Virginia Livingston’s Cancer Cure


by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

During the last hundred years, a surprisingly large number of doctors  have found ways to cure or alleviate cancer. These ways are not the Big Three – surgery, radiation, and chemo – that are the ones almost exclusively recommended by the profession.

Let’s begin with Virginia Livingston (1906-1990), a graduate of Bellevue Medical School, daughter of Herman Wuerthele, MD (1885-1967). In her first book, Cancer: A New Breakthrough (1972), she claimed a success rate of 82%. Here are four cases:

D.K. – Age 71, operated on for carcinoma of prostate, followed by removal of testicle, 1966. He had multiple spinal metastases and arthritis of many joints. He was barely able to move around. He was placed on autogenous vaccine and mandelamine, 1 gram four times a day with dietary and vitamin adjuvants. Previous to his prostatic surgery he had a bowel resection for cancer of the colon. At the present time the spinal metastases have healed, he says he has no evidence of arthritis, is in perfect health and works.

J.M. — Age thirty-five, had a left radical mastectomy March 3, 1965, when four months pregnant. Pathological diagnosis was infiltrating  arcinoma, scirrhus and medullary types. After delivery of a normal child she had a hysterectomy May 28, 1965, and was placed on estrogen therapy from August 24, 1966, through January 9, 1967. Autogenous vaccine was made which she took for a year and intermittently since. This type of tumor is universally fatal. Her physician says she is in good health at the present time (1972) with no signs of recurrence.

F.B. — Male age twenty-seven from Utah, who was operated on for severe headaches after a number of convulsive seizures. The pathological diagnosis was astrocytoma, grade III to IV, infiltrating the surrounding area. He received anti-convulsants, radiotherapy and antibiotics. In 1966 when he was doing very badly and appeared to be terminal, he was placed on autogenous vaccines and mandelamine, one gram four times daily, plus vitamins and dietary supplements. He remained on this regimen for two years. The vaccine was discontinued in October 1970. His physician said there is no evidence of any tumor.

A Longshoreman, age 46, operated 1967, for a mass on the right side of his neck. Pathological diagnosis was malignant lymphoma, reticulum-cell type with invasion of all glands. These were not resectable because they extended under the sternocleidomastoid muscle. He received X-ray, 4500 R, in eighteen treatments. Since then he has had no other treatment except autogenous vaccine continuously with erythromycin 250 mgm twice a day. He says he is completely well and works full time on the docks.

Leprosy the Clue

After World War II, Virginia worked in a New York hospital and saw many cases of TB (tuberculosis) and leprosy. Note: every physician’s experience is unique. It is incorrect to think that all doctors possess the same knowledge; much depends on who happens to walk into their office one fine day.

One fine day into Virginia’s office (she was a school doctor) walked the school nurse, complaining of ulcers on the fingers, a perforation in the septum (the piece of cartilage that separates the two nostrils), and hardening of the skin. This was in 1947. Her own doctor had given her a diagnosis of scleroderma.

Virginia associated the symptoms with leprosy as the patient reported that she could not feel hot or cold on the affected skin. Virginia Livingston decided to do some lab work on this case. She took smears from the woman’s nose and the ulcers on her hands and stained them with the stain used for identifying both leprosy and TB, namely a “Ziehl-Neelsen” stain.

Peering into the microscope, Virginia saw the same type of microorganisms one sees in leprosy. She treated this patient with the medication used for lepers, and the skin healed. Later, Virginia gave the same medication to other scleroderma patients and it worked!

Whatever she saw in the microscope that day became central to her later theory that cancer is explainable by bacteria. That has not been widely accepted. But she made a separate discovery that did later become standard in science. Namely, she found that bacteria can and do secrete a hormone, human chorionic gonadatropin, hCG, which is essential for human life. Hooray!

In a Nutshell, Livingston’s Theory

Virginia believed that cancer is not a foreign visitor. It is part of our body from birth and it is never going to go away. Cancer is characterized by mitosis, the dividing and replication of cells. Cell division itself is not to be despised; it is the basis of our initial growth in childhood, and occurs as part of the repair work that steadily goes on in the body. When a piece of skin gets scraped off, you just wait for it to regrow. We need cell division!

If cell division gets out of control, however, it may make tumors. Tumors are bunches of new cells that don’t associate in the normal manner with surrounding cells and have no purpose. A cancer doctor has the title “oncologist” from the Greek word onco for mound. Virginia never became a “moundologist.”

She surmised that a tumor happened because the person’s immune system was not functioning as it normally does. As for the cancer microbe that she believed to be ever-present in our body, she gave it the name Progenitor cryptocides (crypto=stealth; cide=to kill).

The Livingston Program for Treating Cancer

Virginia Livingston does not claim to have invented the bacterial theory of cancer. Others such as William Russell and Royal Rife, she notes, got there first.

Now have a look at what she prescribes: she tells the cancer patient to get his Progenitor cryptocides back under control. That is something that, in a healthy person, is taken care of by the immune system.

When your immune system sees the cryptocides microbes going where they shouldn’t go, she says, it treats them as invaders and acts to protect you. The immune system is ever-alert for the non-normal, and can do what must be done.

Run-of-the-mill miracles.

