the process of realizing our divine potential, we do great works in the world; we help others find their path and continue the spiritualization of the cosmos. And we’re only beginning to make forward progress towards this high goal. The future is more amazing than we can possibly imagine.

This is a holistic all-encompassing pursuit that often requires healing past trauma and close-mindedness within ourselves. It requires that we actively think about the big picture—who we are, why we came here as souls, and how we can live in harmony with all life. But in our modern world, making contact with the big picture can be difficult.

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Goode’s work, insofar as his narrative, provides a wonderfully complete and replete vehicle to expose people to these big ideas.

There are very few ufology types—or presenters in general—who synthesize and delve so deeply into the fields of secret government projects, extraterrestrials, spirituality, law, biology, science, and consciousness—all embedded in a highly moral and soul activating philosophy. For this reason alone—the shear magnitude of what is discussed—Goode’s work is a precious thing.

And as has been discussed numerous times on this site, all information has the potential to impart new ideas, whether they came from a “true source” or not doesn’t prevent us from making use of them. This is part of what discernment is, being able to separate one idea from another and find the diamond within the rough of any data set.

But I know the question people likely want to know is: Does SITS believe Corey Goode’s story or not?

The answer is simple but not black and white.

I have no evidence in hand to suggest Goode is not telling the truth. All of the claims against him over the years, in my view, have failed to materially demonstrate or substantiate that his story is false.

That being said, I have no hard evidence to believe it is true either. However, there is a large body of circumstantial evidence to suggest it is true. For example, the philosophy provided by the SBA via Goode is highly reflective a truly lawful system—and I’ve studied law for years to know this with precision. Furthermore, the details of his testimony related to SSP science and technology I regard to be in harmony with other sciences I’ve studied in detail, such as Torsion Field physics, Electric Universe, Larsonian Science, and more.

Finally, I am also somewhat intuitive, capable of reading a person’s “energy.” But more precisely stated, I can observe body language and assess the underlying psychological state of an individual fairly easily—but I’m hardly perfect. In my “gut” and my intuitive sense, I have analyzed Goode’s behavior—by their deeds ye shall know them—and there is a consistent theme of honesty and integrity, albeit within the normal range of human error.

Thus, if I were to give an assessment to whether or not Goode can be trusted, the answer would be yes. But, as should be apparent, I do not like making such blanket statements because it tempts people to blindly trust, instead of honestly seek.

Do we support Corey Goode? Yes.

Again, whether or not the nuts and bolts aspect of Goode’s story is true isn’t our focus. For all truths are half truths, as has been stated in the hermetic principles of Natural Law. But Goode’s goals are in harmony with my own, and frankly, I think the great work he speaks to, of become more loving, forgiving, and discerning, is the most important thing he says. All else is just window dressing.

Thus, so long as Goode continues to strive for truth, justice, and the great work of servicing others—we will be allies.

And on this score, anyone, no matter how they are regarded in the public eye, is an ally of SITS when they take up the great work. This is why we share so many seemingly contradictory sources, because in some respects everyone is doing the best they can to optimize their experience. Hence the saying “we’re all in this together.”

I hope this has clarified our position in regard to Corey Goode.

The challenges of our age are not small or petty. As a culture, humanity has failed to grow up and learn the ways of harmony with life.

But as spiritually endowed creatures, we have the opportunity to do what our forbears could not—we can gain mastery of self so as to become agents of benevolent service for all. It is this high ideal and vision that is so inspiring and capable of lifting those suffering the trappings of purposelessness out of darkness.

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So don’t let the temptation to find enemies in the darkness get you down.

While SITS may not provide an easy answer or opinion, we’re singularly focused on the great work, and all our efforts are centered for this end.

– Justin

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Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

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