Rama Atlantis War Kavatam Periplus Port Window Of Lemuria

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I have recently published an article Rama Atlantis War, where I had mentioned that Seth of Osiris lineage fought with Rama and Rama defeated him, thereby establishing the Rama Empire in Sumeria.

Lemurian Land of Tamils Tamil Land.The arrow points at Kumari Mountain and the red dot Kapadapuram(Kavata).Image Credit jaysreesaranathan blog, Tamizhanthiravidana blog spot.

Atlantis and Lemuria .jpg Atlantis and Lemuria Location.Image credit. alternative research.

Atlantis Lemuria Location Map.

Osiris’s son Horus entered into a treaty with Lord Rama to fight against Seth who usurped the Kingdom in Sumeria and Osiris also wanted to check the power of the Lemurians.

Now Lemuria is called as Kumari Kandam in Tamil Literature and Tamil Literature abounds in Lemuria references.

Please read my posts on this.

If Horus and Rama had entered into a pact to defeat Seth and Lemurians, who were Lemurians and in what state had they had been?

I remembered the description in Tamil of the Kumarikandam especially…

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