One cancer patient, a physician named Owen Wheeler, was cured by Virginia, and subsequently married her. They established the Livingston-Wheeler Clinic in San Diego, and helped thousands of persons.

But what if your immune system is not working well and can’t call up the right response? Then a tumor may form. Stuff may also travel around your body and metastasize.

What should the doctor do? She will try to get your immune system working again.

Livingston’s treatment program has two prongs:

  1. Use nutrition to build up the immune system. She advises fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts (nothing out of a can). No meat or dairy until you are recovered. Lots of Vitamins A and C, and
  2. Vaccinate the patient with the antigen he needs. Material for that vaccination comes from the patient himself; his urine is used to culture the bacteria which are then made into an autogenous vaccine. In some cases she also gives antibiotics. She often gives a blood transfusion, from a family member.

“Getting” Virginia Livingston

Virginia was still working at her clinic at age 83 when the government closed it down. The feds and most states do that to any doctor who dares defy the rule to use only the Big Three cancer cures. (surgery, chemo, radiation).

A few months after that, she expired.

Dr Livingston constantly made her patient’s progress available for inspection by the medical authorities. She also arranged for a random survey of the records, going so far as to hire an outsider to choose 62 cases under a meticulous set of guidelines. Yet when she published the survey no one was wiling to read it.

In the back of her book you will find a section with the pitiful heading “Ten Cases That I Wish Someone Would Investigate.”

In 2001, Saul Green wrote a bad evaluation of Livingston for Sloan Kettering, making nary a mention of cures she wrought for 20 years! He did, however, importantly remind us that it is a felony in California to treat a cancer patient with unapproved methods.

Cantwell and Pleomorphism

One physician who came to Livingston’s aid was Los Angeles dermatologist Alan Cantwell, MD.

He had already published his clinical finding of a cancer microbe, in 1968, before he got to know Livingston. Cantwell spends much time at an ordinary microscope using an “oil immersion lens” that allows him to see what most pathologists claim they don’t see. He credits a Spanish microbiologist for giving him the clue to cancer’s similarity to tuberculosis:

“[Conrado] Xalabarder totally transformed my concept about how tuberculosis-causing mycobacteria reproduce and grow and drastically change their appearance.”

Ah, changing appearance – and behavior – and size, and – who knows? Maybe their species identity – is the name of the game for the bacteria we are concerned with here.

The pioneering taxonomist, Carolus Lineaus, born 1707 in Sweden, grouped animals together in phyla based on shared characteristics, for example, he put Homo sapiens into the phylum chordata, as we share the characteristic of having a backbone. (Sigh. If only we had backbone, and not just a backbone!)

When a bacterium is not encased in the normal way by a cell wall (that is, when it’s CWD – cell-wall deficient), it has potential to sneak around and get up to no good. Harken to this:

“There is increasing evidence that CWDB and CWD fungi are often associated with endocarditis, septicemia, meningitis, pneumonia, and infections of bones and joints. When prompt diagnosis is critical, it is helpful to include examination for CWD microorganisms as part of the first laboratory study.”

That’s from an article that Lida Mattman, and her co-author Mehnga S. Judge, contributed to Domingue’s Cell Wall-Deficient Bacteria. (1982: 440). Amazingly, it did not spark eager research as to its rather glaring potential for meningitis cases.


Patent #4, 692, 412 (expiry date 2006) was awarded to V. Livingston, and Afton Livingston, and Eleanor Alexander-Jackson for the making of an autogenous vaccine from the blood or urine of cancer patients. Their application for the patent claimed:

“All cancerous bloods examined have revealed the cryptocides organisms. [It] is apparently ubiquitous in nature, existing in a reservoir in soil and water, and is found in all classes of animals…. It can exist as a latent infection in host tissue without causing apparent ill effects. However, when the immunologic barriers are lowered it can invade the host in prodigious numbers and involve any or all of the host tissues, causing various kinds and degrees of pathologic change.” [Note: Award of patent does not mean claim proven.]

This Patent’s Method for Making Autogenous Vaccine:

“Obtain a midstream clean-catch specimen of urine in a sterilized screw-top glass container. Make up DiFco’s brain-heart infusion agar: 37 grams of the agar base are added to a liter of distilled water heated to melt and mix, and distributed into flasks or bottles of 95 ml amounts, and autoclaved. Five percent (5%) human blood … is added when the melted agar has cooled down to 45-50 degrees C., and the mixture is poured into sterile Petri dishes. Streak the surface of the blood agar plate with a sterile swab dipped in the urine. Incubate plate to 37 degrees C. and examine after 24 hours.

“If growth has appeared, note types of colonies, make duplicate smears, and stain one by Gram’s stain and the other by Alexander-Jackson’s modified Ziehl-Neelsen technique: flood slide with Kinyoun’s carbolfuchsin for 3 to 5 minutes in the cold, wash, decolorize briefly with 70% alcohol containing 1 to 3% HCl as these organisms decolorize more readily than M. tuberculosis, counter stain by flooding slide with Loeffler’s methylene blue and add 6 to 8 drops of normal (4%) sodium hydroxide. Tilt slide to mix, and wash after 30 seconds.”

[The foregoing is only a small excerpt from Livingston’s patent.]

— Mary W Maxwell’s cancer book is found at

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