Famous Celebrities Who Lost It All

Famous Celebrities Who Lost It All

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Published on May 28, 2017

Celebrities often have a fortune to pay their rich lifestyle but not every celeb knows how to spend their money correctly. Here are some famous people who lost all their money.

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Famous People Who Lost It All

It seems like every time you turn on TMZ you see a new story about a formerly famous and worshiped celebrity who lives in a rehab center or is begging in a mall parking lot. Once upon a time these movies stars and athletes were worshiped by the world until they slowly faded out of the limelight. Some of them finally let their drug addictions get the better of them and others just seemed to lose the interest of the public.
Dustin Diamond
Here’s a depressing story for you Saved By The Bell fans. Remember that lovable geek named Screech Powers that was obsessed with Lisa Turtle? Well after Saved By The Bell wrapped Screech’s life took a turn for the worse. The actor Dustin Diamond found it nearly impossible to find more acting work.
Mike Tyson
The story of Mike Tyson’s rise and fall was highly publicized throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The undisputed heavyweight champion of the world had never exactly lived an easy life and the money that came along with his athletic fame did not seem to help. Tyson was raised in Brooklyn, New York around numerous high crime neighborhood. His iconic high-pitched voice and speech impediment made him a target for local bullies during his youth.
Robert Downey Jr.
Here is a slightly more uplifting story about an actor who had it all, lost it all, got it back, and then lost it all again before getting it back again. This is the story about Robert Downey Jr. Before Robert Downey Jr. was the highest paid actor in Hollywood for his role as Iron Man he was the name you might say when trying to reference a drug addict. Downey’s first introduction to the dark side of the movie industry came at the age of 8 years old. His father, Robert Downey Sr, was a successful movie director and an enthusiastic consumer of the devil’s lettuce. Downey Sr decided it might be a good idea to give his 8-year-old son a hit of marijuana just so he could have a taste.

Honorable Mention
Nicholas Cage
You wouldn’t think that our most under appreciated National Treasure, Mister Nicholas Cage would have ever had financial troubles but he too has fallen on hard times during his career. In 2009 he was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He reportedly earned over 40 million dollars in that year alone. He decided to use that money to invest in real estate around the world. Cage was literally buying islands in the Bahamas and houses in Malibu, Middletown, New Orleans, Somerset, and various other towns in Nevada and California.

These have been just a few famous people who were once at the top of their game and then lost it all. Luckily most of them were able to beat their addictions and bounce back with the exception of our beloved friend Screech. Let us know some of your favorite celebrities who lost it all in the comments below. Hopefully, this inspires a few of you to open up a savings account and invest wisely the next time you run into a bit of extra cash.

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