BREAKING: Major World Leader Was Just Found DEAD – Here’s Why Everyone Is Cheering

BREAKING: Major World Leader Was Just Found DEAD – Here’s Why Everyone Is Cheering

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Published on May 31, 2017

BREAKING: Major World Leader Was Just Found DEAD – Here’s Why Everyone Is Cheering

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There is a reason to celebrate when a ruthless dictator finally dies in this world. And, while we should not ever celebrate the demise of someone this one is an exception in my opinion. Manuel Noriega, the ruthless dictator of Panama has finally died at the ripe old age of 83.

If you remember correctly, Noriega was a convicted drug dealer and one of Central America’s military strongman. Noriega was at one time friendly with the United States, but only because of its location to the Panama Canal. However, the friendship quickly went downhill and the United States invaded Panama in 1989. Shortly after that Noriega was eventually convicted of drug charges in 1991.
Noriega then spent close to 20 years in prison before being extradited to France and then eventually returned to Panama. However, instead of Noriega dying old and peaceful in his home country, he went a much different route.

The United States wanted to bring Noriega to justice, but we just couldn’t seem to capture him. Then one of the strangest military operations in history ensued. The Operation was titled Operation Just Cause and capturing Noriega proved to be harder than anyone initially thought. But, that is when the military thought up a secret weapon which was some good old fashioned rock ‘n roll.

You see after Noriega fled Panama City he eventually found refuge in the closest thing the Vatican has to an embassy, the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See. That is when the United States became stumped. How was the military to draw him out of there without causing a scene? The United States wrote the Vatican asking to push Noriega out, but it was bad timing considering this happened around Christmas.
And, that things became even more interesting.

Here is more from Americas Freedom Fighters:

Today the Central American nation has little in common with the bombed-out neighborhoods where Noriega hid during the 1989 invasion, before being famously smoked out of his refuge at the Vatican Embassy by incessant, loud rock music blared by U.S. troops.

Tristram Fane Saunders at Telegraph reports that help came in the unlikely form of glam rock. For Operation Nifty Package – the extraction of Noriega – special operatives set up enormous speakers around the building, blasting out the local US military radio station, SCN.

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