Lemuria Historical Proof.

References in Malaysian, Indonesian History speak of a tie with Tamils as also the Tamil Literature from as  early as The Sangam Period.

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The Lost Continent,Lemuris

‘The anomalies of the Mammal fauna of Madagascar can best be explained by supposing that anterior to the existence of Africa in its present shape, a large continent occupied parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans stretching out towards (what is now) America to the west, and to India and its islands on the east; that this continent was broken up into islands, of which some have became amalgamated with the present continent of Africa, and some, possibly, with what is now Asia; and that in Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands we have existing relics of this great continent, for which as the original focus of the “Stirps Lemurum,” I should propose the name Lemuria!”

In later works he was more cautious:

“This fact would seem to show that the ancient “Lemuria”, as the hypothetical continent which was originally the home of the Lemurs has been termed, must have extended across the Indian Ocean and the Indian Peninsula to the further side of the Bay of Bengal and over the great islands of the Indian Archipelago.” 
Page 236-237, SCLATER & SCLATER (1899): “The Geography of Mammals.”

Lemuria Map
hypothetical sketch of the monophyletic origin and extension of the twelve races of Man from Lemuria over Earth.” From Haeckel, Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte, Plate XV. Note the differences in the German version (1868) without Lemuria and the English version (1876) with Lemuria, after 1870 Haeckel adopted and promoted the idea of a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean.

‘”In 1868 the German biologist Ernst Haeckel published his German edition of “Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte“(The history of Creation), addressed to a general public where he promoted his view of evolution of life and humans. Haeckel considered the earliest humans descending from Asian primates and placed the cradle of humanity in Asia or in alternative Africa and very cautiously on the hypothetical continent between these landmasses. Lemuria played a major role as possible migration route of humans into Africa and Indonesia (Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte, page 515).
In later editions and the English version of the book, translated by Ray Lankester in 1876, the supposed continent is even emphasised and labelled in the map as “Paradise” and displayed as cradle of humanity.

“The primeval home, or the “Centre of Creation”, of the Malays must be looked for in the south-eastern part of the Asiatic continent, or possibly in the more extensive continent which existed at the time when further India was directly connected with the Sunda Archipelago and eastern Lemuria.”
Page 329, HAECKEL (1876): “The history of Creation.””






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