God And Woman – The Hidden History

God And Woman – The Hidden History

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Published on Jun 18, 2012

Shekinah Magazine – A Nonsectarian, Nonprofit Publication

This video is reviewing an article written by Elizabeth Rodgers Dobell as published in Shekinah Magazine February 1981. The article title is God And Woman – The Hidden History. Its main theme is clearly depicted in the title, but to be a little more specific, the article reviews some of the history of Goddess worship and the treatment of women in ancient times. It also tells of the modern experiences of women such as Natalia Vonnegut and Dr. Claire Randall. Here is the editors introductory note:

” From the earliest times, the religious experience of the human race has undergone constant change and modification. Some changes, particularly in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, have been well documented: for instance, those of the Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation of the Catholic Church. But other changes have not been so well recorded. The article [or video] that follows discusses what scholars are beginning to recognize as one such change that seems to have taken places early in history. It contains information that only recently has surfaced in the academic world of archaeologists and Biblical scholars and may surprise readers [or viewers], but the subject matter is fascinating and of importance to women Since some of the ideas and evidence being turned up by the researchers may seem to set on end some conventional religious thought, you may want to discuss them with your priest, your minister or your rabbi. He or she probably will be familiar with the new ideas, and you may be surprised – as we were when we called clergymen and clergywomen – at how widely they are accepted by the religious community.” Notice
Articles and letters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editors. The SHEKINAH explores all sides and all angles, and leaves the reader [or viewer] to choose with the aid of the Spirit.

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