Recovering Things

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

by Conrado de Quiros in the Philippine Inquirer

Presidential Commission on Good Government chair Andres Bautista proposes that the Department of Tourism turn Imelda Marcos’ jewels into a tourist attraction. Might as well make money off them, he says, until they are auctioned off.


The idea sucks. Bautista may have good intentions but he lacks imagination.

The jewels are a minor Ali Baba treasure. They include: the Malacañang collection of 300 pieces that Imelda left behind in her closet after she and her family stole away from the Palace like a proverbial, and quite literal, thief in the night; the Honolulu collection of 400 pieces of which the US Customs relieved them when they got there; and 60 pieces of jewelry that a Greek friend of Imelda’s tried to spirit off from the country later. It reminds us of that quasi-philosophical question of what things you would try to carry…

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