Notice Waitangi 19 & 20 May 2017 raise Paramount Chiefs 1834 Flag Sovereign Authority

Notice Waitangi 19 & 20 May 2017 raise Paramount Chiefs 1834 Flag Sovereign Authority

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Published on May 12, 2017

Published Saturday 13 May 2017

Public Notice to those I have named to appear in the Waitangi Marae Kings Bench Native Grand Jury Court Hearing to Defend their names I publish here singled out as natural man woman who are charged as criminal fraudsters in public over a period of time have since 2008 failed to respond rebut refute challenge respond to over 3000 “Moai Crown” Affidavits and Videos are now a Native Paramount Chiefs collective Tribal assembly of Claims against you and others on the Levy Debtors list foe crimes of Church and State in New Zealand and Pacific Islands including Polynesian Melanesian Moriori and Micronesia Papua New Guinea Australia and Fijian Islands entitled to the “Moai Crown” Discovery Deeds of Title to the Pacific Oceans and its Islands “Deeds of Truth Spirit Lore Titles Claims and “Queen Victoria Trust” Gold Trust Fund and Inheritance Westminster Parliament Government Navy Military Protectorate and our “Moai Power House Bank” King Willi9am III King William IV St Mary Church England Title St Patrick Church Ireland Title 8 Point Star Financial Martial Law Jurisdiction Flag of Admiralty Legal Instruments Titles Business Administration and Ruling Authority after the BREXIT HOUSE OF LORDS CLEAN OUT we are flying our Flag in Westminster Parliament and King William III of Orange World Court in Brussels our Private Contract Business Court

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